Acquisitions, Ethics & Passion Equals OSI Industries

If you’re familiar with the food service industry, then you’ve probably heard about OSI Industries. This company is a global giant, especially when it comes to food services. There are more than 20,000 employees here, but the employees are stretched out across the globe thanks to the amazing 65 facilities. These are not your standard production food service facilities because they’re loaded with the finest of technological innovation. OSI Industries is basically an industry in itself. It can perform in each and every aspect of the supply and demand-chain. Processing, sourcing, management and distribution is fully-covered here and you won’t find any other similar company who can do it better.

Why Does OSI Industries stand out? Other than the sheer amount of physical size and other than the sheer amount of personnel, this company truly produces some of the best custom foods on the market. The foods are so good as to where many of the world’s most popular brands tend to receive their goods from this provider. On top of that, OSI Industries partake in extraordinary safety standards. This includes stringent policies, good process control, sanitation of microbiological & environmental surveillance, raw material monitoring and more. Clients of the company who are in need of custom solutions will work exclusively with the food engineering team. OSI’s advanced technologies can take the client’s specific instructions and then personify the instructions into a masterpiece. It would be extremely hard trying to find another food service supplier that can duplicate these dramatic effects.

Every company should be looking to expand on services or products unless it’s truly content at its current position. OSI does a great job by participating in business acquisitions. In 2016, the company acquired Tyson Foods’ Chicago-based plant on Ashland Avenue for $7.4 million. This was a great addition OSI’s other plants that are in the immediate area. This immense 200 square foot facility will help to solidify the company’s foundation even more. Thanks to this acquisition, the company was able to hire 250 individuals that were already working at the (Tyson’s) plant. Business is definitely booming and 2018 is looking to be even brighter.

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