Betsy DeVos and Her Selfless Philanthropic Contributions

Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos are renowned for their contributions towards political causes of United States’ Republican Party. However, this is not all for the billionaire family. They have also contributed millions of dollars to support causes they value through the DeVos Family Foundation. This is a charitable organization that Betsy and her husband started in 1989. The DeVos Family Foundation doled out over 10 million dollars to some organizations in 2015. They also pledged 3.2 million dollars in grants that will be paid out in future.

Betsy DeVos, through the family foundation released 400,000 dollars to fund the Loudspeaker Media Inc. this contribution helped CNN ex-anchor Campbell Brown to launch her educational site called The 74. Brown recently authored a piece in the site that sang praises for the DeVoses. The foundation also gave an extra 400,000 dollars to Campbell’s nonprofit organization; The Partnership for Educational Justice.

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Success Academy Charter Schools also received 150,000 dollars from Betsy and her family foundation. Founder of the New York City school; Eva Moskowitz expresses her enthrallment by the DeVoses work through a tweet. Their contributions have also been felt in institutions of higher learning. The University of Maryland College Park Foundation received 500,000 dollars. This establishment has an arts management institution named after the DeVoses. School of Missionary Aviation Technology, which specializes in undergraduate certificates in the maintenance of aircraft and flight received 150,000 dollars and got another 100,000 approved for future payment.

Other schools that received donations from Betsy DeVos Include Ferris State University. This Michigan-based public school received 113,500 dollars. Another private nonprofit school in Michigan known as Davenport University received 55,000 dollars and got another 100,000 dollars approved. Other contributions towards educational courses include Rollins College, (50,000 Dollars), University of Michigan’s Food Allergy Center (10,000 Dollars), and Wake Forest University (250 Dollars just to mention a few.

The DeVos family philanthropy is not only extensive, but it also has a solid history. The DeVoses are ranked alongside the Kochs as some of the most influential funders over the past decades. Their contributions are mainly focused in their area of Michigan. However, they have also made contributions towards national causes. Betsy DeVos has also contributed to a wide range of Christian educational groups. The Grand Rapids Christian School Association received 350, 000 dollars while the Ada Christian School Society received 50,000 dollars. For you to track down Betsy’s and her extensive family donation calls for detailed searching with all the federal and state campaign databases. This is because their contributions are quite many and spread over many organizations.