Nutrimost Says Rival Stole Their Video

One of the fastest growing weight loss companies in the United States is suing a competitor for stealing their intellectual property. The company, Nutrimost, is one of the fastest growing weight loss and healthy companies right now. This has caused many companies to try to imitate the company for their own gain. There is a line when it comes to this sort of thing and Nutrimost says that rival weight loss company crossed that line when they took a video off of their website and tried to pass it off as their own.

The video on the Healthy Living website is eerily similar to the one that Nutrimost says was stolen. Almost every aspect of the video is the same with the exception being that the main slogan in the original was changed from “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” to “Can’t Lose Diet Plan”. Those that have watched both of the posted videos noticed that even the testimonials in both videos were the same.

One can see why some companies might want to glean off of the success of Nutrimost. The company has shown some staggering growth since its introduction to the general public. There are two reasons that the plans is so successful. The first is that it has great results. Some people have lost 40 lbs in the first month. People also enjoy using it for the fact that it doesn’t require them to take any medication and focuses on their overall health.

Healthy Living Nutrimost’s request for them to take down the video last fall. Nutrimost has decided to sue them for $300,000 in court. This amount is designed to cover monetary damages from lost business. It is also to repair their diminished reputation. Nutrimost is also seeking a court order to prevent Healthy Living from posting the video again in the future.


Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost Austin

A Comprehensive Review Of White Shark Media From Its Establishment to Date

Incepted in 2010, White Shark Media has grown into one of the biggest digital marketing companies in the U.S. and beyond. The company offers digital marketing services that are targeted at assisting small- and medium-level businesses.

White Shark Media is undoubtedly the fastest growing digital agency in North America and most of its achievements can be attributed to its reputation in offering cost-effective Search Marketing campaigns and a world-class experience.

The once boutique agency, White Shark Media has helped hundreds of companies to boost their businesses through online marketing tactics and proprietary tools. White Shark Media also tracks the marketing efforts of its clients and assists them to customize a strategy that is focused and ideal.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Specialist evaluation of AdWords and SEO tasks
Another aspect that makes White Shark Media Review team a preferred digital marketing agency is the fact the company works with certified specialists who are trained on matters concerning AdWords and SEO marketing. This allows you to receive an accurate insight on the performance of your SEM.

Google Premier SMB Partner
Due to the rapid growth that White Shark Media has embraced, Google identified the company as one of its SMB Premier Partner. This is a program that is offered by Google with focus on helping small businesses to market more effectively and to restructure so they can win a better position in the competitive market. In 2014, White Shark Media was included in the program by Google together with other 29 agencies in the U.S. as cited on their certifications section page.

Similarly, Microsoft observed the dedication White Shark Media has showed over the years and selected them to become part of the Authorized Reseller Program. White Shark Media is committed to enhancing the success of their clients through flat fee marketing solutions.

Application of Google Multi Client Centers (MCC)
If you have an AdWords campaign White Shark Media will gain access to view your progress through the 10 digit customer ID offered for Multi Client Access. The company can also send invitations to customers who are willing to join their MCC to access their AdWords accounts. This is an easy type of access that does not need login details.

Furthermore, White Shark Media is a certified SMB Partner authorized by Google to handle AdWords campaigns on behalf of clients. The company is now investing in having a streamlined system that is friendly to customers and easy to manage.

Discover the Best Ski Resorts Lake Tahoe has to Offer

The largest alpine lake in the United States with a surface elevation that averages 6,225 feet, Lake Tahoe has acquired quite a reputation. Named by Rand McNally and Orbitz as the number one ski destination, number one travel destination by Trip Advisor, and “America’s Best Lake” by USA TODAY, August 10, 2012, Lake Tahoe is one ski destination that should top everyone’s list on Bordered by California and Nevada, visitors enjoy breathtaking views. Divided into Lake Tahoe North and South, each portion of the lake has unique experiences. South Lake Tahoe offers family-friendly activities, bike paths, hiking trails, water sports, casinos, winter recreation, and much more. North Lake Tahoe offers biking, camping, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and plenty of winter activities.

Squaw Valley was voted by USA Today’s 10 Best as North America’s Best Ski Resort in 2016 and was host to the 1960 Winter Olympics. With one the longest ski and snowboard seasons in the country, Squaw Valley offers some of the top winter recreation. Offering skiers 3,600 acres and North America’s most advanced lift network, Squaw Valley continues to rate among the top ski resorts in the world.

Alpine Meadows is perfectly situated between Truckee and Tahoe City. Discovered accidentally by a group of skiers in 1961, Alpine Meadows has transcended into a unique ski destination and later united with Squaw Valley in November 2011. Alpine Meadows offers skiers of all levels thrilling experiences, and with over 2,400 acres of mountain terrain and more than 100 trails, there is plenty to explore.

