Olympic Valley Incorporation To Raise Taxes And Decrease Services

Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is based in the Olympic Valley in North Tahoe. His efforts are to make the area known around the world as one of the top destinations when it comes to winter vacations. Mr Wirth has told the press that they will be looking into building a gondola service which will connect Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley.

This base to base gondola will be a three part operation. The start will be in Squaw Valley rising over the ridge separating the two mountains and down into the valley of Alpine Meadows. This is one of many improvements Andy Wirth in-visions for his home at Squaw Valley. This new development will attract thousands more visitors and improve business for residents and small business’s all around the area. Mr Wirth also heads up the Navy Seal Foundation which he raises money for to help members and their families upon their return from deployment. This is something close to his heart after a recent near fatal skydiving accident left him with serious injuries and years of recovery. Navy Seals located in the Squaw Valley helped him get through this troubled time and he therefore wants to say thank you and give back.

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Residents and small business’s in the North Tahoe area have been going through a difficult time as both difficult weather situations and the incorporation battle have been interfering with business. However the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth believes changes are imminent. Weather has allowed for resort to open earlier and the incorporation battle has been fought off with Squaw Valley investing large sums of money to make this happen. The reason he was not in favour of the incorporation was due to evidence of rising taxes and the decrease of services like road maintenance and snow plowing. The incorporation was however halted and efforts can now be made for the community to work on issues at hand and transportation concerns. The community should see this as a chance for healing and join their efforts to make this a better future for the community as a whole says CEO, Andy Wirth.

Yeonmi Park and her long winding Journey

For Yeonmi Park, the word freedom was not a reality until a very recent journey that allowed her to discover the words true meaning. In her own autobiography, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, the author describes the oppression and tragedy that exists within her home country and leaves a telling story about how real abuse is for some girls as young as her. Park describes the physical and mental struggle it took to survive and then find a way out, despite having her father die of cancer along the way.

The survival story on The Reason has brought inspiration to thousands of readers, capturing how desperate she and many refugees were when facing poverty, abuse, and starvation on a daily basis. While details may be altered or exaggerated, there is no doubt that the story captures the narrative of thousands of these people who face the world known human rights abuse and persecution from governmental authorities. The story is one of a few that are trying to lift the silence on the dictatorship that North Korea holds on its own citizens.

While the story is uplifting, it comes with no surprise that its critics question the accuracy of the tale itself. Pyongyang has discredited the tale through a video “Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot” that provides the conspiracy theory that Park and her mother are actually agents of the United States in part of a sting operation. Critics from outside of North Korea have focused in on certain details of the story that they found to be discrepancies that illustrate North Korea inaccurately.

Yeonmi Park has continuously defended her story again critics in saying that in any case of non-fiction, there are always parts to a story that have to be altered in this case to protect family members in North Korea as well as language barriers. Many of her discrepancies she feels were necessary to keep secret as they were ultimately to embarrassing to describe in detail. For more information, please visit the original article here.


Thor Halvorssen’s Fight for Human Rights

The Human Rights Foundation(HRF)is a non-profit organization seeking to protect human rights around the world. They promote freedoms of expression, speech, association, and worship among others. They seek equal treatment under the law and fight modern slavery and torture.

This organization often appeals directly to the governments. A example includes their appeal to the Vietnamese government to free Nguyen Van Dai a human right lawyer, and his colleague, Le Thu Ha. Another example is a call to Morocco to drop charges against human rights activists.

Lately, they’ve also put pressure on Turkey and Kazakhstan. The HRF runs many events and conferences with the aim of striving for freedom and equality for all.

The Human Rights Foundation was established by Thor Halvorssen in 2005. He’s a human rights advocate and a film producer who has been involved in the human rights area since the late 1980s when he organized opposition to South African government in London and other places.

Thor Halvorssen is of Norwegian and Venezuelan background. His own cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, has been detained lately by Maduro’s government in Venezuela. Halvorssen’s activities have even been recognized by the New York Times. The publication has called him “a champion of the underdog and the powerless.”

