They make Beneful and feed Beneful

This article was originally reported on PR Newswire.

Purina has launched a new campaign featuring it’s own employees who are raving about Beneful. Tom, an operations performance manager is featured on the ad stating that he oversees the productions and quality of Beneful and is proud to feed it to his own dog.

The new campaign features a TV commercial and a poster for digital and print advertising and featuring Atlanta Employees and their pets. Juli Plassmeyer, Purina’s Vice President of Dog Food Marketing, says ““We’re pet owners, too, and we will never compromise the trust consumers place in our products.”

“We know Beneful is a quality, nutritious, safe dog food,” Plassmeyer says “Nobody cares more about pets than Purina, and there’s something very powerful when our own people say – ‘I make Beneful dog food, I feed Beneful to my pets, and I’m proud to work for Purina.’”

Purina associates share a “not on my watch” sentiment that lives up to Purina’s long-standing values and standards:

“After working here, there’s no other food that I would feed my pets,” says Tom, an Operations Performance Manager.

“There are no short cuts. We go above and beyond to make sure you have top-quality dog food. My dogs love it,” says Brandon, an Ingredient Unloader.

“We’re not just making it for your pets, we’re feeding it to our own pets, and we know it’s good,” says Cliff, a Materials Accounting Coordinator.

Beneful is Dedicated to Providing Healthy Food Choices

When it comes to providing your dog a healthy alternative to many inferior dog brand choices on the market, Beneful is committed to providing you all the nutritional value that you dog needs. The all natural ingredients in both the wet and dry varieties ensure that your dog stays playful and healthy their entire life. Beneful has basically reinvented what dog food is all about, with a unique blend of wholesome ingredients that your dog needs and loves.

What Makes Beneful Different?
The Beneful (Youtube) brand has so many healthy and delicious flavors that you can literally see them when you open the package. The dog food is available in 20 different varieties, helping to give them plenty of choices each week for their healthy diet. The proteins your dog loves are available in pork, lamb, beef, and chicken flavor, and produced in a variety of textures from thinly sliced to thicker hearty chunks.

Beneful Attention to Detail
Each meal is also accented with healthy vegetables like green beans, rice, barley, and carrots. Packaging sizes range from small 3 ounce packets to larger resealable 10 ounce tubs. Now you can rest assured knowing that each day your dog eats their food, they are getting the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and nutrients that need in order to live a long and healthy life.

Treating Your Dog With Beneful
Beneful also makes some of the most nutritious dog snacks available. These snacks are a healthier choice than treated made with inferior ingredients. All the Beneful dog treats are oven baked to provide a nice assortment of flavors and textures. Some of the unique dog treat flavors range from peanut butter, beef, bacon, or cheese. They are available in both a light cracker or a shortbread cookie. These snacks are bursting with the flavors your dog has come to love, and will quickly respond positively when they are rewarded with a snack from Beneful each day.

If you are looking to provide your dog all the nutrients that they need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Beneful brand is dedicated to making certain your dog gets everything they need. All the products are created with wholesome ingredients that contain omega rich antioxidants that provide both a balanced and complete nutritional meal for your pet. Your dog will look and feel healthier after making the switch to the brand that cares.