Lori Senecal to Opt Out of Advertising

Lori Senecal, the CEO of CP&B, is poised to be leaving the company at the end of 2017. She will also altogether quit advertising. Together with Chuck Porter, CP&B chairperson, Senecal prepared an exit plan when she joint the company in 2015.


Senecal’s Good Work


According to GCReport, Porter was full of Senecal’s praises saying she had ensured the company did not lose a single client the entire time. Porter also indicated that Senecal had won over American Airlines as a client and created a communications structure that was efficient in the company. The setting up of the global team has left Senecal excited about the company prospects as she prepares to leave. The promotion of Danielle Aldrich, who has been in the company for 14 years, was welcome by Senecal who said that Aldrich had CP&B’s DNA.




Lori Senecal said her achievements have humbled her since she never thought she would be able to go so far. She said as a Canadian she never dreamt of working in the US. She is also flattered by the various leadership positions she has been appointed to. She was President of McCann and also worked at KBS as global CEO.


Partnerships A Good Idea


Lori, in support of brands working together sites many success examples. For instance, when Nike partnered with Apple, Nike plus was formed. In partnership the brands grew and made success together.


Adopting Projects


Lori opines that corporate bodies should adopt projects the way rock stars and other youthful celebrities do. These celebrities, according to Senecal get involved in many projects that are changing the world literary. Causes like education, humanitarian work, wildlife conservation, and environmental conservation both at home and in third world countries help to market corporate in a bigger way. Check out Ideamensch to know more info.


Lori Senecal


It was in 2014 that Lori was tipped by, Advertising Age, as a person to be watched closely. Senecal had, in the previous year, won an ‘AWNY Game Changer Award’. She was awarded for her innovative prowess coupled with her leadership skills. Her respectability led to her inclusion to the Isaac Awards. Senecal is also an esteemed member of the ‘Ad Council Board of Directors’. You can visit YouTube to see more videos of her.