Strategic Opportunities & Advancements In Banking

Banking Institutions provide a wide range of services for people and businesses no matter the size. These institutions have specific and important protocols to follow on a daily basis that requires little room for error. Millions of dollars travel through the veins of these prestigious institutions and the use of some of the most advanced technology allow these procedures to happen.

The Texas Bankers Association holds an annual conference that are designed for regional banking institutions. This is a Strategic Opportunity Conference and it’s a great way to stay current on trends, discuss business matters, network, and to explore strategic opportunities. Regional Banking Centers can benefit greatly by attending the service. This special conference actually is a forum where advisers, bank leaders, and consultants can converse and create dialogue from their shared perspectives. The event was help on November 7th of 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana and one of it’s guest panelists was John Holt of NexBank Capital Inc.

John Holt is the (CEO) & President of NexBank, which is one of the most successful regional banking firms in the Texas Area. with over $3.5 Billion in assets, this institution has a long resume of success and satisfied clients/customers. NexBank was also partnered up with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity for expanding affordable mortgage coverage in the Dallas, Texas Area. This financial center just seems to know how to get things done efficiently and effectively no matter the situation.

NexBank hosts a wide array of services that are similar to most international banking centers. Commercial, Investment, and Mortgage Banking is it’s specialty, but also offers services such as commercial lending, credit services, warehouse lending, corporate finance, real estate finance, and many more. Being such a prominent and powerful staple in an ever changing and evolving industry, Nexbank is setting a great blueprint for others to follow.