Sanjay Shah: The Founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah, appointed two new trustees to Autism Rocks board- Will Best and Pete Best. This was announced through PR Newswire. While announcing the addition of Will and Pete to Autism Rocks board, Sanjay expressed his hope that both of them will be of immense help to the organization. This will be through decision-making, managerial responsibilities and organizing musical events. Will, while in college introduced himself to the music industry. He facilitated the planning of music events. His experience will come in handy as Autism Rocks raises awareness through music concerts. Pete Best on the other hand has over 21 years’ experience in the financial world. He was Icap’s Chief Operating Officer which is a well-known brokerage firm. Shah believes that their experience and knowledge will benefit Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks is charity organization that raises funds and donations to facilitate autism research. It was founded in 2014, when one of Sanjay Shah’s family member was found to be suffering from autism. During the Autism Rocks concerts and events, popular artists such as Prince, Michael Buble, Drake and Lenny Kravitz have always performed.

Sanjay Shah studied accountancy after quitting medicine. He started his career journey by working for investment banks such Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. After the global financial crisis and losing his job, Sanjay founded Solo Capital in 2011. He owns more than a dozen companies spread in London, Malta, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Solo Capital is a financial services company with headquarters in London, England. The firm specializes in asset performance management, sports investments primarily focused on talent acquisition, commercial advisory and representation, proprietary trading and consultancy. In order to offer excellent solutions to its clients, Solo Capital has integrated high end technology through fast computers into its business. It also has a wide pool of experienced staff, who are quite knowledgeable about the financial markets. The company also participates in corporate governance by assisting the public in understanding the operations of the stock market and how to invest. The company has an income of £ 20.3 million and assets worth £ 67.5 million.

Sanjay Shah and his Fundraiser

Sanjay Shah has spent many hours investing in his charity called Autism Rocks. Not only has he invested hours, he’s invest his own money donating in efforts to raise awareness and find a cause for the Autism. Sanjay Shah is passionate about finding a cause and raising awareness as well as providing research options of Autism since the diagnosis of his young son. He was diagnosed with Autism in 2011 after rigorous testing and specialists. Sanjay was fortunate to be in a position where he was able to afford the best care for his son, however, realizes that some people don’t have the best options for help and wanted to be able to help with his charity.

Autism Rocks has been extremely popular among some of the most famous artists in the music industry. Shah used to be a leader in the music industry amongst his many ventures with investments, accounting and now his charity. He was having a conversation one day with Snoop Dogg, who convinced Shah to get back into the music industry by staging concert gigs all over the world in efforts to raise money for Autism Rocks. He has worked with some of the most famous music artists in the industry such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble. They have agreed, among many other participating artist, to base their concert on raising funds for Autism Rocks.

Shah has pure ownership of the charity, and can dictate where the money is being sent and what the money is being spent on. His efforts are focused on helping others cope with Autism, as well as finding the cause for the unfortunate disorder. He hopes that with the money raised with Autism Rocks that he will be able to help those in need so that they can get the proper health care attention that they need to be able to cope better. In the future, he hopes that he can work with upcoming artists to see if they would be interested in donating a track from their soundtrack to help continue to raise money for the fast growing charity Autism Rocks.