ClassDojo –Classrooms at your Doorsteps!

In the era of speedy communication and splendid technology, an individual can achieve multiple things just over a click. Masterminds come up with new innovations and supreme tactics to make life easy for mankind. In a world consisting of individuals who look forward, creating advancements by the mediums of multiple applications or popularly known as apps, there are legends who make the actual difference. ClassDojo is an app that stands out amongst many other apps invented for children. This app help School going children, their teacher and their parents to connect with each other via communication through the app. Photos and videos of the classroom can also send and received to the parents, students and the teacher to express more clearly and work as a team together. This app literally gets the classroom to your doorstep, which helps you to know your kid better.

Knowing that every kid is different ClassDojo look forward to give personal attention and an equal opportunity, preserving the child’s dignity. It takes into consideration, the child’s development and enhancing the potential of the children while taking into consideration that each one of them is unique. ClassDojo Helps children to stand out rather than fitting in and helps to maintain effective communication the teacher, student and the parents by forming a magnificent classroom! The sole purpose of this amazing app is to give students a chance to pursue his dreams along with his parents and teachers help. A fourth-grade student, Brianna from Washington has spoken about ClassDojo at the TEDx Talk, saying that parents can witness what their children do in the classrooms as this cool app makes our time worthwhile in school.

ClassDojo will surely change the perceptive of schools forever, designing it in such an aspect that every school going kid will considerate school as a fun place to be.