Obamacare Lives!

Democrats and other supporters of the Affordable Care Act celebrated another win on Thursday when the Supreme Court ruled that in states that did not set up their own subsidies, federal health care subsidies are available. The subsidies will allow people who could not otherwise afford health insurance and heath care to receive it.

The ruling is important because, without it the affordable care act would essentially dissolve as millions of Americans would still be left without healthcare says Shaygan Kheradpir. The ruling helps provide funds to states that did not make subsidies available to residents who signed up for the federal health care plan. It does not extend the coverage of medicare in states that did not do so but helps to bridge the gap for people who are not covered by medicare but still can not afford health coverage without help.

While there are still a large number of Americans who oppose the Affordable Care Act and the subsidies required by the federal and state governments in order to make it possible recent polls suggest that the majority of Americans are in favor of both the act and the subsidies from the government. The act has been steadily gaining favor in the past few years as more and more Americans realize the benefits of preventative and emergency healthcare being available to all Americans, and not just those people who are wealthy enough to afford it.