Eleven Employees Recognized

Securus Technologies is a technology company that is located in Dallas, Texas. They work with law enforcement and the criminal justice system and provide them with the latest technology to make their jobs a little bit easier. Securus Technologies prides themselves on being the leader when it comes to technology solutions that positively affect the corrections system and the law enforcement community. To be able to stay at the top of their game, all of their employees need to be sharp, fresh and educated.


Building Industry Consulting Service International, or BICSI, is an organization the works very closely with the information and communication technology industry (ICT). These trainings, along with conferences and other materials, cover all aspects of this industry. The events put on by BICSI are highly sought after by those involved in the information and communication technology industry.


Recently, Securus Technologies had eleven of their employees receive certifications from BICSI. These certifications are recognized all over the world. The Senior Vice President of Operations for Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, could not be more proud of these eleven employees. He said that the certifications reflect the type of employees that work for him: valuable and highly trained. These certifications just elevate the level of work they can produce.


Securus Technologies is a company that has been creating products for thirty years. These eleven employees, along with the rest of the company will help the organization continue on into the future.

A Positive Online Reputation Is Essential For Landing A Good Job

Personal branding isn’t just for entrepreneurs; individuals seeking an executive position, or even a good entry-level job, you need a positive online reputation to rise above the other, equally qualified candidates. According to a recent Fox News article,75 percent of human resource departments are required to perform online searches of applicants. This may be higher, since HR departments may search Google on their own, even though they are not required to do so. If there is a three out of four chance that your potential employer will discover what is being said about you online, it’s vital that you take charge of your online reputation.

Onlinereputationreviews.com advises that you can start by cleaning up your social media accounts, removing anything that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to view. Perhaps you believe you are free to post whatever you like on your social media accounts, as long as you don’t violate the platform’s terms of service. Yes, you are free to post your controversial opinions, just like employers are free to throw your resume in the trash. Also, create a LinkedIn account if you don’t already have one, making sure it highlights your accomplishments.

Next, create a personal website, posting your resume along with other content, including links to your cleaned up social media accounts, that will enhance your online reputation. Blog about industry-specific news, giving your own take on the matter. If you’re an entrepreneur, you should still create a personal website, in addition to your company site, because clients like to know that they are hiring a company lead by a reputable person.

Taking charge of your online reputation is vital to compete in today’s competitive job market.


IAP Worldwide for Innovative Global-Scale Facility Logistics

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that has gone the extra mile in serving governments, companies, and facilities with world class logistics. With affiliates in over 25 countries, they are able to reach several clients around the globe. Their specialty is in facility management, cutting edge professional and technical services. IAP worldwide services ventures in rather demanding fields. Hence, they have been able to come up with breath-taking technology and strategies on clearancejobs.com to tackle their duties. Issues to do with natural disasters and battlefield extraction are some of the high-stress situations where IAP Worldwide have shown their worth. The company has associates in both the private and public sector.

IAP Worldwide has a mission to provide best solutions to the most complicated problems faced by their clients. They employ state of the art technology to ease the process of finding solutions. Their team is dedicated to unearthing new ways of tackling unique issues that their customers face. Their most recent achievement is the development of the Afghanistan’s air control system in July this Year. This system has been employed in support of the Operation Enduring Freedom on LinkedIn. In this operation, IAP Worldwide took part in the procurement, installation, and testing of the top-notch telecommunication equipment within four flight centers. Each one plays a different role in facilitating the operations within the Afghanistan flight center. Their partnership with Air Force enabled them to upgrade the Afghanistan aviation logistics.

IAP Worldwide works closely with the government by taking care of some of the project management systems. For instance, they have been quite handy in providing immediate response to military operations. These include deployment, designing of convenient landing routes, power generation, traffic control and clean-up services to name a few. The company walks the federal market with a mandate from the government; therefore they have evolved with time to know how to deliver to even the most demanding global mission support systems. Their main website provides more information about all the services they offer in detail as well as their successes.

The IAP Company was founded in 1990 as a specialized logistics and procurement company on glassdoor.com. It supplied products such as generators to the US Army while they operated in Saudi Arabia. The company has evolved from then and is now known worldwide.

