Shopping for Purina Beneful Dog Food Products

Being a service dog I get to take my furry faced son with me everywhere I go. He’s a portly Jack Russell Terrier who loves to eat. The other day we went to Walmart and while in the dog food aisle I noticed he was drawn to Purina Beneful dog food on the second shelf from the bottom. I grabbed a bag and began to scan the ingredients as well as the prices.

With a price tag of $6.97 for Purina Beneful Medleys Variety Pack Dog Food 12-3 oz. Cans I began to look into their other products:


Dry dog food ranges from

$4.97 for a 4 lb. bag of Purina Dog Chow Healthy Weight Dog Food to

$43.83 for a 31.1 lb. bag of Purina Beneful Originals With Real Chicken Dog Food


Wet Dog Food ranges from

$1.77 for a 10 oz. Plastic Tub of Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Savory Rice & Lamb Stew Dog Food to $33.98 for a 40 lb. Bag of Purina Beneful Originals With Real Beef Dry Dog Food


They even carry Purina Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken for $33.98 for a 40 lb. Bag. Unfortunately, they currently do not have the Salmon version of Healthy Weight. Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients is only $13.98 for a 15.5 lb. Bag You can find printable coupons at the Walmart website. Visit your nearest store to take advantage of daily Walmart rollback prices and specials.

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Proteins for Canine Energy: Choose Beneful Healthy Dog Foods

What dog doesn’t want to run through an open field for as long and fast as possible? Dogs need loving guidance, exercise, fresh air, water and super-nutritious food. Beneful Dog foods supply the excellence in mealtime. Dogs have a healthy future when they’re supplied scientifically formulated foods that are enriched with vitamin and minerals.

Beneful Healthy Puppy

The tasty chicken in this dog food is an invitation for your puppy to come back for more. Whole grain corn and barley in the mouthwatering recipes provide a perfect ratio of calcium and phosphorus for growth of sturdy bones and teeth.

Beneful IncrediBites With Real Chicken

This innovative formula is designed for smaller dogs, but husky canines like it too. Because smaller dogs need more protein for their metabolism, these morsels are packed with an extra portion.

Health-conscious consumers are becoming interested in adding more plant proteins in their own diets for better health, so they’re reading the Beneful dog food labels for the ultimate in nutrition for their pets, also. Corn and other grains supply excellent sources of plant proteins for energy.

Healthy Weight          

Carbohydrates in pet foods supply dietary fiber that is necessary for maximum health and energy. The chicken in this recipe provides more protein, and the less fat content helps to maintain an ideal weight for the escapades in the dog park. Dogs look to their masters for proper nutrition and Beneful is the one to supply healthy meals.

Beneful Healthy Smile

Beneful dog foods entered the pet market in 2001, and they’re still ranked in the top selling brands today. According to the Nielson marketing numbers, 14 million dogs have enjoyed these tasty formulas; additionally, the healthy nutrients in Beneful Healthy Smiles provides strong teeth too.

Beneful Originals

The real salmon recipe provides an omega rich meal for strong muscles. Grains are important as a good source of carbohydrates and plant proteins. This one keeps the finicky diner lining up for more.

Dogs that receive pampered care are ensured the chance to participate in a healthy lifestyle. Good health means less time invested in the veterinarian’s office and more happy days hiking trails and just plain luxuriating on a favorite rug. It takes elevated immune systems to enjoy those lazy days too. Beneful dog foods give your pet a portal to a happy life.