Today, Squaw Valley-Alpine Meadows continues to stun skiers from around the world. Together they are named one of the Best Places to Ski on Earth by CNN and Best Ski Resort for Families with Preschoolers and Toddlers by Trekaroo for the 2014-2015 season. Offering skiers over 6,000 acres of immaculate trails and 42 lifts leading to steeps that test any level of skier or snowboarder. Winter is not the only season boasting with activities, summer provides visitors with lots to discover. From bike trails to ropes courses, this lodge has something for everyone. For those who prefer indoor activities, Squaw Valley has the Trilogy Spa, Wanderlust Yoga Studio, and abundant shopping. Discover the tranquility and excitement that Squaw Valley-Alpine Meadows has to offer.

The Success of Sanjay Shah

Autism is a commonly diagnosed disorder that is diagnosed to one in 68 children all over the world. Autism is a disorder that not only affects how an individual communicates, but also affects how an individual processes information. Not only does this affect their social interactions, but can also make it hard to fully communicate with other individuals. For those that are diagnosed with autism, it is truly a disorder that affects how the individual sees the world.. With so many levels of autism, some individuals who have been diagnosed can live independently while others must be under constant monitoring. Autism not only lacks a cure, but also lacks information that is needed among the loved ones of the diagnosed individual.

One father in particular has recently had a son diagnosed with the disorder. As a dedicated father, this father wants to not only learn more about the disorder, but also wants to further the research of autism. This father is Sanjay Shah Denmark, an investment expert as well as a dedicated father who has centered his career path around not only his passion for investment, but also for his devotion to his loving family. As a father of an autistic child, Mr. Shah has no intention of finding a cure. Rather than finding a cure, Mr. Shah wants to further understand how his son processes information.

The furthering of autism research will not only help improve the relationship that he has with his son, but will also improve other relationships between autistic individuals and their loved ones. As a way to fund the research of Autism, Mr. Shah has founded Autism Rocks, a foundation that holds annual events the showcase some of the most widely known celebrities around the world. All of the performers at the hosted events encourage donations to this worthy cause. All of the donations that are made for this cause go directly towards the research.

Within only two years of hosting events that showcase musical talent, Mr. Shah and his family have raised millions of dollars. The contributions as well as the information that he has provided to the autistic research has already encouraged more research as well as donations to be made to this worthy cause. The motivation behind this endeavor is to build a stronger relationship with his son and to understand how his son thinks to further build the strong bond that they have.


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Sweet Dreams: Wengie’s Night Time Routine and Her Hacks

After a long day, the last thing people want to do is go home only to partake in additional tasks without anything to abate the stress. So, you go home, slip into some comfortable clothing, and take a look at the growing pile of chores and work, but your mind is entirely too tired to begin. What do you do, then? Simple: You watch a Wengie night time routine tutorial and the hacks that make it easier on YouTube!

After Changing, Consider These Useful Tips:

1. Focus on Your Work Naturally

Your day was already difficult, but there is still work that needs to be done. Your brain is probably mush, but you can easily bring it back to life by drinking tea infused with natural elements that improve focus, like rosemary or lemon. Lighting candles with these scents helps improve focus as well.

2. Put Your Healthy Snack in a Cupcake Tin

Hard work definitely makes a person hungry, but in order to maintain that focus, it is important to eat some healthy snacks, like carrots and celery. To make the transportation of the items easier, the blogger suggests putting the vegetables along with baked pita chips and low-calorie dips in a cupcake tin. This action also makes all of the items more accessible.

3. Forget Mindless Television by Becoming More Cultured

At one point or another, you have had nothing to watch on TV. The next time that happens, though, you should consider watching a foreign documentary, as it will provide entertainment and promote the learning of different cultures. You can never know too much, after all.

4. Execute Multiple Skin Care Steps with One Tool

An electric facial cleaning brush not only removes makeup, but it exfoliates and massages your face, too. When Wengie is simply tired or too lazy, she uses one of these tools to make certain that her skin health is maintained without any additional effort on her part.

5. Improve Happiness in the Easiest Way Possible

The Aussie recommends writing down three things that you are thankful for each day. This action will not only validate how fortunate you are, but will improve your happiness and appreciation for life daily. This undoubtedly contributes to a more positive, healthy lifestyle.


