Jason Halpern Understands the Real Estate World


Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern is an industrious and committed professional who is part of the vast real estate realm. He’s a highly regarded real estate developer who works as the Principal of a well-known company that’s called JMH Development. JMH Development, in short, is a real estate development firm that focuses on high-end commercial and residential properties alike. It concentrates on properties that are based in locations all around the United States. JMH Development is a powerhouse in the establishment of coveted properties in areas such as Miami Beach, Florida, Brooklyn, New York and Manhattan, New York.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is certainly no stranger to the competitive, dynamic and fast-paced real estate community. Real estate is actually something that runs in his family. JMH Development was founded by his family members. He became the head of the firm in 2010.This real estate expert is the dictionary definition of busy. He regularly works on numerous projects at the same time. These projects often involve traveling to distant cities as well. He’s often dealing with Miami property projects. He’s frequently dealing with Big Apple property efforts, too. There’s no arguing that Halpern spends a significant amount of time on airplanes.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

When Halpern isn’t busy working on his many real estate missions, he looks after Max, his young son. He truly enjoys spending quality time with the teenage boy. They attend sporting events together on a regular basis. They’re particularly big fans of the New York Giants. Halpern and Max also are big scuba diving enthusiasts. They sometimes head to other nations to enjoy days of scuba diving as well. Examples are both Mexico and Costa Rica.Halpern adores traveling to other countries. He doesn’t, however, adore lengthy New York City commutes in the morning. He doesn’t have to worry about them, either. He lives inside of a penthouse apartment that happens to be in the same exact building as his office. That makes getting to and from his job daily a total piece of cake. Halpern is a massive force in the real estate universe these days. He only plans on getting stronger, too.

Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe is one of the most famous philanthropists in the world because of his major involvements in the Ubuntu Fund. As part of a group of philanthropists determined to make a difference in the lives of other people across the world, Andrew Rolfe has helped to improve the lives of many people across the world through the Ubuntu Fund. Limited access to capital funds has been one of the major challenges that most people around the world continue to face and Andrew Rolfe together with his fellow philanthropists set up the Ubuntu Fund to help people to improve their lives.

Access to Ubuntu Fund

The best way to build wealth is by helping people access capital and this has been Rolfe’s passion in his life and career. Rolfe’s main objective is to inspire more people to also get involved in such efforts in helping other people improve their lives. The Ubuntu Fund is available for individuals that build wealth and at the same time use the created wealth to improve other people’s lives. Individuals that want to become members of the Ubuntu Fund have to meet certain conditions that include coming up with long term projects that can be of great benefit to the people. The main objective of this fund is to affect the lives of other people in a positive way. Ubuntu is a charity of investment fund where beneficiaries must have a clear financial plan for long term access to the fund. The spirit of Ubuntu Fund is to concentrate capital in areas that create value and success over a long period of time.

Educating Disadvantaged Children

Through the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe has been able to raise money to support disadvantaged children in South Africa and other countries across the world to get an education. Andrew Rolfe is aware of the fact that surviving in the modern world without an education and that is why a substantial amount of the fund goes towards educating disadvantaged children. The major mission of the Ubuntu Fund is to offer financial assistance to underprivileged children without restrictions. Andrew Rolfe has dedicated his life to charity work and is the face of Ubuntu Fund.

David McDonald Speaks About Business Challenges And Acquiring Baho Foods

Most global firms are well connected. Those working for these types of companies depend on the network to make money and progress their careers. However, some factors like cultural nuances and government regulations affect an organization’s operations. David McDonald, the president of OSI Group has shed light on issues affecting businesses in different countries.

OSI Group is a leading meat processing enterprise. It sells its products in the United States and abroad. The company’s headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. Additionally, it has branches in 17 countries, which include China and the U.K. OSI Group was established in 1909. Currently, it has employed over 20,000 people. Diversification is a driving force in the food processing industry. David and his team work towards creating various food options for OSI Group’s consumers. The company produces hot dogs, fish, bacon, pizza, vegetables and fruits.

David McDonald OSI Group mentioned in one of his interviews that OSI group carries out large-scale operations. The company can serve its large client base comfortably as it has a logistics team that understands the global market. Also, OSI group has a team of management experts who work around the clock to ensure every operation goes well. David believes that collaborations with local management groups enable businesses to run smoothly.

