Equities First Holdings as They Would Appear on Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings was founded by Al Christy, Jr. in 2002. The equities-based lending services that EFH offers are favored because such loans have a higher loan to value ratio than traditional loans. They also provide a hedge since such loans also substantially lower any risk. In addition, EFH is much, much less strict than traditional lenders, allowing the person lent to to walk away from the deal at any time even if the item lent has depreciated in value. But they probably won’t walk away since unlike traditional loans, EFH loans allow the person lent to to use the funds for whatever they want once the funds have been approved. This kind of loan usually has a fixed three and four percent interest rate. Al Christy has stated that all financial dealings have some risk, but stock-based loans have the most minimal and are therefore the best option.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Heads Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a long history of being involved in some of the most impressive public awareness campaigns in the recent history of the U.S. and is continuing this tradition across Prostate Awareness Month 2017. Partnering with the National Football League Alumni group and LabCorp, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America believes the issue of prostate cancer needs to be raised with men over 40 who are the most at risk of becoming one of the more than 160,000 cases of prostate cancer expected to be diagnosed in 2017.

Within the range of activities planned for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month which includes some activities involving many of the best-known former head coaches in the history of the NFL. Public service announcements will air on TV stations across the U.S. featuring legendary coaches including Bill Cowher who will urge men over the age of 40 to complete regular Prostate Specific Antigen screenings which are seen as a positive way of diagnosing the most common form of cancer found in males. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America wishes to ensure the most at-risk groups are taking part in screening programs including African-American males who are 70 percent more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white males.

Across the U.S. the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been opening new facilities on a regular basis to take the number of locations to five within the nation; the first international office opened for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Mexico City to act as the first contact for potential patients hoping to be treated in the U.S.

Although the majority of forms of cancer are treated by the organization a number of locations have been awarded three-year accreditation for the successful breast cancer programs created within local communities.

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Sheldon Lavin: a Real Driver of Success

In 1970, Mr. Otto and his sons needed funding to move their company into a broader market, and Sheldon Lavin was on hand to help. He became the company Financial Consultant. In 1975, Mr. Otto retired, and Sheldon collaborated with the sons to build Otto & Sons into the global conglomerate it is today. Today, as OSI Group LLC, the company runs more than 50 facilities in 17 locations. It has grown from a local meat and food-processing outfit to an international industry leader. In 2016, the company was number 58 on the Forbes of Largest Private Companies at $6.1 Billion, which is no small fete. Most of the company’s success is attributed to Sheldon’s leadership and entrepreneurial abilities. OSI supplies meat to some of the most prominent western fast food chains like Subway and Pizza Hut.

Sheldon Lavin’s Legacy

Mr. Lavin is over 80 years old and shows no signs of slowing down. Sheldon still enjoys his work, and that is his main reason for not retiring just yet. He holds a degree in Finance and Accounting. He started his career in finance and banking and even had his own firm. Sheldon was passionate about the food industry. Otto & Sons was his big break. The company registered a success after only the first year. Sheldon Lavin believes in the importance of delegation. In his opinion, delegating tasks enables one to consider multiple facets with minimal research. He is on a quest to inspire the next generation of corporate leaders to build successful and environmentally conscious companies. Click here to know more.

Tied to a Commitment to Changing Lives

Sheldon is big on philanthropy and tries to give back as much as he can. He donates large sums to Ronald McDonald House Charities. This is an initiative to provide housing and amenities to families dealing with serious illness. He also gives to the Jewish United Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, United Negro College Fund, Inner City Foundation and National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Sheldon as a Role Model

OSI has received numerous environmental and sustainability awards under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin. In 2016, Sheldon received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. Young entrepreneurs look up to Mr. Lavin for his insights and shrewd business. He is an avid supporter of technology and continually seeks new ways to incorporate it into OSI operations.

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Vegan lip balms thrill consumers

Lip balms don’t have to be dull and flavorless. For more than 100 years consumers were forced to use lip balms that came in plain white tubes and were only available in three generic flavors: peppermint, cherry and the ultra boring original. The industry changed virtually overnight during 2010 when EOS Lip Balms hit the shelves of Walgreens stores all over America. Soon, they were in other drug stores. The brand said goodbye to the plain tubes that were customary and instead introduced bright and bold packaging in colors like fuschia and teal. EOS Lip Balms also left behind the three standard lip balm flavors and began producing fun flavor combinations like Pomegranate Raspberry and Honeysuckle Honeydew. The flavor combos smell and taste fantastic, buy your lip balm here on amazon.de.

I started using EOS Lip Balms a few years ago after borrowing some from a friend at a party. I went out the very next day and bought two orbs of different flavors! The lip balms feel so nice and smooth on your lips, and with all natural ingredients, there is no medicinal taste. I have always loved that EOS Lip Balms’ ingredients are all organic. Now, they have found a way to improve upon that! During the summer, EOS Lip Balms released a new line of lip balms. Two brand new flavors, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach that have no beeswax, making them vegan. I have several friends who embrace a meat free lifestyle and eat primarily plants. They are thrilled that EOS Lip Balms has introduced a lip balm that is in line with their lifestyle.

