Commitment to community is important for growing regional bank

The enormous growth of Dallas based bank NexBank Capital, Inc. can be attributed both to its commitment to meeting its clients individual needs, and the leadership of its talented CEO, John Holt.

Holt has emerged as one of the most knowledgeable bankers in the community banking industry. He’s often called upon to share ideas with other industry members. This was the case recently, when Holt was tapped to serve as a panelist during the Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. Holt has served as an association board member for many years.

NexBank, a member of the FDIC, has seen billions of dollars in growth during the past five years, and it appears that growth will continue at a rapid pace. Year over year, NexBank’s profits have nearly doubled; helping to solidify the bank as a leader in the industry.

The bank’s investment grade ratings were recently verified, and are a testament to the strong outlook for NexBank. The bank has numerous branches throughout the greater Dallas area, and demonstrates a commitment to giving back to the communities it serves. Recently, NexBank announced a partnership with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to offer affordable home loans for families in certain areas of South Dallas.