Success Marks the Career of George Soros as a Philanthropist

George Soros is a Hungarian-born billionaire with interest in philanthropic. He has recently pumped $18 billion, which is the bulk of his $26 billion fortune to his charitable organization, Open Society Foundation. That has completed the integration of Soros Fund Management, his family office with the charitable organization that serves as his globalist agenda. The pledge will vault Open Society Foundation to the rank of the world’s top philanthropic organizations. In fact, it now ranks as the second largest charitable organization in the United States by assets after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

At 87 years of age, George Soros shares his influence over Soros Fund Management’s strategies with the investment committee of Open Society Foundation. While the committee was formed to survive Soros, he serves as its chairman. Since its inception in 1993, George Soros has used Open Society Foundation to support Super PAC’s and pro-Clinton groups as well as leftists groups that have links to local Black Lives Matter and Antifa organizations. Besides, George Soros has given over $33 million to leftist groups involved in social unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson. George Soros doesn’t intend to use the billions he pumped into Open Society for trading. Even after resigning from active management in 2000, George Soros would still bet against the housing market. For example, Soros had several notable trading successes in 2007 including a profitable bet ahead of the 2016 Brexit vote. George Soros recent bet was that stock would drastically fall shortly after the election of Donald Trump.

George Soros has tied up most of his wealth with his family office, Soros Funds Management. As of 2013, his family office had amassed $13.3 billion through the use of deferrals. Meanwhile, it is difficult to tell the percentage that George Soro’s donation represents because the rate at which his wealth has been growing is unclear. Having lived under Hungary’s both Nazi and communist occupation, George Soros hopes to campaign against authoritarian governments. His foundation is named after the Philosopher Karl Popper, a dire defender of liberal democracies. Today, George Soros runs Open Society through a network of over 40 offices across the world. These offices have a mandate of acting on George Soros’ values. Over time, the organization has funded refugee and public health programs including the formation of a mobile court for gender crimes in DRC.

Through Open Society Foundation, George Soros advocates for the rights of the Roma, one of the largest ethnic minorities in Europe. While George Soros has been a vocal opponent of Trump’s administration, he once hired Steven Mnuchin, the current Treasury Secretary to run his credit business. It has been long known that George Soros would donate most of his fortune to Open Society. George Soros’ mission is to donate most of his wealth to charity in his lifetime and upon his death. Over the past ten years, George Soros’ annual average returns were around 11 percent. His private-equity and related investments including a stake in Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and African cellphone towers value at about $6 billion.

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