How Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin came into human rights advocacy

The true nature of a democracy is tested by how it treats the most vulnerable members living among the general society or those who have migrated to it in search of a better life or for other reasons such as political asylum seekers. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

America prides itself on being the land where those who are willing to put in the work can live the American dream regardless of their ethnicity, race and any other differences that others may look down on.

The dreams and rights of this group of individuals are protected by the constitution as well as advocacy groups that have put all their efforts into fighting for them. These groups are funded by individuals, corporate and people of goodwill who believe in the rights of every human being to fair and equal treatment of every human being. Below is a look at some of the strongest advocates of the same

The Frontera Fund foundation

This foundation was started by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin they are the owners of The Phoenix New Time the two who are journalist by profession began the news magazine sometime and have always been strong advocates of free speech and when one man by the name Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested them in the middle of the night on made up charges of leaking grand jury proceedings a charge that was later to be dismissed they would not just sit back but instead sued the county and its sheriff the ensuring case proved the county wrong and it lead to a settlement of three and a half million dollars which the pair dedicated to the foundation.

The foundation has endeavored to fight for the rights of the Hispanic community a community that the sheriff had for long targeted and harassed with blatant impunity. Jim Larkin and Jim Lacey work together with other foundations and individuals to ensure that they are well represented in all their legal needs.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations

This is the largest network in the United States that is dedicated to the fight for Muslim rights within the US. The group fights against any form of discrimination, profiling, and targeting of Muslims and ensures that their fundamental rights are all taken care off.  Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Families for Freedom

For any family facing deportation or break up of families through deportation, this is the organization that fights on behalf of them. They fight against family detentions and are advocates of a more humane treatment of families even when they are illegal immigrants.

The culture of detaining families has proved to be very detrimental especially for children who could be as young as a few months old. They ensure that families are well represented in courts and that every possible avenue is explored before a family can be deported. They have represented numerous families and saved quite a number from deportation.

Lacey and Larkin Provides Financial Help to Organizations that Fight for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

Currently, there is an increase in violation of human, civil and migrant rights, something that has led to the formation of groups that advocate for human rights the groups are also helping the affected people fight for their rights. Some of these organizations include

  • Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Black Alliance for Just Immigration
  • Anti-Defamation League
  • Alliance for Justice
  1. Alliance for Justice

It is an American based group that strives to ensure every individual has the right to justice. Alliance for Justice is a national organization that plays a vital role in representing hundreds of groups that are devoted to promoting progressive principles. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The group has been in the forefront when it comes to creating a just, free and equitable society. The company helps in pushing the judiciary to advance the primary constitutional ethics while ensuring that it adheres to an even administration of civil rights.

  1. Anti-Defamation League

It is an organization responsible for fighting for the rights of Jewish people, by protecting them from the hate and anti-Semitism. That is achieved by advocating for the civil, human and migrant rights of its people. Anti-Defamation League uses expertise, educators, and activities to ensure it attains its goals. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The organization fights for democratic rights of people in Israel by combatting issues that delegitimize the country. Anti-Defamation League has transformed the local and international laws that affect the Jewish citizens. The group was founded in 1913, and it served as a civil and human rights organization.

  1. Agency of the UN High Commissioner for Human and Rights

It is a UN sponsored organization that advocates for human rights as indicated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that took place in1948. The group was formed in1993 during the wake of World Conference on Human Rights that was held in the same period.

Note that the organization is governed by the High Commissioner for Human Rights. For many years now, the group has been enhancing the gratification of human rights. It has also been emphasizing the importance of protecting human rights both locally and internationally.

  1. Black Alliance for Just Immigration

At Black Alliance for Just Immigration, they believe that social, economic and racial justice is vital to the multiracial democracy. It is evident that the US has been significantly affected by the systemic discrimination and structural racism.

The group is optimistic that the black and African-American immigrants can be strong once they join hands in fighting all types of decimation. The key objective of Black Alliance for Just Immigration is to unite all black immigrants to fight for equality and justice in the judiciary.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the owners of Phoenix net Times. The two brilliant minds opted to offer financial support to organizations that advocate for migrant rights in Arizona. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey used their arrest reimbursement of $3.75million to finance these agencies.

The two reporters were held in custody and jailed after they published an article about the sheriff. They later sued the country, and the court ruled in their favor.

Read more:

Michael Lacey | Twitter
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Halvorssen Champions Human Rights Causes

Venezuelan-born activist Thor Halvorssen has devoted much of his life to championing the causes of freedom and human rights. Halvorssen’s inspiration came from his parents, whom stood up to tyranny through most of his childhood.

In 2005, Halvorssen founded and serves as the current Chief Executive Officer for the Human Rights Foundation, a New York City-based organization. During the Foundation’s 12 years in existence, it has advocated for the release of political prisoners, challenged oppressive governments that foster hatred and intolerance amongst minorities and challenged celebrities and political leaders who have associated with or profited from relationships with dictators and other human rights violators.

The success of the Human Rights Foundation motivated Halvorssen, in 2009, to establish the Oslo Freedom Foundation, which offers a forum for human rights defenders to share ideas and formulate new and innovative human rights advocacy campaigns. Also in 2009, Halvorssen became Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement. This organization fosters relationships between young people in western nations and those hailing from war torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Halvorssen’s work has made him a leading authority on human rights issues. He has authored articles for such notable publications as Time Magazine, The Atlantic and The Huffington Post. In addition, Halvorssen has appeared on major television news programs in the United States and across the world.

Halvorssen has also successfully branched into the film industry. Works he has produced have featured prominent actors and examined topics like the Soviet dictatorship and the political biases seen at American universities. However, the work which garnered Halvorssen the most critical acclaim and public scrutiny was “The Sugar Babies,” which studies the issue of human trafficking.

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You can follow them on Linkedin.

Thor Halvorssen’s Fight for Human Rights

The Human Rights Foundation(HRF)is a non-profit organization seeking to protect human rights around the world. They promote freedoms of expression, speech, association, and worship among others. They seek equal treatment under the law and fight modern slavery and torture.

This organization often appeals directly to the governments. A example includes their appeal to the Vietnamese government to free Nguyen Van Dai a human right lawyer, and his colleague, Le Thu Ha. Another example is a call to Morocco to drop charges against human rights activists.

Lately, they’ve also put pressure on Turkey and Kazakhstan. The HRF runs many events and conferences with the aim of striving for freedom and equality for all.

The Human Rights Foundation was established by Thor Halvorssen in 2005. He’s a human rights advocate and a film producer who has been involved in the human rights area since the late 1980s when he organized opposition to South African government in London and other places.

Thor Halvorssen is of Norwegian and Venezuelan background. His own cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, has been detained lately by Maduro’s government in Venezuela. Halvorssen’s activities have even been recognized by the New York Times. The publication has called him “a champion of the underdog and the powerless.”

As a documentary film producer, Thor Halvorssen is known for “The Sugar Babies,” a production which exposes sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic that make children work in harsh conditions. Another work, “Hammer & Tickle,” comes from a historical perspective as it covers the Soviet regime’s tyranny.