Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe is one of the most famous philanthropists in the world because of his major involvements in the Ubuntu Fund. As part of a group of philanthropists determined to make a difference in the lives of other people across the world, Andrew Rolfe has helped to improve the lives of many people across the world through the Ubuntu Fund. Limited access to capital funds has been one of the major challenges that most people around the world continue to face and Andrew Rolfe together with his fellow philanthropists set up the Ubuntu Fund to help people to improve their lives.

Access to Ubuntu Fund

The best way to build wealth is by helping people access capital and this has been Rolfe’s passion in his life and career. Rolfe’s main objective is to inspire more people to also get involved in such efforts in helping other people improve their lives. The Ubuntu Fund is available for individuals that build wealth and at the same time use the created wealth to improve other people’s lives. Individuals that want to become members of the Ubuntu Fund have to meet certain conditions that include coming up with long term projects that can be of great benefit to the people. The main objective of this fund is to affect the lives of other people in a positive way. Ubuntu is a charity of investment fund where beneficiaries must have a clear financial plan for long term access to the fund. The spirit of Ubuntu Fund is to concentrate capital in areas that create value and success over a long period of time.

Educating Disadvantaged Children

Through the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe has been able to raise money to support disadvantaged children in South Africa and other countries across the world to get an education. Andrew Rolfe is aware of the fact that surviving in the modern world without an education and that is why a substantial amount of the fund goes towards educating disadvantaged children. The major mission of the Ubuntu Fund is to offer financial assistance to underprivileged children without restrictions. Andrew Rolfe has dedicated his life to charity work and is the face of Ubuntu Fund.

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