How Evolution Of Smooth Won Millenial Women

A Startup Takes On Giants

The lip balm market was dominated by just two major brands. Those brands, Chapstick and Burt’s Beeswax, were owned by Pfizer and Clorox respectively. Nobody dared to stand up to these brands because common knowledge taught that customers were loyal to their brand of lip balm and there simply wasn’t any room for competitors to enter the market. Sanjiv Mehra didn’t believe this and decided she wanted to make a stake in the market for herself. This is where she came up with the idea for Evolution of Smooth.

Taking A Risk For A Reward

The idea of marketing lip balm specifically to young women was considered a dangerous one. Lip balm was commonly regarded as a unisex product, but the research done by Evolution of Smooth ( revealed otherwise. Overwhelmingly, women were the primary consumers of lip balm, but they had certain issues with the design of lip balm. They hated the way most brands of lip balms made them use their hands and wanted something they could use more easily. With that knowledge in mind Mehra set out to make a brand of lip balm specifically for these young women.

Taking Millennials Captive

Evolution of Smooth was an overnight success. Millennial women loved the spherical design and various flavors like the Amazon best selling Honeydew and other flavors the lip balm came in. They simply couldn’t get enough of it and bought so much that EOS currently sells 1 million units a week. This didn’t happen by accident or as a fluke. Millennial icons like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus have featured EOS in their music videos. Beauty bloggers from around the net use Evolution of Smooth in their tutorials. Millennial women have fallen in love with Evolution of Smooth and it doesn’t seem like that’s changing anytime soon. EOS lip balm is now widely available in stores like Target and even online via Amazon all across the country. For more information, visit


Maduro Goes to Court to Stop Recall

The Supreme Court of Venezuela has been requested to reject an referendum filed by the people of Venezuela as well as the opposition party to stop a recall vote to remove the current President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro.
The opposition has gathered over six hundred thousand signatures to petition a recall vote and if a vote takes place it is likely that Maduro will be recalled given the dire economic situation that Venezuela is currently facing. According to expert Danilo Diaz Granados,the Socialist nation is experiencing food shortages as well as an exodus of businesses and a lack of power as a result of various economic and environmental challenges it is now facing including a drop in oil prices which the company exports to finance their socialist programs, high inflation, and the ill effects of El Nino which has harmed the nation’s hydroelectric power source.

Long waits for food and other essentials have led to unrest in the country and the timing of the recall vote will be instrumental in deciding who will take over for Maduro, his Vice President (if after January 10, 2017) or a new election if before that date. The petition was filed in May and delays in processing it can lead too changes in the end result for both sides.

If a referendum is to oust Maduro from the Presidency, 7.5 million people will need to vote against him says Danilo Diaz representing an amount over what he received when he won the Presidency in the first place.


Investor Kyle Bass Recently Confirmed His Role In The 2008 Financial Meltdown

Kyle Bass has an investment history filled with ups and downs. That is the nature of the investment industry, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. But the Kyle Bass history is unique because it really started when the investment industry was the most vulnerable. The year was 2006, and Wall Street was flying higher than a 747 luxury liner. Bass opened an investment firm in Dallas that year.

His company, Hayman Capital Investments, was not on anyone’s radar back then even though Bass was a former Bear Stearns executive. Bass had to be creative to make the kind of money he knew he could make in the hedge fund world, so he made the riskiest bet of the century. Mr. Bass bet that the subprime mortgage bubble was going to burst, and Bear Stearns was going to collapse. And he was right. Kyle Bass walked away with billions from that bet while the rest of the world was holding nothing but a tube of toothpaste and an empty savings book.

Bass recently confirmed his role in the 2008 meltdown when he told a Fox Business news reporter than he told a CNN reporter that Bear Stearns had leveraged itself 33 times using worthless subprime mortgages. Bass also told the Fox Business news reporter that China could be in for a meltdown that will be worse than the 2008 financial disaster. Mr. Bass also said the United States could be thrown into a recession because of China, but there was only a 40 to 50 percent chance that will happen.

Most economists think the United States economy will slow down in 2016 because the China economic situation is going to create a global recession. But Bass goes by what he thinks, and that hasn’t always worked very well for him. Bass has been the center of several controversial situations. His relationship with Erich Spangenberg has been questioned. Spangenberg is called the world’s leading patent troll, and Bass is betting against the pharmaceutical companies that Spangenberg believes have questionable patents. Bass wins when the stock in those companies drop.