Laidlaw & Company, an investment firm with a deep history

Relmada Therapeutics INC, an organization that develops novel treatments to help fight against endless agony, reported that it has documented a movement to change its protestation against Laidlaw. The actions put in place to record an altered grumbling is going to serve as evidence sent to Nevada District Court. The changed grievance incorporates an extra legitimate case in view of Laidlaw’s rupture of the guardian obligation that it owed to Relmada when Laidlaw uncovered secret data. Relmada is also seeking damages for financial harms emerging from expenses and costs that it caused reacting to Laidlaw’s false materials in December of 2015.

Relmada noticed that the Nevada court had previously issued a transitory controlling request and related order against Laidlaw and Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, as an aftereffect of their spread of false information and deluding intermediary materials. Relmada’s Board trusts Laidlaw must repay the Company for the harms it has endured.

Below are some of LAIDLAW’S interactions with RELMADA:

Laidlaw has worked as the Company’s essential venture investor, going about as Relmada’s situation operator between December 2011 and May 2014.

In the spring of 2015, Relmada had a meeting with Laidlaw to discuss the likelihood of drawing in new financial specialists. As a feature of these exercises, Laidlaw wrote up a non-bargain street appear in April 2015, occupied with secret dialogues featuring the Company’s administration talking about its business and future prospects.

After the finish of these exercises in the mid year of 2015, the Company explained to Laidlaw about the disappointment with Laidlaw’s poor execution and lack of action attempting to sort out the street appear and pulling in new financial specialists. Towards the end of October 2015, Laidlaw sent in a letter to the Board and wrote up a Schedule 13D with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This letter revealed some of the plans targeting the company’s capital raising endeavors.

Laidlaw is a full-service investment banking and brokerage firm that offers personal investment advice to all qualified clients. The company is based out of the United Kingdom and has partnered with Securities Investor Protection Corporation to protect their capital resources.

Laidlaw opened its doors to the public in 1842. It was one of the first investment banks to service the United States. I noticed that this legal firm has changed its name a lot throughout history. I like how they are adding earths natural resources into the investment pool. Some of those can be very valuable and scarce.

Innovative Collaboration with Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks serves at Timber Creek Capital, LP, which has been in its original location for more than a decade. Recently, Marc moved the firm’s offices to an area that is highly conducive to the incubation of startups and optimized for collaboration.

Marc Spark owns the private equity company and is a renowned serial entrepreneur. He is committed to serving talented entrepreneurs in developing new ventures into revenue generating firms. According to Marc, founding a business model and the acquisition of the resources are the first two steps in the process of starting a business, which will be successful.

With the all-encompassing design of Timber Creek Capital, the firm is able to host three different ventures in the same facility as well as offer an extensive period of incubation. Marc Sparks is a student of whatever it takes for one to be successful in this world, and he comprehends that a conducive, quality and a collaborative working environment is approximately a quarter of what it takes to succeed.

Having initiated substantial number firms, Sparks understands that there lies a particular flow within an office space, which is needed to maximize output and collaboration. Marc Sparks, in his book called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘ shares vividly and profoundly his entrepreneurial journey.

In the book, Marc details a few failures, a few successes as well as his lengthy journey of learning the entrepreneurial realities. These extensive experiences have led Marc Sparks to institute Timber Creek Capital, LP, which incorporates his thirty-five years’ experience in entrepreneurship. These skills have enabled Marc to tackle the various stages of establishing a sustainable venture.

Marc Sparks takes on numerous firms at a time and provides them with mentorship as well as access to resources such as banking, capital, marketing, office space and several others. Marc Sparks, as a serial entrepreneur, wants for nothing when other entrepreneurs are embedded into the system of Timber Creek.

Through Marc Spark’s years of extensive experience, he comprehends well the barriers and annihilating circumstances that can be brought forward by entrepreneurship. Marc’s passion lies in helping entrepreneurs in building their dreams and firms as well, to critical mass through his broad experience. He boasts of great qualities like savvy of monetization, passion, faith, focus tenacity and an exorbitant sense of urgency.

Marc Sparks is the proud founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP, which he is the owner and serves as the CEO as well. He is a well-known author, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who is increasingly turning new, viable ideas into sustainable business ventures.