Over the last couple of decades, OSI group has experienced significant growth. It has built over 10 factories in different locations, making it a top poultry producer in North America. The company sells its poultry products to successful restaurant chains like Burger Kind, McDonald’s, Yum, Saizeriya, Papa John’s and Starbucks. OSI’s VP announced that the company is concentrating on the Chinese market. Through their research, they’ve found out that China is ideal for businesses that want to grow faster.

OSI Group recently announced that they had bought Baho Food. David revealed that this acquisition was part of the company’s strategic plan. Baho Food is a Dutch food processor dealing with snacks and deli meat. OSI acquired Baho with the aim of expanding its European Market. The Dutch company will place OSI Group ahead of its competition. What’s more, its products will help satisfy the demands of the European and Asian markets.

Learn more about David McDonald: http://ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/DavidMcDonald-OSIGroup17-CEOCFOmobile.htm

Richard Mishaan Design Leads the Way

High-end design is the name of the game at Richard Mishaan Design. Whether his clients require landscape design, interior design or high-end furniture the company has them covered. Richard Mishaan Design is a full-service interior design company that can also address any landscape design needs. The firm specializes in bespoke and custom finishes that meet the requirements of even the most discerning clients.


The accessory and art collection available at Richard Mishaan Design is second to none and is on par with what you may find in an exclusive gallery. The lighting collection available from Richard Mishaan Design rivals that of custom artisan workshops. Every product available through Richard Mishaan Design is hand selected and sourced from only the highest quality purveyors. Richard Mishaan Design leads the way in interior design for high-end residences and provides everything that his client needs from furniture to art and accessories.


Mishaan, who is a native of the country of Colombia, moved to the city of New York for his education. Upon completing his undergraduate work at New York University, he then studies architecture at Columbia University. This entrepreneur has a keen eye for sleek design and his taste is impeccable. His success speaks for itself and his client list continues to grow. His company is a shining example of the benefits of hard work and dedication, it is apparent in his design and the items that are offered through his company just how strong his passion is. This design dynamo shows no signs of stopping and it will be exciting to see what he does next. He has already authored two very successful and well-received books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern which are both published by the eminent Monacelli Press. Richard Mishaan Design is one to watch as he continues to build upon his successes.



UK Vintner PLC is Offering a Myriad of Top Qualities of Wine Products For People To Invest in and Enjoy

UK Vintner PLC is becoming widely known as a top carrier of highly quality wine products. Why should you invest in wine? At this point in time, the market of fine wine is experiencing demands on an unprecedented level, which is primarily driven from emerging markets that have become involved with investment and drinking, most particularly markets from Brazil, Russia, India and China. The leading wine products that have proven to have track records in accruing values have performed well in comparison to investments that are more traditional. Once consumed, finite stock is not capable of being replaced.

Certain types of wines have low rates of production. A Chateau isn’t capable of producing more of previous vintages, so when wine products are consumed over any particular periods of time, global stock tends ti depleted; however, demand continues to grow or remain constant. The natural result is the scarcer a stock becomes, the higher its price will increase. You will want to have assurance of knowing that your wine product’s fermentation process is complete, as the sugars of the fruits need to convert to proper levels of alcohol to make it the product that it’s meant to be in its final stages of production.

UK Vintner PLC is a brand that knows that there are many legitimate competitors in their particular field in which they’re selling products that are high in quality. This is why UK Vintner PLC strives to continuously improve their research and development departments to ensure that they’re learning about some of the industries top qualities of wine products. A greater amount of exposure from newer centers of wealth are fueling demand from labels that are very prestigious, as people are discovering that wine isn’t just good tangible assets to hold onto, but assets that provide personal rewards and pleasure.


A Review Of Todd Lubar’s Career

Todd contends that the idea of founding TDL Ventures started after realizing that he needed to fulfill the dreams of other people. For over two decades, Todd was working in the lucrative equity and finance space. He sought to devise a way that would eliminate the barriers that prevent people from securing the much needed loans. To this end, he came up with innovative programs and products that would enable consumers to have relief. Visit Business profile to know more.


