Amazing New Lime Crime Products

Lime Crime is one of the companies that are widely popular in the production of beauty products for both men and women. Over the years, the company has emerged as one of the firms with a loyal client base all over the country. It has continued to grow its client base due to the innovativeness and creativeness of the firm in coming up with new products from time to time. With its latest product in the market. LC has made it possible for Brunettes to rock it with purple hair. Unicorn hair phenomenon has reached a phase that can be classified as Goth phase.

According to Lime Crime, the unicorn hair collection is likely to make an increase to include four more shades. However, unlike other additions, the shades this time round are expected to be way darker. Whereas the early rollouts of the shades were bright, the four additional shades are considered to be deliciously attractive. In an Instagram post, the company states that most of the early shades were mostly looking good for lights skin users. However, the additional darker shades are meant to darker haired girls or brunette who would represent Team Unicorn. These products are making it possible for brunettes to look gorgeous even in purple hair.

LimeCrime has continued to diversify its products to match the diverse needs of their clients across the globe. Extensive diversification of their products has boosted customer satisfaction, which continues to be a justification why they are still in business. The industry that Lime Crime’s operating in is a very competitive environment. This means that for a firm to participate in this industry, it has to ensure that it has to produce quality products to its client.

The ability of the company to satisfy the needs of its clients has continued to justify the operations of this firm in this competitive industry. New products from this brand have continued to cater for the gap that arises in the market from time to time; this has enabled the firm to explore areas where no one thought to be viable before.

Elysium Health Prioritizes Long Term Health

Elysium Health, a biotechnology company that could revolutionize the market, attempts to disrupt the pill market with its food supplement-type drugs that can reduce the aging effects. Interestingly, the drug developed by the firm has shown excellent results in worms and mice and extended their lifespan significantly. Due to the long lifespan of humans, it is found that the new drug may take decades to prove the results in humans to supply it as an approved drug. Due to that, the founders of Elysium Health went for an unconventional root and introduced the drug as nutraceuticals. Interestingly, those drugs do not need any approvals or clinical trials from FDA.

Finally, Elysium Health came up with its over the counter pill named Basis that has the power to keep people young. It has a chemical initiator to NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD is a compound the human cells use to execute metabolic reactions including energy release from glucose. It can cause similar effects to the diets of people that have a significant shortage of calories – the factor that helped a mouse live for a longer period. Interestingly, the drug that comes with strict production standards is available from its official website at $60 for a 30-day plan. However, if people choose a continued subscription plan, they can get the drug at $50 per month.

Compared to high-end prescription medicines available in the market, the drug from Elysium Health is highly cheap. Interestingly, the company has some high-level endorsements, and five Nobel laureate winners are providing guidance and assistance to the firm. Interestingly, the scientists could prove that the lifespan of mice could be extended considerably by feeding the drug using the technique called “caloric restriction.” It is identified that the level of NAD decreases by age in every animal, including humans. By supplying the drug, it increases the NAD molecule content in the human cells. Many prominent researchers agreed that NAD replacement is the most revolutionary thing that can happen in long term wellness. This approves the working mechanism of Elysium Health’s pill.

Elysium Health was founded in the year 2014 to develop effective medication for one of the most challenging aspects of health – the aging. The firm collaborates with leading physicians and medical researchers around the world to come up with solutions that can provide results at the cellular level. Elysium Health was founded by Eric Marcotulli, a former Sequoia partner; Dan Alminana, former JPMorgan vice president; and Leonard Guarente, an MIT professor. The company follows a business approach of food supplements and tries to help the people to get the multivitamin needs of day to day life through bottles. Interestingly, all its solutions are aimed to improve the cell health, and that converts to the overall health of the human beings.