It’s not new for evolutionofsmooth.com to introduce innovative products into the marketplace. With the continued success of their products and the new buzz around the vegan Crystal line of lip balms, it’s likely the company will continue to reach new heights.

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Drew Madden: the passionate healthcare IT Entrepreneur.

Drew Madden: the passionate healthcare IT Entrepreneur.

Drew Madden decided to apply the Knowledge gained from his BSE in Industrial engineering from the University of Iowa in healthcare. His degree focused on Medical systems, and since then he has dedicated his energy and resources to achieve better healthcare systems that are more efficient.

Madden Stated his career in Healthcare line at Cerner Corporation in 2002 where he worked for four years implementing inpatient applications. In 2006, he joined Healthier Consulting where he worked as a senior epic consultant dealing with implementation of epic inpatient applications in many hospital systems in the Midwest. It is during this time that Madden obtained certification in Willow. In 2009, he served as the regional sales director at Ingenix Consulting. In 2010 Madden became the executive vice president at Nordic Consulting Partners. In 2011 he became the president of the same organization where he was responsible for recruitments, business developments, and consulting operations. Currently, he works as the managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners which is located in Madison Wisconsin area.

Drew Madden aims at building strong teams with a unique company culture that will build trust with the clients. According to Drew, he is passionate about electronic medical records. He has spent over ten years working with the best minds in the industry in implementing, optimization, troubleshooting and tackling the most difficult challenges that are associated with an EMR project.

During his time at Nordic Consulting, the company grew from 10 to 725 employees. The client partnerships also rose from 3 to 150. The firm also recorded a significant increase in annual revenue. Initially, the company was making $1 million per year, but with Drew, it started making $130 million annually.

At Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew and his colleagues aim at providing industry-leading Healthcare IT knowledge to their partners across the country. According to Madden, the core focus of his new venture evergreen will be healthcare records, but with time, the company aims at providing healthcare institutions with broader technology

Eric Lefkofsky Promoting Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment remains a challenge to doctors. Researchers and doctors are working hard to come up with customized treatments that will manage this chronic disease efficiently. Many influential figures around the world are donating millions to assist in research as well as coming up with technologies that give more accurate data for proper diagnose and treatment. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the tech experts that has dedicated much to see cancer is managed.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus which is based in Chicago. Tempus is health tech startup that is using technology that analyses clinical and genomic data from cancer patients that is useful in treatment personalization. For a long time, sophisticated infrastructure in cancer diagnosis, and treatment has been lacking. This is one thing that made Eric invest heavily in cancer treatment. On top of that, a member of his family was diagnosed with cancer, and it was a challenge getting proper treatment.

Tempus has come with a technology that assists cancer doctors in making real-time, data-driven as well as personalized treatment decisions. Tempus is helping breast, pancreatic as well as lung cancer patients. With time they have promised to add more types to ease the suffering that comes with cancer. Eric co-founded Tempus with Brad Keywell, and they have been investing heavily in the healthcare tech company. Tempus last year partnered with Duke University School of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, among others.

Recently Tempus had series C funding round. The firm raised $70 million from investors New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth. This funding has put Tempus at a valuation of $700 million. The funding will help the healthcare firm in its research as well as buy more equipment that will be able to help more cancer patients. Eric and Brad Keywell are confident that Tempus will continue to be more helpful in cancer treatment.

Eric Lefkofsky together with his wife founded Lefkosfsky Family Foundation. It is a charitable organization that supports many cancer research institutions and programs. On top of that Eric is a founding partner of Lightbank, co-founder of Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean as well as Echo Global Logistics. At the University of Michigan is where he graduated and had a Juris Doctor from University of Michigan Law School.

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Talkspace: Providing Health Care Online

The development of technology—first computers, then the Internet, and now smart phones—is rapidly revolutionizing our lives. With access to information at our fingertips, it is not surprising that the health care industry is becoming more and more online-oriented.

Talkspace, founded by Oren Frank and his wife in 2012, is one such health care business that provides e-therapy for patients suffering from mental illnesses and disorders. Through Talkspace, patients and clinicians are able to connect via text-based chat box and Skype video and phone call. This service is currently used by approximately half a million people and over 1,000 mental-health care providers.

Talkspace is cheaper than the standard therapy. It has various plans that you can pick from depending on your budget. One plan is as low as $32 a week, allowing text-based conversation once a day; another offers conversation twice a day and one face-to-face session each month. These conversations are asynchronous, meaning, you time to think about and construct your response, unlike in traditional therapy where you would have to respond back immediately. Some people find this asynchronous approach very useful.

