How Ken Goodrich Turned Goettl Air Conditioning Around

Ken Goodrich’s business strategy of turning around distressed companies saved Goettl from collapsing. The company was founded in 1939. In the recent past, it was going through hard times. Its revenues were shrinking, clients were disinterested in enlisting the company’s services, and employees were not motivated. However, these challenges were no match to Goodrich turn-around strategy that has helped 15 other companies to return to active operations. The business leader bought Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013.

In the last eight decades, Goettl has changed hands several times. Initially, two brothers, Gust and Adam Goettl owned the family-run business. In the run-up to the purchase of the company by Goodrich, the business had been owned by a large out-of-state company for five years.

The company’s problems, during the previous owner’s regime, started when the ownership was accused of questionable business practices by the attorney general. The law suit that followed the accusation turned the public against the company. Despite the ownership winning the case, the public-perception scar remained. This situation reduced the company’s operational efficiency and profitability margins.

For Goodrich, he opted for the old school way of tackling the problem. The entrepreneur embarked on morale building. His turn-around strategy incorporated both the clients and employees. During this period, Goodrich spoke with the members of staff on a daily basis motivating them to identify with its new vision. Moreover, he involved the company in various charity events such as donating 50,000 cases of water to the homeless during summer every year. In addition, the entrepreneur ensured that the company continued to supply high-quality HVAC units and offer excellent customer service.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a HVAC company, which was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl. The company provides premium products, quality services, and technical expertise. Its services include air conditioning, ventilation, heating, and air-purification. The corporation serves both residential and commercial clients based in Arizona and California.