Adding moisturizers to your beauty routine should include EOS Lip Balm

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) with their iconic sphere and large array of flavors is designed to provide soft luscious healthy lips. 99% natural ingredients, with a unique blend of Shea butter, vitamin C & E for their antioxidant qualities, jojoba oil, and olive fruit oil. EOS goes on smooth and precise because of the spherical design. Your lips feel immediately softer and appear healthier.

Fun in the summer sun can leave your lips dry and cracked. Eos Vanilla Mint can be the perfect refreshing flavor for hot summer days. The base blend of Eos with Vanilla Planifolia fruit extract and natural mint flavor; goes on clear and leaves your lips refreshed. Eos Vanilla Mint provides long lasting moisture throughout the day and into the evening with fewer applications required to maintain soft luscious, and healthy looking lips. EOS Vanilla Mint is a refreshing treat for your lips. Shop the best lip balm in town here on

Are you looking for something with a fun tropical vibe to add to your beauty routine? Eos Coconut Milk lip balm has your lips covered, see also With a touch of natural beeswax, Stevia leaf extract, and coconut oil, this delicious flavor leaves your lips soft and sumptuous. With an easy twist off top, Coconut Milk Eos lip balm naturally moisturizes your lips without greasy looking residue like other brands. Hop over this cool link,

Moisturizing for beauty is great way to achieve that healthy beautiful skin appearance. However, do not ignore your lips; your lips are visible and second on the list of focal points after your eyes. Your lips make a statement, they should not be greasy, and harsh chemicals and synthetic moisturizers are alright in moderation once in awhile. With Eos Lip balms, soften, and moisturize your lips naturally without the greasy, shiny feel like other lip balms. Eos will leave your lips naturally healthy, soft, and beautiful; see products here.