When General Motors was found guilty of putting faulty airbags and power steering mechanisms in certain GM models, Bass defended GM in order to keep the stock from dropping. Hayman Capital was the largest shareholder of GM Stock at that time.

Sanjay Shah: The Founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah, appointed two new trustees to Autism Rocks board- Will Best and Pete Best. This was announced through PR Newswire. While announcing the addition of Will and Pete to Autism Rocks board, Sanjay expressed his hope that both of them will be of immense help to the organization. This will be through decision-making, managerial responsibilities and organizing musical events. Will, while in college introduced himself to the music industry. He facilitated the planning of music events. His experience will come in handy as Autism Rocks raises awareness through music concerts. Pete Best on the other hand has over 21 years’ experience in the financial world. He was Icap’s Chief Operating Officer which is a well-known brokerage firm. Shah believes that their experience and knowledge will benefit Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks is charity organization that raises funds and donations to facilitate autism research. It was founded in 2014, when one of Sanjay Shah’s family member was found to be suffering from autism. During the Autism Rocks concerts and events, popular artists such as Prince, Michael Buble, Drake and Lenny Kravitz have always performed.

Sanjay Shah studied accountancy after quitting medicine. He started his career journey by working for investment banks such Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. After the global financial crisis and losing his job, Sanjay founded Solo Capital in 2011. He owns more than a dozen companies spread in London, Malta, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Solo Capital is a financial services company with headquarters in London, England. The firm specializes in asset performance management, sports investments primarily focused on talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation, proprietary trading and consultancy. In order to offer excellent solutions to its clients, Solo Capital has integrated high end technology through fast computers into its business. It also has a wide pool of experienced staff, who are quite knowledgeable about the financial markets. The company also participates in corporate governance by assisting the public in understanding the operations of the stock market and how to invest. The company has an income of £ 20.3 million and assets worth £ 67.5 million.

Philosophy Influences Success with QNet

I hold the belief that one’s philosophy can determine one’s success in any field. QNet has two philosophies that help it become one very successful direct selling company. The business of QNet is more or less based on philanthropy. The two philosophies of QNet are Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, or RYTHM and selfless service as provided by InService. I can relate to QNet and can identify with their ways of being selfless. One thing that motivates me is being able to provide selflessly to others. QNet encourages that. Another thing that QNet encourages is being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur allows more freedom when it comes to work. I myself as an entrepreneur get to experience the freedom that is associated with being an entrepreneur.

One thing that makes QNet one of the best places for an entrepreneur to work is that it focuses on direct selling. The company sells plenty of products that is geared towards life improvement. Among the products it sells is education, electronics, health , beauty and plenty of other products that will help people bring forth a better life. They leave the opportunity open to entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals.

QNet has teamed up with Hyderabad to continue with some of the more humanitarian and philanthropic efforts in order to help make the world a better place through service. QNet is teaming with these companies in order to make sure certain schools and cultures have well maintained water. They understand how important clean water is to the health of humanity. So they work towards providing the water to the school that needs it with the help of charitable groups like Lions Club. QNet is a company that is headquartered in Hong Kong with the purpose of helping people not only improve their lives, but the lives of others.
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The Full Alaor BMG Recap

Las Vegas boasts of hosting the Consumer Electronics Show which is a yearly event held every January and meant to reveal about the present and the future of the technology. So far, CES has managed to reveal about the future of technology for the past 40 years. It will always reveal what is more current and advanced and at the same time reveal how the globe was changing. In an event which can easily have your name translated into the Fair Consumer Electronics, one of the BMG executive Marcio Alaor made it clear that this was headlining year for a drone with a space for the electronic cars, the camera which is usually attached to the everyday objects and a space for the passengers.

The Done Ehang 184

RIP City to Seoul gathered that in the just concluded CES 2016, the drones proved to be a major attraction though none have been much appreciated as the Ehang 184. The drones have been specifically designed to be occupied by a passenger. It also provides us with the impression that the flying cars have finally arrived into the market.

All you have to do in a drone is to have the path preprogrammed, sit back and enjoy the trip. Currently, the flight is said to have a capacity of around 23 minutes and reaches a maximum height of 3.5 km.