As a documentary film producer, Thor Halvorssen is known for “The Sugar Babies,” a production which exposes sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic that make children work in harsh conditions. Another work, “Hammer & Tickle,” comes from a historical perspective as it covers the Soviet regime’s tyranny.

Sanjay Shah and his Fundraiser

Sanjay Shah has spent many hours investing in his charity called Autism Rocks. Not only has he invested hours, he’s invest his own money donating in efforts to raise awareness and find a cause for the Autism. Sanjay Shah is passionate about finding a cause and raising awareness as well as providing research options of Autism since the diagnosis of his young son. He was diagnosed with Autism in 2011 after rigorous testing and specialists. Sanjay was fortunate to be in a position where he was able to afford the best care for his son, however, realizes that some people don’t have the best options for help and wanted to be able to help with his charity.

Autism Rocks has been extremely popular among some of the most famous artists in the music industry. Shah used to be a leader in the music industry amongst his many ventures with investments, accounting and now his charity. He was having a conversation one day with Snoop Dogg, who convinced Shah to get back into the music industry by staging concert gigs all over the world in efforts to raise money for Autism Rocks. He has worked with some of the most famous music artists in the industry such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble. They have agreed, among many other participating artist, to base their concert on raising funds for Autism Rocks.

Shah has pure ownership of the charity, and can dictate where the money is being sent and what the money is being spent on. His efforts are focused on helping others cope with Autism, as well as finding the cause for the unfortunate disorder. He hopes that with the money raised with Autism Rocks that he will be able to help those in need so that they can get the proper health care attention that they need to be able to cope better. In the future, he hopes that he can work with upcoming artists to see if they would be interested in donating a track from their soundtrack to help continue to raise money for the fast growing charity Autism Rocks.

YouTube Celebrities

The Internet has made it possible for people across the world to share information. The Internet has actually made the world seem smaller, as a result. YouTube has also contributed to this growing phenomena. The site quickly created a new group of celebrities. Their celebrity-hood has led to quite a few achieving recognition for their personal talent. Their celebrity status has also led to them attracting followers from every corner of the world. Most, like Wengie, are noted for their high quality videos that provide information on hot topics. Let’s take a look at a few that have achieved celebrity status.

YouTube Celebities
Hanah Hart is an Internet personality and YouTube sensation. She achieved celebrity status, uploading pictures of her cooking while under the influence of alcohol. Smosh is a channel on YouTube with a comedy duo. The Smosh channel has over 21 million followers. Chris Crocker is an online video sensation that gained YouTube fame for his leave Britney alone video. Venetian Princess is a young woman that does parodies of pop culture, and the list goes on. The site is certainly filled with those that have achieved Internet celebrity status. A new entry is Wengie.

About Wengie
Wengie is one of those names that sticks in your mind. Wengie is also a very talented young woman that brings her own brand of beauty and glamour to YouTube. Wengie has definitely achieved celebrity status. The site has thousands of followers and receives millions of hits weekly. In fact, Wengie has received over 50 billion hits on the site since its conception.

Wengie is indeed a famous celebrity on YouTube. The Australia based YouTuber attributes her amazing success to an early interest in fashion, hair, makeup, and skincare. Today, Wengie likes to share her personal insight through hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, health tips, fitness tips, and much more on YouTube. Wendy Huang is the real name of the girl behind Wengie. She is a truly talented young woman that has plenty to share with the world.

Charles Koch Considers Challenging Donald Trump In Presidency Race

The well known businessperson and philanthropist Charles Koch has revealed the difficulties he sees with the 2016 Presidential election for both the Democrat’s and Republican’s. The ease with which billionaires are said to be able to buy elections in the U.S. through Super PAC’s does not reveal just how difficult it is to find a candidate to support who shares the views of their billionaire backers. Charles Koch and his brother David have been providing funding for the Republican party for a number of years, including around $400 million in support of Mitt Romney during the 2012 election cycle, but have struggled to find a candidate to support for 2016.