Todd starts his day by taking a cup of coffee with his kids. Thereafter, he scrolls through the latest news and checks his email. Soon after, he burns some calories by engaging in a quick workout. He then showers and heads to the office. Todd contends that in the financial industry, knowledge of the ongoing news enables one to put his or her day into perspective and prioritize different activities. Todd Lubar acknowledges that the morning workouts help in energizing him for the rest of the day.


Todd contends that when one is an entrepreneur, he or she can have all the ideas in the globe. However, without the will to implement such ideas, such a person will not be able to achieve his or her goals. He asserts that his willingness and extensive experience in the real estate industry enabled him to work in the competitive mortgage industry. Eventually, he was able to incorporate his own company, TDL Global Ventures.


The executive posits that technologies that focus on home remote functions excite him. He loves controlling his lights, fans and a/c from the touch of a button. In his house, he has set up a couple of security cameras. This way, he can check his home at any time using his phone.


About Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar started his career by working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While rendering his services as a loan originator, he gained extensive knowledge on conservative mortgage banking. He spent most of his free time networking with financial planners, real estate agents, insurance agents and CPAs. Visit LinkedIn to know more.


Through Legacy Financial Group, Todd was able to enhance his lending capabilities. In 2002, he incorporated Legendary Properties, a revered real estate company. The entity has purchased, rehabilitated, sold and profited from over 200 transactions. He is also credited for founding Charter Funding.


Jose Borghi Overtaking The Media Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi is the CEO of Mullen Lowe, a prominent Brazilian advertising agency. Born in Presidente Prudente, Jose Henrique was initially undecided on which career to take on. He graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from PUC-Campinas and began his journey to become one of the most successful advertisers in Brazil. Jose has always been innovative and thrives on meeting all goals his mindsets. Working as an editor for Standart Ogilvy he made visible progress. He opted to start his company despite having no capital and potential investors, with his wild creativity Jose managed to amaze the world with the ideas he innovated.

Jose Henrique has created a market for himself both regionally and internationally. He has worked with the Down Syndrome Association and Honda Company in Brazil. Globally he has worked with Unilever, Delta Lines, American Express and Folha Group. Jose has received credit for creating meaningful campaigns that have a significant impact, for instance, the Mammals of Parmalat. Mullen Lowe also uploaded fun videos of Folha Top of Mind on Instagram that targeted the global audience.

To acknowledge his work the Brazil ad agency has received several awards including Advertising Awards, London Festival Awards, Cannes Lions, New York Festival and the Big Brand Love Award. At the annual Crafting Brand for live awards, the Big Brand Love Award was received by Mullen Lowe Brasil for its film Cif-Cristo Redentor. The co-president of the agency, Jose Henrique acknowledged the collaboration for incorporating the necessary hard work required to bring an outcome that pleased both the client and the agency. The Brazilian advertising agency has rebranded itself after partnering with the Partners to form the Mullen Lowe Group and has already incorporated the name in its New York and London offices. Partnering with Partners will enable José to focus on writing and inventing significant work while his co-president Andre Gomes focuses on management.

Shopping for Purina Beneful Dog Food Products

Being a service dog I get to take my furry faced son with me everywhere I go. He’s a portly Jack Russell Terrier who loves to eat. The other day we went to Walmart and while in the dog food aisle I noticed he was drawn to Purina Beneful dog food on the second shelf from the bottom. I grabbed a bag and began to scan the ingredients as well as the prices.

With a price tag of $6.97 for Purina Beneful Medleys Variety Pack Dog Food 12-3 oz. Cans I began to look into their other products:


Dry dog food ranges from

$4.97 for a 4 lb. bag of Purina Dog Chow Healthy Weight Dog Food to

$43.83 for a 31.1 lb. bag of Purina Beneful Originals With Real Chicken Dog Food


Wet Dog Food ranges from

$1.77 for a 10 oz. Plastic Tub of Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Savory Rice & Lamb Stew Dog Food to $33.98 for a 40 lb. Bag of Purina Beneful Originals With Real Beef Dry Dog Food


They even carry Purina Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken for $33.98 for a 40 lb. Bag. Unfortunately, they currently do not have the Salmon version of Healthy Weight. Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients is only $13.98 for a 15.5 lb. Bag You can find printable coupons at the Walmart website. Visit your nearest store to take advantage of daily Walmart rollback prices and specials.

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