Oisin Hanrahan and the Growth of Handy

A 3 year old company Handy, formerly Handbook currently provides some of the best handyman and cleaning services. Handy is worth around $500 million and has been growing rapidly since its establishment. The founder, Oisin Hanrahan gave insights on the company’s growth and future plans during the Web Summit. Mr. Hanrahan had attended Dublin College together with the Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave. While at college Oisin Hanrahan he discovered that people found it hard to perform small tasks inside apartment s. It was while he was a Harvard living with two friends he worked on the Handy concept with one of the friends. They decided to drop out of college to concentrate on the business.

They made a decision to leave Boston as their company would not thrive there. They chose to take the company to New York. Mr. Hanrahan explained that New York was the best choice since there is a big market that would be good for on demand services that Handy was destined to offer. On competition for the space, Oisin rubbished any thought on that claiming that no other company in their niche was operating at their level. Competition then, was something they cared little about.
Mr. Hanrahan also pointed out that they were not looking at competitors but focusing on how they can build and grow their company. Currently, 20% of the business comes from handyman bookings while 80% comes from cleaner bookings. According to Oisin, hiring is the main focus of the company and they intend to invest in the venture for the next six months. They have managed to hire former Amazon Executive Jeff Pederson. Handy’s goal is to bring as many services to the home as possible, including delivery services which they have experimented. The fact that Handy is experiencing a high growth rate means they are likely to remain at the top in the cleaning and handyman services business.

Talk Fusion on the Move in the World

Talk Fusion is an exciting new cell phone application program, which works with all phone systems: Android, iPhone and PC platforms. It is being marketed with great success in a multi-level marketing program.

Android market discovery tool AppBrain has determined that Talk Fusion is the #1 communication phone app in Indonesia. Talk Fusion in Japan is the #5 application, and in Switzerland its #20.
Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. He serves as its guiding light and CEO. It is a multi-level marketing system that is enhanced by an instant compensation program, which makes immediate payments available to all agents representing the product, whenever they make a sale.
Talk Fusion will soon offer a free 30-day trial for the use of their application. They have, already, had success in implementing and sharing the application with various businesses: VW, Applebees, SPCA Florida Chapter and others. Read more about the product here.
While this type of conference connecting and video communicating application is not unique to Talk Fusion, the robust marketing of the product seems to be the driving force for worldwide acceptance. You can have the best “widget” in the world that does wonders, but if the marketing is inadequate, there is no hope for the longevity of the product.
The american economy, sadly, is turning into a service oriented economy and has left much of the manufacturing to the companies in China. The container ships coming into American ports from China; come in full of product and they don’t leave empty. They purchase our garbage! The garbage is brought back to China where workers strip the copper from the wires from broken Christmas lights. In this manner they have a renewable source for copper. Why didn’t we think of that.

How Handy Helps Homeowners

Contracted Handy workers don’t wear superhero capes, but this is the way that many homeowners look at these individuals. Most homeowners are going to be overjoyed to have someone that comes into their homes and clean. A lot of busy people don’t care what the cost may be. They don’t mind paying people to clean their homes. Others are going to be glad to know that Handy has a great service that is still affordable for the working class.

There is a lot of buzz about what this company has done, but the founder of Handy is still trying to pique the interest of a lot of untapped customers. This starts with more contractor workers in areas where there are no Handy contractors at the moment. A lot of cities have access to these cleaners, but the Handy founder wants to take the company to more cities.

The crew is strong and the type of work that they do is always done with professionalism and a smile. There are no reports about Handy in the news for bad incidents that have happened. This company offers a ton of different services, and this organization is becoming the on-demand service champion for interior needs. People are in place that can do everything from interior painting to plumbing. This is something that makes Handy the only company that homeowners need. They don’t have to worry about independent people from other companies that they cannot trust. When they utilize Handy people know that they have a company that they can trust.

Handy has built a reputation for quality service, and this is what keeps this company afloat. That is the thing that people look for when they are trying to build a relationship with a company that provides regular services.

Video Technology Has a New Star: Talk Fusion

Just weeks after it officially announced its newest addition, Talk Fusion has enjoyed a boost to the #1 spot internationally as a video service. According to AppBrain, which catalogues Android services, Talk Fusion’s new Video Chat technology is #1 in Indonesia. It also ranks highly in Japan and Switzerland, among other countries.

Why is Talk Fusion so popular? The reason is simple. It provide a unique product that other companies have not. The new video chat allows for live messaging, live conference calls, and better sales opportunities for businesses or simply a chance to connect with friends. The software is smarter, more compatible, and faster than the rest.

You can try your free trial of Talk Fusion for 30 days at TalkFusion.com or by using the iTunes store or Google Play store. Whether you have an Apple, Android, PC, or other brand of device, you can enjoy video services. Tablets, computers, and smartphones all work seamlessly.

