The Fun EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Which EOS lip balm flavor will you choose next? Using EOS lip balm is exciting. You know the product delivers results far greater than expected, leaving you with soft, nourished lips. But, you also know there are several flavors that enhance the work of the lip balm. Although you’ll likely have a favorite of the lip balm flavors, you should never limit yourself to use of only one when so many great options are available, see this site. The low cost of the orbs and availability of sampler packages makes it simpler to try the flavors you like.


Choose Your Favorite EOS Flavor

The flavors offered to you vary according to the product line of interest. The Organic Smoothers line is the original, and offers the most flavors, shop here at The Visibly Smooth line is popular, and no one can deny the greatness offered from the medicated lip balm line. No matter which line you choose, there’s several flavors sure to make you smile. Read more related articles here on


Some of the flavors offered from EOS:

– Vanilla Bean

– Honeysuckle Honeydew

– Coconut Milk

Blackberry Nectar

– Summer Fruit

– Acai Berry


Evolution of Smooth has a lip balm flavor that is perfect for you! The listed flavors are only a few of the many offered from EOS. Buy and collect all flavors here on


Special Flavors Entice the Fun

EOS is a company that enjoys seeing their customers happy, and coming back for more product, of course. Special flavors are released throughout the year as a way to deliver more to their customers. Grab these EOS lip balm flavors while they’re available, and get a little something more from your lip balm flavor.