His profoundly written book, They Can’t Eat You, underlines his quavering road as an entrepreneur to help other upcoming entrepreneurs in creating paths to success. Marc Sparks is an active philanthropist with some of his efforts evident in Habitat for Humanity, which aims at the construction of affordable and excellent housing for families. His also runs Sparkey’s Kids, which donated a thousand laptops with American Can! Academy to at-risk children.

Norka Dubrazka – One Of Venezuela’s Most Famous Singers

Norka Dubrazka is one of the more famous singers from around the world. She’s known for her positive energy that she projects in her music as well as her personality. Essentially, she has the ability to add a little bit of her great personality into any song which she is able to produce. Norka as a singer is one of the more popular ones in of Latin American Origin and her popularity is definitely not by accident. Her songs are some of the best and combine positive attitudes as well as influences from cultures around the world.

Milagro is one of Norka’s hit songs, which has been made famous through channels such as Youtube. This song features latin and caribbean beats combined with sounds from the middle east. Thus, it has become very popular because of it’s intercultural views as well as it’s ability to captivate audiences from around the world. Everything about the song makes viewers and people watching the music video smile because it’s one of the best songs there are. People can’t get enough of Norka when they are watching her music videos. This was one of her first hit songs and it has become very popular throughout the world.

In addition, another of her hit songs is a variety of dance hits. This happens to be one called “In Love” which is able to get people moving off of their feet. This is in addition to Lost in Your Eyes, which is also able to get people moving off their feet. It’s a fun song and one that is also able to inspire and captivate many audiences from around the world. They are also very positive in their nature and reflect Norka’s very positive attitude with regard to many aspects of her life.

Norka obtained her name from her mother and chose it as a way of being able to honor her. She was born in Caracas, but currently lives in Miami. She studied culinary arts and business in France before she moved to the United States in order to pursue her career. Since moving to Miami, she has access to some of the best mentors available including Emilio Estefan Jr. These mentorships have been crucial to Norka’s success in the music industry. This is because these individuals have been able to show her the ropes of the music business and assist her with learning how to perform well in the music business.

Talk Fusion is Storming 2016

Talk Fusion received an award: the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It was the second award it received from the media company this year. The award points out products that are exceptional in their field and offer voice, data, and video that were greatly improved over the past year.

Talk Fusion lets you talk with anyone face to face with its video chat feature, using WebRTC technology. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. You can download the app on the Google Play Store and iTunes. The full version went live in March of 2016, but this award validates the hard work and attention to detail the team at Talk Fusion put into their product.

Ryan Page is the CTO, and he said that this award is a symbol of a bigger picture that they are striving for. TMC recognized them twice, but there are other reasons to love Talk Fusion. They have free trials now, in which you can try out the technology for 30 days. The company also has other features available, such as email, livechat, conferencing, and more.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. Reina is a former police officer from Florida, so he was serving the public in that capacity long before switching to technology. However, the origin story of the groundbreaking technology is interesting. He went to send a small video clip to a buddy of his but was unable due to AOL’s policies. He decided to innovate. Getting together with his friend and IT expert, they created Talk Fusion.

Now, Talk Fusion is at or near the top of the app stores in many countries, including Japan, Switzerland, Indonesia, and more. The company makes a statement about giving back to charities for people, animals, and community services like orphanages in Asia. In addition, they have reps in over 140 countries who all get paid instantly when they make a sale, which lets them support their dreams and families. Bob Reina, the visionary leader, says he wants to continue to change the world through video communication.

Experiencing Innovation with Eric Pulier

Aspiring to be something significant in life is the self-appointed purpose of many people. They want to leave a lasting impression on the people around them. They want life to have meaning. These people want to find success, and that is their purpose. Eric Pulier is one of those people that aspired to be wildly successful and succeeded. He is a well-known philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. He has brought light to serious issues, uses his money to enable people to have better lives, and creates innovative technology to help children in need.

The Building of Eric Pulier

Eric’s career did not start off insanely successful. He had to put hard work into getting where he is today. Even from those humble beginnings, Eric focused on his philanthropic values by starting a company named “People Doing Things.” People Doing Things used technology to solve issues in healthcare and education. A few years later, he created another company called “Digital Evolution.” On top of all that, he also helped children with chronic illnesses by designing a private social network specifically for them to chat and blog with other children in similar circumstances.