The product is sold person to person across over 130 countries. The direct selling method allows Talk Fusion to pass savings on to the user while still allowing its brand representatives to make a full living. Aside from innovating in technology, Talk Fusion has also innovated by allowing their associates to be paid instantly after making a new sale.

The company started in 2007 when Brad Reina saw an opportunity to help people. As a former officer of the law in Florida, he was used to solving hard problems constantly. So when he noticed how difficult it was to send a small video file to a friend via his AOL email account, he knew that others must be having similar problems as well. He reached out to his friend who specializes in technology to build the necessary software.

The result is a video service suite that offers tremendous advantages to users. Additionally, the company is committed to giving back to the community, charities, and support the rights of animals around the world. They also adhere adamantly to ethical guidelines that promote honesty and integrity. They are proudly a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Handy, formerly known as Handybook, the up and coming!

Some people may know Handy only by its former name Handybook, a service that connects customers to trusted service professionals. These services include cleaning or handyman services like plumbing and electricians. The company was originally founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan to solve a problem that has been around for generations. This problem was, how do we find a trusted, top quality professional to provide a common household service.? This is how the company came about and it provides the solution for this exact problem.

Oisin Hanrahan started out with becoming a real estate developer at a tender age of 19 years. This was during his time in Dublin Ireland. His goal was to become a real estate developer in eastern Europe. He began by using weekends breaks to look for apartments to renovate and rent out in Budapest. This sparked the idea for the Handy platform.

In recent weeks Handy has managed to put $50 million in the account which gives them very good leverage for the future growth of the company. Their main focus looking ahead will be on the services they provide as well as the current city. There are also talks of the company experimenting with other services that could feature on the Handy platform in the future. The main revenue at the moment comes from 80 percent which is cleaner bookings and the other 20 percent which is handyman services. Another service that was looked at in recent months was the ability to buy Ikea furniture through Handy and have some one collect it, deliver it and assemble it.

This article recapped http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/11/05/how-handys-founder-oisin-hanrahan-is-scaling-his-startup-into-an-on-demand-powerhouse/

Many Home Services Can Be Completed By Handy

I just moved into my new home, and I decided to buy all new furniture, which is giving me a lot of problems. I had so many things that needed assembling, and I had no idea how to do it. Another thing is that my place was somewhat disheveled, and I could use some cleaning, but I had no time to do anything because of my new job. While I was at work one day and talking to a coworker about my wonderful home, I mentioned the problem I had with assembling my furniture and fixing my home.

The coworker told me about Handy, and I was happy to know that I may be able to find a company to do the cleaning in my house as well as assembling my furniture. The coworker gave me the website, and I searched around the Handy app to see what services they offered. I saw several services that I needed right away, which included an electrician because I had a few lights that were misbehaving. I also saw that they offered plumbers, which I didn’t need right away, but I definitely needed a cleaner as well as someone to assemble my furniture.

I was very excited, and I put in an appointment for both a cleaner as well as a furniture assembler, and I decided I would go ahead and get the electrician to come out as well. I chose to have them come out on my day off, and I was very happy that all three workers were able to come out on the same day, which means I didn’t have to worry anymore about the work getting done. The cleaners were not just on time but early, and they finished cleaning and organizing the things in my home within a few hours.

The electrician was able to fix the lights in my rooms, and I even had him install a fan in my bedroom because I had it sitting down, and it was starting to get warm outside anyways. Finally, the furniture assembler was great because he put together my entertainment center, my office desk, and some other cabinets that I had purchased. I couldn’t believe that all the services I needed for my new home were provided by one company, which is Handy, and I’ve even started recommending the company to many other people who have the need for home services.

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Enriching Lives Through Technology

Traditional dating has always been difficult. First, you had to somehow meet a person. That meant meeting friends of friends or having the courage to talk to a random person in public. Then you had to get to know them. This involved an awkward first date, followed by some awkward questions, and ending with that ever so awkward moment when you’re not sure if there should be a kiss or an invite inside. Making new friends can easily be substituted for dating. These are the struggles of being an adult.

With all things that are social in nature, there is a certain evolution that takes place. For humans, technology has changed the way we interact with each other. Dating and expanding your circle of friends can be difficult, but with technology like Skout, things have become a little easier.

Skout is an application on your mobile device that can be used to find people with similar interests or looks. People from all over the world use it, so it’s possible to find someone from anywhere in the world who also likes hiking. When you find people with similar interests, they can either become a potential friend or date. These are necessities in life. It’s a known fact. Skout merged the needs of humans with the abilities of technology to solve a problem.

