Sawyer Howitt On The Potential Of Wireless Charging

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who studies at University of California, Berkeley while also working as a project manager at Meriwether Group. At Berkeley he is studying consumer Economics and he intends to graduate in 2021. After finishing high school Sawyer worked on various jobs among numerous industries.

He had 3 month stint as a customer service representative at KURE Juice Bar. He then worked at RFID Checkout as a Business Strategy Analyst before moving to his current role at Meriwether Group. Sawyer has a blog on where he gives budding entrepreneurs advice on what it takes to run a successful business. His blog also explores new technologies and the opportunities that they offer to entrepreneurs. Howitt writes on everything from the things an entrepreneur must know when starting a business to wireless phone charging and using RFID technology in the retail industry.

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The subject of mobile computing interests Sawyer Howitt immensely. Sawyer Howitt is impressed by how the technology has evolved to its current point. Any modern consumer uses their smartphone for everything. From communication to sharing with friends and family to making payments at shops. The fact that the majority of communication on mobile is wireless allows people to carry mobile technology anywhere they wish. The only true hindrance to mobility is that of power. A significant majority of devices can only be powered by power cords. Once people can charge their devices wirelessly, Howitt believes humanity will have reached a truly mobile world.

The issue of wireless charging has been alluring to entrepreneurs ever since mobile phones were invented. Wireless charging would eliminate the problem of dead batteries. Such technology would eliminate the need for one to leave their device stationery for several hours when charging their phone. Devices would also be more compact as there would be no need for the big batteries found in most devices. When Howitt thinks of mobile charging, he does not envision the charging pads used by some modern devices. He envisions technology where a device is powered regardless of its location. There are various startups working on the technology but there are some regulatory and technological hurdles that will need to be overcome for the technology to be successful.

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