Uro surgeon “Dr David Samadi” press release

Dr.DavidSamadi is a well-known urology surgeon currently serving as chairman of the urology department and the chief of robotic surgery at the Lenox Hill hospital. Dr. Samadi was born and raised in Iran in the Persian Jewish community. In 1979 he left Iran with his younger brother after the Iranian revolution. He continued his education in Belgium and London. Later Samadhi moved to London where he completed his high school in Roslyn, New York in 1994. He then completed his postgraduate training in urology at Monte Fore medical center and proctology in Albert Einstein College of medicine. Then in 2001, he completed an oncology fellowship from Sloan Kettering cancer center. After that in the year 2002, he completed the radial prostatectomy fellowship under the mentorship of professor Claude in Henry Mondor hospital.

He started his career by joining the Columbia Presbyterian hospital and later in 2007 he joined the faculty at the Mt Sinai school of medicine where he got promoted to vice chairman in the department of urology and chief of robotics. Then in 2003 he moved to Lexon hospital and became the chairman of urology and chief robotic surgery and then appointed as professor of urology by Hofstra north shore.

Dr. Samadi has been awarded several awards for his deep contribution to health and medicine. The awards listed best doctors 2009-2015, most compassionate doctor 2010-2013. America’s top doctors for cancer, castle Connolly top doctors, patient choice award and much more.

At present Dr. Samadi’sWeekly, the Sunday Housecall live streaming is creating fame where he sat down with Dr. Cynara Comer, the chief of breast surgery and also the director at north well health state university hospital at comprehensive breast center for an interview.

In the interview, Dr. Samadi explained the October being a breast cancer month and he felt glad for an interview being taken by Dr. CynaraCoomer as she is one of the foremost experts in breast cancer as well as one of the most esteemed colleague of him from the Lexon Hill hospital. Dr. Samadi’s missions were discussed in the interview that is to educate the people of America about the important conditions such as breast health and others.

Dr. David Samadi’s Facebook Page:

How Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin came into human rights advocacy

The true nature of a democracy is tested by how it treats the most vulnerable members living among the general society or those who have migrated to it in search of a better life or for other reasons such as political asylum seekers. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

America prides itself on being the land where those who are willing to put in the work can live the American dream regardless of their ethnicity, race and any other differences that others may look down on.

The dreams and rights of this group of individuals are protected by the constitution as well as advocacy groups that have put all their efforts into fighting for them. These groups are funded by individuals, corporate and people of goodwill who believe in the rights of every human being to fair and equal treatment of every human being. Below is a look at some of the strongest advocates of the same

The Frontera Fund foundation

This foundation was started by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin they are the owners of The Phoenix New Time the two who are journalist by profession began the news magazine sometime and have always been strong advocates of free speech and when one man by the name Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested them in the middle of the night on made up charges of leaking grand jury proceedings a charge that was later to be dismissed they would not just sit back but instead sued the county and its sheriff the ensuring case proved the county wrong and it lead to a settlement of three and a half million dollars which the pair dedicated to the foundation.

The foundation has endeavored to fight for the rights of the Hispanic community a community that the sheriff had for long targeted and harassed with blatant impunity. Jim Larkin and Jim Lacey work together with other foundations and individuals to ensure that they are well represented in all their legal needs.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations

This is the largest network in the United States that is dedicated to the fight for Muslim rights within the US. The group fights against any form of discrimination, profiling, and targeting of Muslims and ensures that their fundamental rights are all taken care off.  Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Families for Freedom

For any family facing deportation or break up of families through deportation, this is the organization that fights on behalf of them. They fight against family detentions and are advocates of a more humane treatment of families even when they are illegal immigrants.

The culture of detaining families has proved to be very detrimental especially for children who could be as young as a few months old. They ensure that families are well represented in courts and that every possible avenue is explored before a family can be deported. They have represented numerous families and saved quite a number from deportation.