Another human problem is remaining motivated while attempting to fulfill a New Year’s resolution. We’ve all been through the hassle of eagerly creating a resolution and sticking with it for a few weeks before letting it slowly die. There are a number of reasons for this. There’re the excuses and general distractions that keep us away from fulfilling our goals. Fortunately, Skout conducted a survey and found a number of ways to help us complete our goals. They found that friendships are one of the most important factors in dieting, exercise, job promotions, and relationships. Psychologists say you are most like the people you spend the most time with. So if you spending time with people who like to save, you are more likely to save money. It’s social phenomena that, as stated before, can be solved with technology. Make more friends make more opportunities. To make more friends, Skout is there. It’s a win-win situation.

The Rise of Handy and the Fall of HomeJoy

The home services market is an industry that has been growing greatly in the past few years. There are new technologies that are helping companies in the home services market to reach a whole new demographic every day. Smartphone apps have played a big role in creating the success for these different companies. This makes it easy for these different companies to have a great growth pattern. However, the home services industry is a fast paced and competitive industry where only the best companies survive. The smartphone technology that we have today is something that has been able to really revolutionize the industry. This creates a whole new on-demand market that has been helping homeowners and renters get their home projects taken care of quickly and effectively.

Homejoy is a company that started out in the home services market with a lot of momentum. Homejoy was offering 25 dollars and hour to home cleaners and was able to raise 38 million dollars of seed funding at the beginning of their company’s rise to the top. However, they were not able to sustain their growth and they were forced to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Handy is a company that has done very well in the home services industry. Many have attributed their great success to the fact that they are so selective in those whom they hire. Statistically, it is harder to work for Handy than it is to get into Harvard. There are many individuals who are turned away and only the best are allowed to work for Handy.

Handy’s app is also very user-friendly. It is all around just a superior product that is dominating the home services industry. The quality repairs and cleaning that are done through this company are keeping customers hooked. The great customer reviews are creating an amazing referral base for Handy as well.

Tipping On Handy Has Been Changed

Handy is the sole leader of the arrangement of home cleaning services in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Handy has listings in twenty-eight areas distributed throughout these three countries. There would be more listings in different areas, but it takes a lot of manpower to sort through all of the applications received by Handy to ensure that only the best of the best cleaners actually end up on the listings. Handy has announced that they have a new tipping feature that allows customers to tip the cleaners without any hassles or any worrying about paying in cash.

The home cleaners, also known as Pros by the Handy community, are much more likely to be tipped now that there is a feature that reminds the customers that the cleaners are able to be tipped after they have left the home. Sometimes it takes a few hours to look over the entire house to make sure everything has been cleaned that has been agreed upon.

Handy has received more than one hundred million dollars in funding to expand their horizons and research new aspects and features that Handy might be aided by. Handy is by far the leading app of its kind in the areas that it operates in since it is typically difficult to get a hold of any home cleaners that perform their services at reasonable rates. The average home cleaner on Handy only costs about eighteen dollars an hour, which is incredibly low for the diligent work provided by Handy Pros.

It is estimated by the analytics team at Handy that there are more than ten thousand service providers that book at least one cleaning job a month. There are also different services that the listers can provide. There are actually a number of plumbers and handymen that complete a few jobs a week for those in need.

The new tipping feature that has recently been implemented by the executives at Handy is expected to make the cleaners perform an even better job than they have been doing and make it easier on the customer to tip the cleaner.

Anyone Can Find Everything Their Looking For In A Social Media Network On Skout

Those who want to find a dating network may have to do some searching, but there are well over 1000 of them that can be found online. Dating networks are easy to create, so there’s no reason one can’t be found, but many want to find a network that can give them results when it comes to dating. Those who are looking for a result driven dating network should choose Skout. The Skout network has more than 200 million users, and with additional users coming to join Skout all the time, there will always be people on the network to talk to and date.

Skout is an excellent dating network, and it’s one of the highest rated dating applications ever. Skout’s dating application is tons of fun, and it’s a mobile app that can be used anywhere a person takes their smartphone. Those who live on the smartphone will find themselves on the Skout network a lot more than those who only use Skout on their computer or laptop. Using the Skout mobile app can be very refreshing as well, and the app may help a person learn a lot more about Skout than they knew before.

Those who use the application can learn how to enjoy the shake the chat feature. Shake to chat is enjoyable on its own, so one doesn’t really need to learn how to enjoy it, but they may need to learn how to use it. Picking up the phone to join in the feature is the first step. Shake the phone, and then wait for a person to come on the screen. For up to 40 seconds after a person appears on the screen, their location remains hidden. If the two people want to know each other and where they are located, then they have to stay on the same screen for over 40 seconds.

Even if a person isn’t into the shake to chat feature, then they can always use the travel feature, which is highly praised on the Skout network. Skout Travel can allow a person to go anywhere in the world, without ever having to worry about paying for a plane ticket, which may cost a lot of money. Those using Skout Travel can learn so much about foreign lands, and they may use the information they find on Skout Travel to help them with future trips to foreign destinations.