According to Marcio Alaor, the main concern of the Chinese firm is security. Therefore, the firm is planning to come up with a control center which will be able to command the drone whenever there is need.

The Electronic Vehicles

The electronics cars used to be a major attraction in the electronic fair and are still considered to be the major trend in the automotive sector. The major forecast is that the car will be on sale at the endo of the year at a starting price of $ 30,000. You can get more information concerning the car at

The Smart Home

Another new innovation was the cameras which are connected to objects. For example when you are out in the market and want to purchase something which you are not sure is still in your home refrigerator, you can always receive photos of what is inside your refrigerator and have the problem solved. You can read more at

About Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor BMG is among the members of the BMG executive. BMG is considered to be one of the main sponsors of the Brazilian football. More than 39 clubs uniforms are currently being printed by the BMG.
The BMG logs are strategically placed at the chest, back or on the shirt sleeves. It also sponsors other sports such as volleyball, gymnastics and basketball.


Solo Capital Is an investment finance company that is based in the UK. This company specializes in proprietary trading, sports investment and general financial consultation. The company was incorporated in the year 2011 and from that time, has continued to witness tremendous growth. The company is sometimes referred to as Solo Capital UK. Its net worth by the end of March 2015 was about 15 million Euros. It also had a total asset value of about 68 million Euros and a cash flow of 30 million Euros. Considering the little amount of time that this company has been in practice, we can say the achievements it has earned make it stay above par.
Solo Capital UK is controlled by the Solo Group Holdings, which is under Sanjay Shah. Shah also owns other companies across Europe which are all based on financial practices. Some of these companies owned by Shah include British Virgin Islands, Dubai, and Luxembourg. The offices of these companies are found in Europe and Asia. Solo Group Holdings took over Old Park Lane Capital, which is an invitation-only broker company. This company deals in natural resources whereby all the companies wishing to buy or sell their shares through it must be natural resource-related companies.
In an interview with the Global Citizen Magazine, Shah revealed that the financial investment sector which he has proved competent in was not his primary career. He said that he had gone to college to study medicine and after getting that degree in medicine is when he realized that he could not work as a doctor. He took to being a banker and worked for several banks and financial companies until 2009 when the financial depression hit the banks he had been working for. He went into self-employment when he found himself not being in a position to look for another job. This is where the conception of Solo Capital investment can be traced to.
Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. This is an organization which runs concerts around the globe with an aim of increasing awareness and raising funds for autism. It was not until Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism that he started this campaign. He has worked with many artists including Lenny, Drake and Snoop Doggy in this campaign. Shah had earlier taken part in charity foundations in India and other parts of the world. The idea of founding a campaign that would sensitize on autism was invoked after his son was diagnosed with this condition in the year 2011 when he was four. This condition is characterized by naughtiness in children and a state of stubbornness in adults. Shah spent his 100,000 US dollars in creating the domain ‘Autism Rocks’.

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Sanjay Shah and his Fundraiser

Sanjay Shah has spent many hours investing in his charity called Autism Rocks. Not only has he invested hours, he’s invest his own money donating in efforts to raise awareness and find a cause for the Autism. Sanjay Shah is passionate about finding a cause and raising awareness as well as providing research options of Autism since the diagnosis of his young son. He was diagnosed with Autism in 2011 after rigorous testing and specialists. Sanjay was fortunate to be in a position where he was able to afford the best care for his son, however, realizes that some people don’t have the best options for help and wanted to be able to help with his charity.

Autism Rocks has been extremely popular among some of the most famous artists in the music industry. Shah used to be a leader in the music industry amongst his many ventures with investments, accounting and now his charity. He was having a conversation one day with Snoop Dogg, who convinced Shah to get back into the music industry by staging concert gigs all over the world in efforts to raise money for Autism Rocks. He has worked with some of the most famous music artists in the industry such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble. They have agreed, among many other participating artist, to base their concert on raising funds for Autism Rocks.

Shah has pure ownership of the charity, and can dictate where the money is being sent and what the money is being spent on. His efforts are focused on helping others cope with Autism, as well as finding the cause for the unfortunate disorder. He hopes that with the money raised with Autism Rocks that he will be able to help those in need so that they can get the proper health care attention that they need to be able to cope better. In the future, he hopes that he can work with upcoming artists to see if they would be interested in donating a track from their soundtrack to help continue to raise money for the fast growing charity Autism Rocks.