Such online-based therapies have the potential to reach a wider audience and impact more lives. For instance, a study on mental health of veterans found a 25% decrease in hospitalization rate after exposure to long-distance therapy compared to that before the exposure.

Talkspace is very flexible and user-friendly. You can remain anonymous should you feel uncomfortable using your real name for any reason, personal or social. And it is user-friendly because it allows you to request a new therapist if you feel your therapist and you don’t have a right fit. After all, you really don’t want to dread a chat with your therapist.

Talos Energy opens first private Mexican oil well in 80 years

Historically Mexico has had a state-run monopoly on energy sources, especially for gas. But in recent years with the price of oil decreasing and demand for oil also decreasing the Mexican government has decided to start reforming its energy industry by opening up some parts of it to private companies. In May three companies – premier Oil, Talos Energy, and Sierra Oil And Gas – jointly created an offshore oil well off the Mexican coast, becoming the first private companies to do this in 80 years. This well, located in Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco, is supposed to contain 100 million to 500 million barrels of oil. Because of the Mexican economy decreasing the Mexican government has decided to start allowing private investment into their state-run oil industry to gain some extra much-needed cash.

Talos Energy is an energy company that focuses on finding and extracting oil in the Gulf of Mexico region. Talos is a key player in the Gulf of Mexico region, investing heavily in oil reserves located there. With the Mexican oil industry reforming Talos plans on becoming a large competitor in the newly opened up oil industry. They are a private firm located in Houston. Having recently secured 600 million dollars in investment, they are now ready to greatly expand to gain new profit in new markets. With recent investment by capital companies, they are now looking into other markets to gain privates. Because they are a private company they have much more control over what they decide to do with their capital. The Mexican oil market is becoming a major focus for them.

With the Mexican oil industry opening up to private investment there will be a rush of energy companies waiting to take their slice of the pie. Some will gain contracts immediately and some will have to wait for their turn. Talos Energy is one of the company’s that do not have to wait for contracts because they are already securing their own piece of the Mexican oil industry. They are now in a position to become a key competitor in Mexico.

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Agora Financial Providing Readers with Critical Analysis of Financial Markets

Making the right investment is essential for long-term financial growth. Many people across the globe are working hard to earn money and secure their future, but are not able to do so even when they have sufficient income. It is primarily due to lack of investment or the lack of investment know-how. People need to know where to put their money to get significant returns. In the volatile financial markets where there are many different types of investment options available, people are looking for guidance as to where to invest their hard-earned money. It is what is provided by Agora Financial.

Agora Financial offers investment and financial analysis and economic news through videos, newsletters, emails, books, and other mediums to its readers. The company invests over a million dollar each year in ensuring that its reporters can travel across the globe to do financial research in an in-depth manner. Agora Financial has a subscriber base of over a million readers, and it is growing consistently as more and more people are looking to invest their money wisely, considering the market volatility. Having inside news about the financial market would help you make the right investment decisions, which would help you reap good returns in the future.

Agora Financial is a trusted source of economic news for the readers who want to stay ahead of time and make right financial decisions. Agora Financial has years of experience in providing critical analysis of the financial markets, so that people can know beforehand which sector would be booming in the future, and which industry would be witnessing a downfall. Agora Financial understands the importance of investments for its readers and ensures that the readers only get the accurate, accurate, and unbiased reporting always. The company has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and was established in the year 1979.

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Fabletics: Working With The Council of Fashion Designers of America

The fashion industry is growing as a whole. For one thing, many companies are tackling the different issues in the fashion industry, and they are they are taking on other issues that are important to people in society. Among these issues is breast cancer and other issues related to women. It is fitting because much of the fashion industry caters to women. Women get tons of the great designs that are going to bring out all of the flattering outfits. Therefore, it is important for designers to make sure that they are thinking about their customers in other ways so that they can feel appreciated.


Fashion designers are coming together and forming The Council of Fashion Designers of America. This is a great thing in that they can keep the fashion industry in good condition by looking at any issue that is brought forth. For instance, there is the issue with ethics in some fashion companies. The CFDA can put together a rule or a code that can be followed. This code is to protect all people from any type of violation that can occur in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, fashion designers are still free to come up with some really amazing designs.


One of the members of the CFDA is Fabletics. This brand has been making tons of impact in the industry. For one thing, it has brought a lot of attention to areas of the fashion industry that has not been given that much attention. This gives people more of a reason to shop in those areas of the fashion industry. However, one of the best things that Fabletics has done was bring attention to health issues that women have been faced with for the longest time. A lot of attention has been given to breast cancer so that people will make more donations to come up with the best treatments.


Fabletics is a company that is not only developed for fashion but also developed for health. Kate Hudson has had a desire to bring attention to health, and she has found fashion to be one of the effective ways to achieve this. With some of the fun and interesting designs in the active wear clothing, people will be more willing to explore the clothes that are available. At the same time, they will feel an even greater motivation while they are wearing these clothes to a workout.