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Those Looking For Manhattan Offices For Rent Should Check Out Shared Office Spaces


An article posted by the Harvard Business Review,, sheds some light on a new business model that has been creating some recent noise. From this new business model, often called ‘shared work offices’ or ‘coworking spaces’, companies are forming to meet this opportunity. What companies like Workville are quickly discovering is an ever increasing need for this type of space.
This makes sense considering the primary members of these coworking spaces are those within growing industries that are demanding more and more workers of the freelance, technology services and other various independent employee types. As outsourcing and technology create more non-traditional employment opportunities, more remote and freelance work, the need for this type of work space increases.
Studies have shown time and again that the optimum working condition is one that provides an individual as much freedom as possible while maintaining a structure and routine. The freedom offers employees the opportunity to be freely creative and take initiative, it allows them a sense of ownership over projects. Routine and structure help people to become more productive and efficient . Balance is the key, and these shared work spaces most often utilized by these non-traditional roles are able to get the best of both, freedom and guidance.
This is where companies like the aforementioned Workville focus all of their attention. The goal was simple and two fold. First was to create shared offices and working spaces that was conducive to a comfortable working environment. The second task was to both, create a sense of community and afford a structured workplace allowing members to build relationships, share knowledge and ideas, develop productive routines and empower every member to take control of their work and performance.
An example of shared office space in NYC is Workville. There are rumblings now about taking these highly effective benefits and practices of these new shared work spaces, and integrating them into the corporate business world. With all the changes in how, where and when people do business today, it really was a matter of time before structure and offices started to mirror some of those changes. There is certainly more to come, the only question is what will it be next and what will it look like – or to be more accurate what will your office look like?


Andy Wirth,A Talented Business Executive and Philanthropist

Andy Wirth was born in Neubrucke Germany on 25 July 1963. He attended Colorado State University for a Bachelor of Science and also furthered his education in Edinburg University, Scotland. Wirth joined Steamboat Springs Colorado as an intern and served in different positions.

During the 20 years he worked in Steamboat, he rose to be a Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He played a significant role in the building of Steamboat Grand and brought in flights from large Metropolitan areas. He has also worked as a backcountry ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Andy is currently the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, a parent company of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and Squaw Valley. The resort and valley located in Olympic Valley California are top tourist destinations. He is the chairperson of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board having been appointed by Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority.

He has also been elected President and Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Services Corporation (RASC). His roles involve promoting air services into Reno-Tahoe International Airport and identifying additional flights. Andy has established air service with Alaska Airlines Services and JetBlue Services into Reno-Tahoe Airport from JKF and John Wayne Airport. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth is a runner, cyclist and a triathlete who suffered a severe arm injury following a skydiving accident. The accident led to the foundation of Wounded Warrior Support which supports team members of special operations and their families.

During his recovery, he found new friends in the Navy SEAL, and they formed a team of Special Warfare Warrior for the IRONMAN Lake Tahoe competition. He is involved in philanthropic activities and raises fund for the Navy Seal Foundation, supports Disabled Sports USA and the High Fives Foundation. Andy is a contributor to environmental and community service organizations in Lake Tahoe area.

Andy Wirth has several Awards such as Citizen of the Year granted by Disabled Sports USA, Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award by Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees and Steamboat Spring’s Business Leader of the Year. Andy also serves on the following boards, Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee, Tahoe Fund Board of Directors and National Ski Areas Board of Trustees.

Securus Technologies Exposes Wrongdoing in Communications Industry

Securus Technologies is widely recognized for its role in providing technology solutions in the criminal justice system. Out of respect for the integrity of the industry and the important role it provides within the criminal justice system, Securus has recently announced that it will be releasing various reports regarding some of the offenses committed by Global Tel Link in its provision of inmate communication services.

Specifically, Securus Technologies will release information from a 17-page report by the Louisiana Department of Corrections, which details how Global Tel Link found ways to overcharge customers for the communication services it was providing in the prison system. Some of the wrongful and unlawful practices undertaken by Global Tel Link include charging rates above those allowed under state and federal regulations, finding ways to attach additional unauthorized charges to bills to customers and double billing for single phone calls without prior authorization. According to the report, this egregious activity by Global Tel Link has cost Louisiana tax payers more than $1,200,000.

In the words of representatives from Securus Technologies, the wrongs committed by Global Tel Link represent a cancer within the communications industry that must be wiped out before more customers are taken advantage of. According to Securus Technologies, its customers will benefit from the watchdog role that Securus Technologies is providing in rooting out wrongdoing in the industry and exposing it to the general public. Securus Technologies hopes that this will raise the bar in terms of standards for integrity across the industry.

Securus Technologies currently serves more than 3,400 agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates and their families all across the continent. In addition to providing communication services for inmates and their families, Securus Technologies also assists with emergency response, information management, investigation, public information and incident management services across many correctional facilities.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.