As the 2016 election race drew closer the Koch brothers and a number of other billionaire supporters of the Republican party pledged to raise more than $900 million in a bid to elect a conservative leaning President. The issue facing Charles Koch and his fellow supporters is the rise of Donald Trump as a popular candidate, which those at the top of the party fear could derail their run for the White House.

As one of the owners of Koch Industries the career of Charles Koch has led him to push the oil refining company into a number of different business areas. Koch has also looked to make sure the wealth he achieves is used to assist others in improving both the U.S. and the world as a whole. Charles Koch has recently been active in providing financial support to many educational institutions around the U.S. who share his right wing leaning beliefs.

The Koch brothers were shocked by the support shown to Donald Trump, but have held firm in their belief that an experienced politician should lead the Republican’s in the 2016 Presidential election. After rebuffing the attempts by Donald Trump to gain support the Koch brothers are considering using some of the funds set aside for the election to derail the campaign of the real estate mogul. Charles Koch has revealed he is unable to support either Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side of the election, and may be forced to remove all monetary support should Donald Trump win the republican nomination for the Presidential race.

A Teacher of Leaders

Keith Mann began his illustrious career as a businessman and entrepreneur with the establishment of Alternative Investment Practice as a part of Dynamics Executive Search after he determined the hedge fund industry to be vulnerable market in need of regulation and protection. Later, in 2009, he launched Dynamics Search Partners, thus providing an exclusive search firm focused entirely on specialized investment groups. Keith Mann is the current CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. He collaborates with firms across the world examining alternative investment collectives. Recently, however, Keith Mann has become preoccupied with his entrepreneurial interests, having just recently unveiled the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

The announced award is intended to honor future generations of boundary pushing businessmen and women. A New York City non profit organization called Uncommon Schools are proud to be partnered with Mann, and will present a scholarship yearly to one graduating student throughout the collection of high school’s they are already attached to. Uncommon Schools is involved with the management of charter schools based in urban locations, with the intent to improve upon education gaps and provide opportunity for at-risk students from largely low-income families, to attend and graduate from college. Over the course of the past couple years, Uncommon Schools has consistently looked after forty four charter schools available to the public that stretch across New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Those applying for the scholarship are required to write a one-thousand page essay on how earning a college degree would help them achieve their goals to become future professionals. Keith Mann is not only a dedicated supporter of education, but a man concerned with the perpetuation of good leaders in collaboration with one another. He seeks success for his students and has demonstrated the skills he now wishes to pass on.

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Help Avi Weisfogel Support Operation Smile

One of life’s most heartbreaking events is surely the birth of a child with a cleft palate or cleft lip, what used to be called “hare lip.” Although this facial defect is easily remedied by means of simple plastic surgery, it’s only in the developed country that parents can afford to have their child’s deformity corrected, allowing the child to enjoy a healthy and normal life. In many parts of the world, however, only a few parents have the means to pay for such surgery. The children born with this malady must face a life of exclusion, prejudice, and abuse.