EOS And The Types of Products That They Sell

EOS sells beauty and health products that are cheap, high quality and widely available. Their flagship products happen to be their lip balms. The wonderful lip balms that they sell come in all sorts of colored containers, are marketed for different purposes and look different. For example, most of their lip balm products have an opaque white color, though they have a line of clear lip balms called Crystal Lip Balms, buy now here at  What distinguishes Crystal Lip Balms from the other lip balms is that they are clear, and they do not have wax in them. Having no wax is supposed to make them feel less heavy. Shimmer Lip Balms add shimmer to people’s lips, as well as a little bit of color. EOS Lip Balms’ Active Lip Balms have SPF values to protect wearers’ lips. Medicated Lip Balms are meant to heal painful, chapped lips. They have menthol, aloe and chamomile. Organic Stick Lip Balms are good for those who are more comfortable with traditional, lipstick-shaped, cylindrical containers. Visibly Soft Lip Balms have a special buttery feel. Organic Lip Balms are their regular, flagship lip balms.

EOS also sells two types of lotions: hand lotion and body lotion. They also sell shaving cream. The selections of lotion and shaving cream are not nearly as vast as the company’s selection of lip balms. There are only four shaving cremes, four hand lotions and three body lotions. Meanwhile, EOS sells 28 different lip balms.

On their website,, they show their “limited edition” products. These products include the Peppermint Creme Visibly Smooth Lip Balm and the Peppermint Mocha Visibly Soft Lip Balm. These two flavors are in the EOS Holiday Collection. The Peppermint Mocha flavor tastes like peppermint and chocolate. The Peppermint Cream flavor tastes like creamy peppermint, browse here at


Rocketship Education Understands the Importance of Parents in the Role of Education

Preston Smith, the CEO of Rocketship Education, recently published an article on the 74 million website. The article titled “Smith: 10 Lessons from Rocketship Education’s First Decade as a Pioneer of K-5 Personalized Learning”, details the top ten lessons Smith has discovered over the course of his experience.

The first school opened in San Jose, California nearly ten years ago. They have learned a lot about personalized learning for K-5, so much so that parents often encourage them to create a K-12 system.

Smith believes that personalized learning through a blended learning system is an important aspect of improving student learning and increasing student agency. However, he also demonstrates that personalized learning goes beyond technology. Instead, it is about understanding the learning dynamics of the child as well as the family dynamics. They have home visits to ensure the parents develop a strong relationship with the teachers so they can support each other.

Smith also indicates that if the K-12 system is going to change, the communities across the country need to create more demand. Though they have been tempted to go into the K-12 world, they worry that it might take away from their ability to have such an in-depth relationship with their students and their families.

Rocketship Education understands that parents can have an incredible influence on their child’s education and desire to learn. By engaging them in the process, Rocketship Education helps their parents to create change in the community as well as the education system. They provide leadership programs to help families understand their power in the political arena.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization geared towards helping students in low-income communities succeed. In these communities, access to advanced schools is limited. They understand that each student has different needs in order to learn, that’s why they use technology to create personalized learning to ensure student success.

They also focus on creating an environment that helps teachers and leaders feel empowered within the community. They understand that teachers need to be creative as well as dedicated to provide the best lessons to their students. That’s why they create an environment where teachers also have access to dedicated coaching, leadership programs, and professional development. As they continue to improve, the teachers feel more empowered and appreciated.

Get Great Protection With EOS Lip Balm Products

Clinically tested products are great for being safe for sensitive skin, and EOS lip balm products offer an amazing hypoallergenic formula, safe for all skin types. Why settle for anything less than the top brand to hydrate your lips? EOS lip balms are clinically tested to last up to 12 hours for superior coverage that eliminates multiple applications. Imagine pampering your lips with one of kind aromatherapy scents that include Lemon Drop and Almond milk. They were one of the first of their kind to experiment with amazing scents that tantalize, and protect your lips with a super-moist finish every time.

They have exceeded customer expectations with a new Crystal brand with an even cuter packaging, as if that were possible. Their cute circular containers have a frost coating to the already familiar EOS brand. Popular brands like Evolution of Smooth offer shaving cream, hand, and body lotion, buy here. They provide maximum protection with the convenience of fighting against extreme weather conditions, UV rays, and minor skin irritations. You can find of variety of brands located in the beauty care aisle of your favorite select participating retailer. Experience extreme protection coverage when you need it at an affordable price to compliment any budget.

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