Maggie Gill–CEO of Memorial Health Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia is One Leader Who Believes in Staying On Track:

When it comes to focus: You cannot do better than CEO Maggie Gill. Ms. Gill is the highly-regarded, compassionate CEO of Memorial University Medical Center. When she was appointed the hospital institution’s leader and overseer, everyone knew the decision was right.


It is hard to get Ms. Gill to lose focus. She is a visionary: however a realistic visionary. It is this type of positive attitude that has earned Maggie Gill many positive and sought-after leadership awards. She has been celebrated on many lists and is well-regarded at MUMC and within the Savannah, Georgia healthcare community which she so gallantly serves.


Too: Maggie Gill’s team of healthcare professionals, at MUMC, are rated, in many categories as second-to-none. Their levels of superior service and achievement are recognized year-after-year. The quality leadership provided, by Ms. Gill, as well as the dedicated levels of service, which the Gill team offers the Savannah community are exceptional and expected.


Ms. Gill is the wise advocate of wellness. Her team, too, wishes to inform, advice, and educate their consumer-base, as much as possible, about how to live a healthier, more fulfilling lives. They make it their determined goal to assure certain quality standards are met, in the management of chronic pain. The belief here is if a certain procedure is avoidable, then do everything, from a health standpoint, not to perform it–down the road. However, sometimes, no matter the circumstances, certain medications and certain healthcare procedures are fundamental to the overall healthfulness of the client. In those cases: Maggie Gill makes it her objective that the customer, requiring a procedure or other remedy, receive the best in technical care and that that care is delivered, with consideration, by her highly professional team. It is a certainty: The populace of Savannah, Georgia have much to be grateful about.