The Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall-The Home of Entertainment

Leisure is an important part of our life. Many people are too busy to have a chance to relax their mind. It is crucial to take some time off the busy schedule and have some fun. Research shows that people who take some time off to relax are more productive in their work. However, the other setback is discovering that you have to travel miles and miles to reach to the fun/luxury facilities. This may negatively affect the mood to have the leisure time. Roberto Santiago had a dream of solving such issues for his society when he was growing up.

Roberto Santiago went to the University to study Business Administration; this was to ensure that he topped up his knowledge in entrepreneur activities. He was going to use this knowledge in making his dream come true.

Santiago became famous to his community as a result of his blogging activities that were professional and catchy. He gained a large audience out of this. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of another famous mall by the name Mangeira. Mangeira shopping mall is well stocked and has all the facilities. However, Santiago is mostly known because of ownership of the Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall.

The Maniara mall is described as a small city by its residents. It is possible to live in the Maniara mall without having to go out in search of anything. Everything you need for survival is basically under the Maniara mall. The Maniara mall has approximately 280 buildings. In this premises, we have hospitals, schools, boutiques, restaurants and other necessities.

The Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall is a place designed to entertain everyone. There are romantic sites that couples can enjoy dinner as they express their love for each other. There are numerous food joints where families can meet up and share a meal. The children are not left out as well because their lot of fun facilities they can use and games that they can engage in for enjoyment.

The Maniara mall also brings celebrities once in a while for the residents to meet and enjoy a one on one show with their favorite stars. Mostly, the choice of the celebrity is determined by the public demand. This is to make sure that many people benefit and enjoy the show.

You cannot talk about the Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall and forget to mention their unique concert theaters. Under the Santiago mall is the Dumus show room. This show room can hold up to 8000 individuals. This does not mean that it has no comfort. The showroom is well arranged to ensure everyone in the chamber equally enjoys the show. The showroom is well ventilated and aerated making it conducive for everyone.

The Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall is indeed an asset to the maniara people. It is the home of entertainment. Once you walk in the mall, you’re guaranteed to have fun.