Venezuela’s Chinese-made Train Plans Are Scrapped

Over 10 years ago President Hugo Chavez had a brainchild called the Tinaco-Anaco railway. The 300 mile transit system would carry more than five million passengers and 9.8 metric tons of shipment. President Chavez made a $7.5 billion deal with China to construct this miraculous dream train. Venezuela made one of the biggest loans with China Railway Group Ltd, perhaps the largest train construction company in the entire world. Things looked bright for Venezuela. The bullet train was scheduled to be completed sometime in 2012.
The bullet train that was supposed to be Venezuela’s first high speed train and the model of social fraternity has become the model of economic destruction. Soon things went wrong with the bullet train. Construction for the train went past its deadline date. Workers were either stalled or at a snail’s pace. The delay for the train construction was due to the decline of Venezuela’s economy says expert Danilo Diaz Granados. Workers started getting lazy, standing around smoking cigarettes and socializing instead of working. In January 2015, the entire project was abandoned. Local residents removed power generators, air conditioners, and computers were dismantled and carted away on trucks. Vandals had torn up the buildings to find wiring, ceramic tiling, and other material to sell at roadside booths.

Diaz Granados also said the cause for all of this was because Venezuela had fallen behind in their payments to China. In 2013, the country was indebted to China for $400 million.

The Search Fixers May Save Your Business


Being in business comes with scores of different responsibilities. Those new to entrepreneurial endeavors might be shocked at all the steps they must stay on top of. Maintaining a solid online reputation is among those responsibilities. Once extremely negative commentary is published online and is not responded to, a business runs the risk of losing significant revenue.

Bad reviews end up defining the perception of the business in question. Potential customers do not want to waste any time or money. Upon coming across a bad review, customers are not likely to patronize a business. The same is true in regards to bad public relations. If a business executive is caught up in a public controversy, a company could end up suffering financially.

The component consistent with the ruination of business’ good name is, ironically enough, search engine commentary. The irony here is search engines make it possible to capture the attention of scores of customers inexpensively. Once terrible commentary is indexed in the search engines, those same potential customers are horribly turn off.

The whirlwind of problems rushing from disastrous search engine results can seem unwavering. A brand could be ruined almost overnight. Competitors gain tremendous benefits from the online woes of a business. Even when the competitors do not offer anything special, they reap the rewards. Customers are seemingly forced to go with a competitor when another business has a dark cloud associated with its name.

Business owners who think they have a lot of time to address problems are greatly mistaken. The search engine results are sure to be updated fairly quickly. Correcting the problem should be done immediately to nullify or, at the very least, reduce the negative impact. Things are not going to change on their own. Something has to be done to fix the situation. This is where the Search Fixers prove to be valuable.

The Search Fixers is a group of professionals who specialize in enhancing search engine results. The Search Fixer promise expedient results. Through working with these professionals, business owners can set the online record straight. Working with the Search Fixer might be a smart, brand-preserving investment.

The search engines are the first place many people go when looking for a business to patronize. The search engine results have to be kept clean. Do not ignore anything negative in those results. If need be, get a professional on the job to fix things. Don’t lose customers who do not have to be lost.

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Beneful Dry Dog Food Formulas Will Now Include Real Meat

A healthy eating trend has gripped the country, and more people are sitting down to eat meals made with nutritious foods and wholesome ingredients. Humans, however, are not the only ones benefiting from this shift toward natural, quality ingredients. Pet food companies, such as Nestle PurinaStore PetCare, are reformulating their dry dog food products in response to consumer demand for safe, healthy and balanced dog food.

One of Purina’s most popular brands, Beneful, has been criticized by a facebook group of pet owners as being unsafe because of certain ingredients and additives found in the dog food. Critics point out that the company’s use of propylene glycol and colorful dyes are potentially harmful and unnecessary. Propylene glycol, an additive that is approved by the FDA, is used to make the dog food chewy, while colorful dyes are used to make the food more visually appealing to the dog’s owners, who are the ones buying the food.

Outrage over the potentially harmful ingredients found in the food led to a class action lawsuit filed against the company in 2015. The case is currently pending, and Purina has no intention of settling. “We believe the lawsuit is baseless, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves and our brand,” Purina said in a statement.

In order to improve their products, Purina has developed a new formula for the Beneful brand dog foods. Seven of the brand’s eight formulas will include real meat as the first ingredient, with the final formula, Originals with Real Salmon, following suit in 2017. The new formulas will no longer include propylene glycol as an additive, and added sugar has also been removed from the list of ingredients. The dog food will continue to have colorful dyes but the quantity has been reduced.

Quantities on the guaranteed analysis label remain similar to the previous formula, with crude protein percentages at about 23-28% and crude fat percentages increasing by 1-2%. The new formulas received high marks in a taste test conducted with volunteer families and their dogs.

Carlotta Copper has more information about how the Beneful formulas are being improved in her Huffington Post article, found here. Follow Beneful: