The Full Alaor BMG Recap

Las Vegas boasts of hosting the Consumer Electronics Show which is a yearly event held every January and meant to reveal about the present and the future of the technology. So far, CES has managed to reveal about the future of technology for the past 40 years. It will always reveal what is more current and advanced and at the same time reveal how the globe was changing. In an event which can easily have your name translated into the Fair Consumer Electronics, one of the BMG executive Marcio Alaor made it clear that this was headlining year for a drone with a space for the electronic cars, the camera which is usually attached to the everyday objects and a space for the passengers.

The Done Ehang 184

RIP City to Seoul gathered that in the just concluded CES 2016, the drones proved to be a major attraction though none have been much appreciated as the Ehang 184. The drones have been specifically designed to be occupied by a passenger. It also provides us with the impression that the flying cars have finally arrived into the market.

All you have to do in a drone is to have the path preprogrammed, sit back and enjoy the trip. Currently, the flight is said to have a capacity of around 23 minutes and reaches a maximum height of 3.5 km.

According to Marcio Alaor, the main concern of the Chinese firm is security. Therefore, the firm is planning to come up with a control center which will be able to command the drone whenever there is need.

The Electronic Vehicles

The electronics cars used to be a major attraction in the electronic fair and are still considered to be the major trend in the automotive sector. The major forecast is that the car will be on sale at the endo of the year at a starting price of $ 30,000. You can get more information concerning the car at

The Smart Home

Another new innovation was the cameras which are connected to objects. For example when you are out in the market and want to purchase something which you are not sure is still in your home refrigerator, you can always receive photos of what is inside your refrigerator and have the problem solved. You can read more at

About Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor BMG is among the members of the BMG executive. BMG is considered to be one of the main sponsors of the Brazilian football. More than 39 clubs uniforms are currently being printed by the BMG.
The BMG logs are strategically placed at the chest, back or on the shirt sleeves. It also sponsors other sports such as volleyball, gymnastics and basketball.

Dr. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to help a charity called Operation Smile. It is his goal to earn $2,000 to give to the charity. GoFundMe is a website in which people or organizations post a campaign to raise funds for a cause or for personal reasons. The purpose of Operation Smile is to provide free dental surgery to children. Operational Smile coordinates with local hospitals, government agencies, and other charitable organizations to provide dental care to children who otherwise would not have access to such care. Operation Smile was started in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee. The original goal was to help children in the Philippines, but would eventually branch out into 80 additional countries, providing dental work to more than 220,000 children. In addition to providing dental care, Operation Smile also specializes in training local medical healthcare professionals so they do not have to rely on the assistance of others.

Avi Weisfogel is a practicing dentist in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Since a child, Weisfogel has dreamed of being someone who is able to help others, and becoming a dentist has allowed him to do so. He established his business Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999, and managed the office for more than 15 years. During those 15 years he won multiple awards, including Best Dentist. Weisfogel earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from the University of Rutgers and a DDS from the New York College of Dentistry.
It is because of Avi Weisfogel dedicated work in the field of Dentistry that underprivileged children around the world have a reason to smile. Through empathy and passion, children that would otherwise not have the chance to have a body feature that most of us take for granite, are able to gain a boost of self confidence all with a brand new smile. So far Dr. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe page has yet to obtain any donations. Through people who share the same passion of helping other’s and doing meaningful work with their live’s, Dr. Weisfogel can accomplish his dream of helping others.

Keith Mann Continues His Commitment To Education With New Scholarship

The well known New York businessperson Keith Mann has recently embarked upon a new era in his support of the Uncommon Schools program based in Brooklyn, New York. Business Wire reports Keith Mann has been long term supporters of the Uncommon Schools mission, which attempts to make sure students have the best options available for completing their high school education before continuing seamlessly into a four year degree.

The introduction of the scholarship is designed to ease the problems facing low income students financially as they move through their four year degree by adding $5,000 to the funds of one student each year. The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship is awarded to a student who can display how their four year college degree will allow them to take steps towards improving their lives and starting their career; by introducing the scholarship Mann’s hope to assist students in making good decisions about their future in both their studies and for their long term future. Students applying for the scholarship provided through the Uncommon schools program complete a 1,000 word essay explaining how the scholarship will benefit them in the future.

Keith Mann has been a long term supporter of the Uncommon schools and has completed a number of fund raising efforts for the charity with his Dynamic Search Partners company, which finds and matches management level business people with new positions. Philanthropy has recently played a major part in the life of both Keith and Keely Mann, which spreads beyond their support of educational opportunities; Keith Mann has also provided support for New York Police Department groups in a bid to raise awareness of the work law enforcement professionals undertake each and every day.

Talk Fusion on the Move in the World

Talk Fusion is an exciting new cell phone application program, which works with all phone systems: Android, iPhone and PC platforms. It is being marketed with great success in a multi-level marketing program.

Android market discovery tool AppBrain has determined that Talk Fusion is the #1 communication phone app in Indonesia. Talk Fusion in Japan is the #5 application, and in Switzerland its #20.
Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007. He serves as its guiding light and CEO. It is a multi-level marketing system that is enhanced by an instant compensation program, which makes immediate payments available to all agents representing the product, whenever they make a sale.
Talk Fusion will soon offer a free 30-day trial for the use of their application. They have, already, had success in implementing and sharing the application with various businesses: VW, Applebees, SPCA Florida Chapter and others. Read more about the product here.
While this type of conference connecting and video communicating application is not unique to Talk Fusion, the robust marketing of the product seems to be the driving force for worldwide acceptance. You can have the best “widget” in the world that does wonders, but if the marketing is inadequate, there is no hope for the longevity of the product.
The american economy, sadly, is turning into a service oriented economy and has left much of the manufacturing to the companies in China. The container ships coming into American ports from China; come in full of product and they don’t leave empty. They purchase our garbage! The garbage is brought back to China where workers strip the copper from the wires from broken Christmas lights. In this manner they have a renewable source for copper. Why didn’t we think of that.

How Handy Helps Homeowners

Contracted Handy workers don’t wear superhero capes, but this is the way that many homeowners look at these individuals. Most homeowners are going to be overjoyed to have someone that comes into their homes and clean. A lot of busy people don’t care what the cost may be. They don’t mind paying people to clean their homes. Others are going to be glad to know that Handy has a great service that is still affordable for the working class.

There is a lot of buzz about what this company has done, but the founder of Handy is still trying to pique the interest of a lot of untapped customers. This starts with more contractor workers in areas where there are no Handy contractors at the moment. A lot of cities have access to these cleaners, but the Handy founder wants to take the company to more cities.

The crew is strong and the type of work that they do is always done with professionalism and a smile. There are no reports about Handy in the news for bad incidents that have happened. This company offers a ton of different services, and this organization is becoming the on-demand service champion for interior needs. People are in place that can do everything from interior painting to plumbing. This is something that makes Handy the only company that homeowners need. They don’t have to worry about independent people from other companies that they cannot trust. When they utilize Handy people know that they have a company that they can trust.

Handy has built a reputation for quality service, and this is what keeps this company afloat. That is the thing that people look for when they are trying to build a relationship with a company that provides regular services.

Argentina Should Count On Highland Capital Management Once It Resumes Its Market Position

Highland Capital Management relationship with Argentina’s securities is not starting; the company already has $4 billion notes due in 2033 from Argentina. James Dondero says that those notes greatly helped the firm six months ago when its holdings in the energy sectors brought huge losses for the company. Argentina’s current president is glad that the ban imposed on the country will be brought down by the court. This will help them to clear the debts of its creditors; the president is also luring them to return after their debts are cleared. Similar to the president James Dondero sees the possibility of the creditors resuming back to the Argentine market considering there could be improved performance similar to other Latin America sovereign countries.

Argentina has plans to release $12 billion worth of bonds to the market come mid-April as a way to clear out some of the debts. The country has been out of the European stock market since 2001 when it was destroyed by the then President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The debts were $95 billion, but then the country received another cessation in 2014. Dondero has a positive though just like when they bought the notes that once the holds outs are settled Argentina’s bonds would trade higher. His firm gained up to 20% profits from the notes last year after using positive reflections despite the country running down on resources and poor taxation.

James is the founder of Highland Capital Management a firm managed approximately $19 billion and top share stock holdings. He is a top honors (alpha, beta, gamma, and Sigma) student from University of Virginia and he double majored in accounting and finance at McIntire school of commerce. Dondero is also a certified CPA, CMA and CFA holder who has been in the financial credit analysis division for more than 30 years. Dondero started his financial credit analysis career at Morgan Guaranty Training Program after his graduation.

In the 1980s, he worked to come up with the GIC subsidiary of protective life insurance from zero to being worth $2 billion of profits. American Express also entrusted to him $1 billion which he managed very well before embarking on his journey of sole proprietorship trading as an individual. James is a good advisor of financial credits, and he has produced great solutions to financial credit problems. His other free time is what he spends on supporting a charitable organization in America dealing with juvenile diabetes in children.

Facts about the myths surrounding Koch network

Koch family are business people, industrialists and philanthropists most recognized for their political engagement and control of Koch Industries. Koch Industries is the second-largest privately owned company in the United States which was revealed to be worth $115 billion in 2013. The family business was started by their father, Fred C. Koch, who made a fortune after he developed a cracking method for refining crude oil into gasoline. David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch are commonly known as Koch brothers.

Their engagement in politics includes both ideological, regulations and financial. This involvement is seen by many both directly and indirectly through the policies. Through their political activities, they have contributed towards libertarian and conservative campaigns. For instance, they supported organizations which support the Republicans and lobbied against the efforts of the Obama administration to implement the Affordable Healthcare Plan and combat global warming. By 2010, Charles Koch had donated to Republicans amounts equivalent to $100 million especially in supporting advocacy and free-market initiatives.
The problem is that there are many misconceptions about Koch brothers and their influence on political ambitions. For instance, journalists and reporters have contributed to reports suggesting that Koch brothers were opposing the initiatives of Barrack Obama both in health and trade. According to media reports, Charles Koch and his associates have been meeting about twice in a year to heighten efforts against the liberalism.
Some reports may be authentic, but there is a lot of myths about the Koch Network that persists. However, it is important to discuss these myths and establish the truth about them the following are myths about Koch Network. The first myth is about Koch network being a reaction to Obama’s presidency. The fact is that Koch Network started way before President Obama got into power and was most ambitious during President Bush administration.
The second myth says that Koch Network is just about the brothers themselves. Although it is fact Charles and David Koch are extraordinarily wealthy compared to the wealth of most Americans; Koch Network also includes other rich Americans. In fact, Koch brothers have succeeded in rallying together other Americans to join the network. The third myth concerns believe that Koch network is just a corporate front. Many people have argued that the network has vested interest in delaying climate action, increasing their fortunes and elements of corporate self-interest. However, Koch network has been among others working with the liberals on policies such as investments in education, and infrastructure.

Tech Firm Slyce Reveals Year-End Results and Updates

Slyce Inc., a tech firm specializing in visual search and image recognition, has released its end-of-year report in a press release from Yahoo! Finance. The company announced results for its fiscal year which ended October 31st 2015. The report reveals details of a year full of strategic partnerships for the company along with rapid growth.

Slyce Inc. reports total revenues of $1,692,292 for the 2015 fiscal year. This is up from just shy of $89,803 in revenue from the previous year. Operating expenses increased markedly while the company’s net loss decreased from more than $17 million in 2014 to $12 million in 2015. Slyce maintained significant quarter-to-quarter comparison growth to finish out the year.

The press release highlights some of the big moves for Slyce that underscore the promising balance sheet growth. In August 2015, the company partnered with both and Neiman Marcus for use of its patented technology to facilitate easier customer engagement with the firms’ product lines. In October, Slyce announced deals with Urban Outfitters and Shoe Carnival to enhance existing app technology by making the search and find features quicker and more convenient.

Slyce also increased its technological portfolio by adding a Universal Scanner to work as an integrated recognition utility for major retailers. The technology can pick out physical items from the store as well as promotional pamphlets, retail signs, and any type of barcode. This technology, combined with the newly unveiled 3D Object Recognition and Slyce Link, which provides product recommendations for e-commerce platforms, is the big news of the company’s 2015 technology update.

The company has also announced that it has sought additional financing of up to $7 million from private investors. To date, it has acquired most of the financing it is seeking, though it continues to procure financing in the immediate future. This news comes well after the end of its 2015 fiscal year. Slyce Inc. CEO, Mark Elfenbein reinforced his company’s optimistic outlook in the report by pointing out the rapid increase in demand for search and recognition technology from retailers.

Hudson and her Empire of Fabletics

Taking full advantage of her position as a fashion icon, Kate Hudson has come up with her very own line of athletic clothes to make up for the various inappropriate gym wear that reveals too much for your liking. According to the review at, the company was established in the October of 2013 and by the mid of 2014 had already breached the borders of Europe. By the September of the same year, Canada had been added to the list, and by early 2015, Fabletics reached Australia. At the end of 2015, America became one of the countries housing the outlets of Fabletics . The phenomenal growth of the company speaks for the excellence and the popularity of its products, and of course, the extremely customer-friendly deals it has to offer.
Elle magazine recently caught up with Hudson to talk to her about what inspired her to create a line that is extremely different from the rest of the gym wear for ladies. Hudson has had a pretty active life, what with a family that has all been doing athletics of some sort, and always had a trainer to help her with her fitness. However, for most of the people, training is not a daily routine and to top it up, gym wear of a good quality costs more than the bank accounts would be comfortable with, breeding a certain lack of motivation. Hudson aspired to create a product that would suit both those who have been training for years and those who are just on the brink of a new beginning, and would not, at the same time, squash your wallet out of breath. When asked about her preferred products, she commented with delight on the bras with a cross-back style and leggings that do not let the buttocks sag. Hudson’s fitness and moves have earned her a position of fame at the worldwide appreciated TV series, Glee.
At Fabletics, Hudson narrows down the choices for the customers by introducing her very own personal preference. Every month the website announces an array of items that have been handpicked by Hudson herself with a variety of colours available with every item. In addition to this, Hudson goes bold on the prints, taking a fresh break from the monotony of the dull gym clothes, combined with great discounts.

You can follow them on Instagram.

iFunding: Join the Real Estate Revolution and Take Charge of Your Investments offers an new way for real estate investors to invest in property and provides a secure connection between accredited real estate investors and real estate operators seeking financial help. This innovative process is somewhat similar to crowdfunding but with a twist. Investors are given the opportunity to invest in commercial properties through a secure web platform and detailed reports.

Investors can take charge of their investments by a personalized dashboard that reflects investment updates and distributions. Real Estate operators in turn are given the opportunity to raise needed funds for their commercial projects through sponsorships.

The revolutionary concept of accredited crowdfunding was coined by William Skelley, an alternative investment professional who founded iFunding in 2012. His premise is that accredited crowdfunding gives individual investors opportunities to pool small amounts of capital together to invest in large scale opportunities such as an industrial center. From Twitter it’s clear Skelley believes that individual investors need the opportunities available to corporate investors to level the playing field.

With only a $5,000 investment, individual investors are now given the opportunity to invest in large scale projects without undue risk. The flexible financing and extensive information on real estate investments is what makes iFunding unique from other real estate crowdfunding platforms.

Investor Opportunities
With, investors get a clear picture of their real estate investments. They have the ability to scan the deals, understand the financing and profit margin and make intelligent decisions regarding their investments. has a wide range of commercial listings available for investment. They also have multifamily, industrial, retail and land opportunities. handles the creation process of the Single Purpose Vehicle LLP which invests your funds and distributes them according to a strict schedule. Investors can track the progress of their investments and follow timelines in the project.

Real Estate Operators Financing
Real estate operators are now given the opportunity to post their projects and gain funding through accredited investors with ease. offers three types of financing opportunities that allow operators to gain profit from the real estate and relieve debt. These are Preferred Equity, Senior Debt and Mezzanine Debt financing. provides the master LLC and creates sub-LLCs for each project. works with developers and sponsors to seamlessly promote real estate deals and attract investors. The ease of the online investment process makes getting real estate projects up and running quick and easy.