What a positive step was taken, then, by William and Kathleen Magee, who founded the charity Operation Smile in 1982. Impelled by seeing the devastating effects of facial deformities in children during his work in the Philippines, Dr. Magee gathered together a board of physicians committed to making a difference, and began the process of collecting medical resources and staff.
Over the years, Operation Smile has achieved resounding success in over sixty countries around the world. The charity’s clinics, staffed by international medical professionals, have provided over a quarter of a million free facial surgeries for children and adolescents. They have made an immense contribution to world health, but there is still much more to be done.
That’s where Dr. Avi Weisfogel comes in. A New Jersey native, Dr. Weisfogel’s career is in dentistry. He studied at Rutgers and earned his professional DDS credentials from New York University. Having established a successful dental practice in New Jersey, and having won a number of awards for excellence in dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel went on to widen his field. Because of the role of the teeth, jaws, and nasal passages in sleeping disorders, Dr. Weisfogel has for over five years focused his attention on this area of medical research. Through his lectures, seminars, and workshops, he helps both individual patients and dentists understand how disorders such as sleep apnea can be addressed through dental means and using oral devices.
But Avi Weisfogel is also a philanthropist. Casting his net further afield, he recently discovered Operation Smile, and realized just how closely his interests were related to those of the charity originally founded by the Magees. Dr. Weisfogel has opened up a GoFundMe campaign to increase funding opportunities for Operation Smile. The GoFundMe website allows individuals to set up crowdfunding projects seeking personal donations. There’s no doubt that, with Avi Weisfogel’s commitment and assistance, Operation Smile will indeed have something to smile about.

Many Home Services Can Be Completed By Handy

I just moved into my new home, and I decided to buy all new furniture, which is giving me a lot of problems. I had so many things that needed assembling, and I had no idea how to do it. Another thing is that my place was somewhat disheveled, and I could use some cleaning, but I had no time to do anything because of my new job. While I was at work one day and talking to a coworker about my wonderful home, I mentioned the problem I had with assembling my furniture and fixing my home.

The coworker told me about Handy, and I was happy to know that I may be able to find a company to do the cleaning in my house as well as assembling my furniture. The coworker gave me the website, and I searched around the Handy app to see what services they offered. I saw several services that I needed right away, which included an electrician because I had a few lights that were misbehaving. I also saw that they offered plumbers, which I didn’t need right away, but I definitely needed a cleaner as well as someone to assemble my furniture.

I was very excited, and I put in an appointment for both a cleaner as well as a furniture assembler, and I decided I would go ahead and get the electrician to come out as well. I chose to have them come out on my day off, and I was very happy that all three workers were able to come out on the same day, which means I didn’t have to worry anymore about the work getting done. The cleaners were not just on time but early, and they finished cleaning and organizing the things in my home within a few hours.

The electrician was able to fix the lights in my rooms, and I even had him install a fan in my bedroom because I had it sitting down, and it was starting to get warm outside anyways. Finally, the furniture assembler was great because he put together my entertainment center, my office desk, and some other cabinets that I had purchased. I couldn’t believe that all the services I needed for my new home were provided by one company, which is Handy, and I’ve even started recommending the company to many other people who have the need for home services.

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Big Dog Food Companies Are Improving Quality

Dog food isn’t the slop that it once was, and it actually can be quite nutritious for pets. People all over the country are mindful of what their pet’s diet is. This has forced companies in the pet food industry to pay very careful attention to the contents of pet food. Even massive pet food companies, such as Nestle Purina and Colgate Palmolive, are now carefully monitoring what is in their products. Nestle Purina actually makes one of the best popular dog foods on the market. Beneful is made to be extremely healthy and appealing to dogs. It also is sold in a lot of different stores throughout the country.

You can get different types of Beneful. There is Beneful that is produced in wet food form. This is the preferred type of Beneful for some dogs. There is also Beneful that is available in dry form. This dog food comes in large bags. You can also get Beneful dog treats. These treats taste great for dogs, and they make excellent rewards for good behavior. In addition, they also have the natural ingredients and good nutrition of all Beneful products.

There are different types of Beneful to pick from based on your dog’s age. If your dog is in his or her puppy days, there is a special Beneful for that age range. This food has the right blend of nutrients for your dog’s development. In his or her grown years, you can switch to Beneful adult. Finally, there’s also a brand of Beneful that’s meant for senior dogs.

In addition, there are a number of different flavor selections. Dogs all have their own unique tastes. You can get Beneful that is made in different natural flavors. These include things like chicken, fish, beef, egg, grains, and vegetables. Foods by Beneful on Amazon tend to have a mixture of different flavors within them.