Eric Pulier is unquestionably the type of person that wants to improve the welfare of people. Besides his previously mentioned career endeavors, which proved to be as much of a philanthropic undertaking, he actively continued to donate to various non-profit organizations. Plus, he resides on multiple different boards for organizations like The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronical illnesses, or the X-Prize Foundation. To top it all off, he co-authored a book called “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” SOA stands for service-oriented architecture, which is an architectural design for computer software.

Whether it is an aspiration to find purpose in life as a successful businessman, or it is a purposeful task to help people less fortunate, Eric Pulier has achieved great success while being an innovative philanthropic force. His dutiful career in being a founder of so many organizations that assists other people should be a lasting testament that the corporate world does not need to be all about profits.

James Dondero, and the Dallas Foundation

The Dallas Foundation is a philanthropic organization with a budget of up to $3 million. And James Dondero is president and CEO of Highland Capital Management, with a budget of his own to spend on giving. What do these two have in common? Well, philanthropy. And The Dallas Foundation found James Dondero a likely visionary.

The people at The Dallas Foundation say that James Dondero has quite the vision that they want to support, and they do so. They found that his connections to the Dallas Zoo and the George Bush Presidential Museum made him someone they could rely on to share his vision with them and help them find out where to give.

Dondero usually takes a very proactive relationship to giving, and his work with The Dallas Foundation is no different. In fact, there is a new company, The Highland Dallas Foundation, set up especially for the purpose of devoting the efforts of The Dallas Foundation and Dondero to giving locally.

The company is wanting to improve the lives of those who live in the greater Dallas area, and they have indeed already contributed a great deal to the local culture. With Dondero’s vision focused on giving locally, though he also gives nationally and internationally, the vision of The Highland Dallas Foundation is focused on making sure that Dallas remains a fine place to live and work, and the knowledge that charitable giving makes that happen is part of their subtext, and makes everything work out for the best.

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A Review of Team Leaders Credited for DIVERSANT’s Success

Diversant LLC is a global provider of IT solutions and staffing in the United States. The company focuses in meeting the needs of the Fortune 500 companies and SMEs. Clients are provided with high quality services and products aimed at effectively satisfying their needs.

Gene Waddy, the Firm’s CEO

In an effort to promote profitability and efficiency, Diversant has employed competent individuals to manage several key departments. For instance, Gene Waddy serves as the Company’s CEO. His unrivalled expertise and drive are a reflection of the firm’s current state. While at the helm, the company has tremendously grown and dominated the industry. Waddy is credited for his commitment in developing an excellent reputation among clients.

Jim Yoshimura, Chief Operations Officer

Yoshimura is a highly talented and skilled executive in the consultancy department. His 30 year experience in the industry is vital in safeguarding the financial strength of the company. Prior to working for DIVERSANT, Yoshimura held influential posts in various firms. He is credited for generating $ 500 million while working as senior vice president for Experis. Companies such as Cooper, EDS and Lybrand can attest to the proficiency of Yoshimura. He possesses invaluable knowledge pertaining to talent acquisition and staffing.

Senior executives serve as members of an Advisory Board of the firm. Such executives are mostly business experts and influential leaders with experience in various disciplines. They provide advice on strategic planning and commercial development. The Board regularly meets to evaluate company performance and market conditions.

An In-Depth Profile of John Goullet

John Goullet serves as the Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. He initially worked as an IT consultant before shifting to IT staffing in 1994. Having gained enough knowledge, Goullet founded Info Technologies to provide IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. His efforts gained widespread recognition when his firm earned $ 30 million. His crowning achievement was when his company was ranked 8th in the 500 fastest growing firms in the United States.

Goullet focused on comprehending the staffing needs of his customers. Afterwards, he incorporated such knowledge with the work style and personality of his clients. He advises entrepreneurs to hire skilled workers to realize objectives and goals of the company. Info Technologies has won numerous accolades courtesy of Goullet’s expertise and commitment.

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John Goullet At Diversant