Tony Petrello Honors Tommy Tune By Hosting A Party At His Shadyside Estate

Tommy Tune, a Broadway celebrity, recently came back to Houson, Texas, which is his hometown. Once there, he was welcomed by, none other than, Tony Petrello and his wife who hosted a party at their Shadyside estate in his honor. Tommy learned how to dance under the guidance of Patsy Swayze, a Houston dance instructor, after he graduated from Lamar High. He then headed out to NYC to pursue Broadway and ended up performing Tommy Tune Tonight in front of 5,000 fans at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. Tommy has won a spread of Tony Awards for his Broadway appearances including The Will Rogers Follies, Grand Hotel, My One and Only, Seesaw, and many others, and in 2002, Houston’s Theatre Under The Stars began a yearly Tommy Tune Awards event, which highlights people who teach and act in Houston high school theater.

Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, are known for being generous givers who love to help people. Tony started his philanthropy many years ago and donates more and more of his time and money every year. After his daughter was born with a neurological condition, his wife and himself began to donate to medical facilities and scientific research. To date, they have donated $7 million to organizations that seek to help children who suffer from neurological brain disorders, and one of their largest recipients has been the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Petrello’s daughter, Carena, specifically, was born prematurely just 6 months after his wife carried her, and she weighed a meager 20 ounces at birth. Carena was diagnosed with neurological disease, periventricular leukomalacia, after her birth, and later on she developed cerebral palsy. Tony and his wife hope that their donations will not only help their daughter but also other children who suffer from neurological disorders. They are not the kind of people to give up, and they plan on continuing to offer their support to organizations that are working on solving the kinds of issues their daughter suffers from.

Tony Petrello grew up in a working class home where money was scarce. This motivated him to focus on his studies in school, and he was eventually accepted into Yale on a full scholarship. While at Yale, he caught the eye of Serge Lang, a famous mathematician who got Tony to work with him on his number theory. Later on, Tony decided to pursue business and finished his schooling at Harvard Law School where he graduated.

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