Visual AI Technology Aims To Make Finding What You Need A Snap

In the recent years we have seen many advances in our tech. Since the invention of internet searches on however, not much has changed. You type in your search word and start looking. Companies like Pinterest and are looking to buck that trend in favor of Visual Search Technology. This deep learning engine allows you to take a picture of an image and it will find the exact one for you and many like it. It will also direct you to the nearest place to get it. Like that pair of shoes you saw on the way to work? Snap a picture and pick them up on the way home.

In the case of Pinterest, their search engine will find your item from a catalog of literally billions of choices. Remember the Amazon Fire Smartphone? Neither does anybody else. They attempted to launch the mobile with this new tech included, but it failed miserably. Kevin Jing, the head of visual search at Pinterest, claims that the technology is much, much better now. They admit that it’s not perfect yet, but given time it will be the go-to when it comes to searching for what customers need. It’s just now finding it’s footing.

This is where a company by the name of Slyce is hoping to pick up the slack. Their aim is to use their proprietary technology, coupled with the best of the competition’s to make it the smoothest experience yet. The Universal Scanner is their ‘straight- forward’ solution for the issues of other apps. What they want is to make it so that you can scan any real world image and get that exact one and many more like it if you wish.

This is applicable to QR codes, bar codes, coupons and so forth. Whether it’s 1D, 2D or 3D images, it can accurately depict them all. It’s a great way to find products that compliment others or making a wish list catalog as well. Slyce wants to be the premiere way that people search for that thing they desire. If they keep their momentum going, this may well be the result.

Pursuing Your Interests Makes for a More Fulfilling Life

There are few who have held as many roles and identities in life as those that identify Jon Urbana. Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse athlete, musician, charity founder and worker, actor, entrepreneur, aviator, photographer, husband, father, and role model. Born in Wahington, District of Columbia in 1982, Jon Urbana enjoyed playing sports throughout high school and college, including baseball and lacrosse. He was on the Villanova Wildcats lacrosse team in college until 2004.

After attending the Moscow Art Theater School, Jon Urbana performed in over 30 plays. His grandfather, Murry Bernthal, is a clear influence for Jon Urbana’s interest in music. Jon Urbana took an interest in electronic music and was able to create remixes of several songs, including a couple of original tracks using only Ableton software and a guitar.

Among Jon Urbana’s many interests aside from lacrosse coaching are his interests in photography and Twitter. He has undoubtedly developed advanced skills in photography that he writes about on his official blog. These skills are evident by viewing his accounts on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Crunch Base and Instagram. He has embraced information exchange through videos. He develops and posts videos that inform people about his causes. Jon Urbana uses the different media channels to raise money for those charities. His love of multiple fields can be seen in the differing purposes of the charities he chooses to help. He started a GoFundMe page to raise money to train young people to take part in advocating for their local environments and videos about shelter animal adoption.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

He is the founder of The Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youths. Named one of the 10 best lacrosse camps in the US, the camp is a place for the youth in Colorado to develop their skills in their areas of interests, playing techniques and enables young lacrosse players to receive support from the professional lacrosse players.

Jon Urbana continues on as a supporter of multiple, varying charities and businessman. he currently heads the business department at Ellipse USA, a private company specializing in laser systems used medical testing and treatment equipment. It is evident that, even in his latest business venture, Jon Urbana is devoting himself to the betterment of people’s lives.

Why Your Dog Needs Better Quality Food

When it comes to your precious pup, it is important to make sure that they are getting a wholesome diet. The best way for you to accomplish this is by switching to a brand like Beneful. Beneful is one of the top dog food brands on the market and has seen a rise in popularity over the years because of how beneficial it can be for the dogs it is being given to. There are many products that you can choose when it comes to getting a quality food.

One of the most common Beneful foods is the Beneful Original Dry Dog Food product. This specific product is designed for all types and ages of dogs, allowing the pup to get the nutrition and diet that they need. This is why this particular product is one of the most popular on the market.

Beneful also makes a product known as Playful Life which is perfect for the overly active dog. If your dog does a lot of running and playing, the Playful Life product is the best one to suit their own needs. This is because it contains the nutrients and vitamins that are right for their own lifestyle needs.

Beneful Healthy Weight dog food on is also great for those dogs that need a little bit of extra help controlling their weight. The fat and calories on this particular product are less, allowing the dog to eat what they need without worrying about unnecessary weight gain.

Prepared meals are also great because they make it quick and convenient to get the job done. Your dog will love the delicious flavors and varieties that are available from Beneful because of all of the different options that they have. Whether your dog is older or younger, there is a Beneful on youtube product out there for them to try.

Now that you know how many different products are out there, it should be quite easy for you to get the specific one that you need to suit your dog’s needs. Dogs love the taste of Beneful and all of the different options available to them. This is what makes this brand one of the top in the dog food aisle. Many people are making the switch to many of their dry dog food varieties or one of the ready prepared meals that are easy to open and serve if this is what your dog wants.

Fundraiser, Lacrosse, Music, and Charity. Well Done, Sir.

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur and former professional lacrosse athlete. He attended Villanova University and majored in Economics. He chose Villanova University because of the strength of the lacrosse program. Urbana possessed an undeniable drive for success since his early days growing up in Denver, Colorado.

Jon’s active social media presence

Jon Urbana is a strong supporter and advocate of the environment and has started a crowd funding campaign on the popular platform GoFundMe in collaboration with Earth force Inc., a Denver based charitable organization. Earth Force is a charity dedicated to improving environmental problems related to health, sustainability, and water. The goal of this fund is to encourage young people to become lifelong advocates towards a better, cleaner environment and community action.

In his efforts to further expand his humanitarian efforts, he started a Crowdrise fund raising campaign in support of the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society (ARAS) providing a safe haven for orphaned cats. What appealed to him to the ARAS was because it is a non-kill shelter. This rescue is dedicated to rescuing kittens and adult cats, helping them heal, and finding them loving homes. Learn more about the fundraiser in this video:

Jon’s business ventures

He is currently the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA since 2013, an organization with proprietary implantable technologies for the treatment of a broad spectrum of spine and orthopedic applications.

Most of Jon Urbana’s success is attributed to being a entrepreneur and youth coach for young lacrosse players. A former Lacrosse star, he partnered with Lou Braun, to start Next Level Lacrosse Camp in 2011. This lacrosse camp takes place each year in Colorado. The camp’s aim is to zero in on the specific skills the young players will need to play the style and field position they’re interested in and have a positive and rewarding experience and want to attend each year.

Jon’s Aviation Career

Jon Urbana received a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification. Urbana, seen flying here, was recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and has been included in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database.

Tipping On Handy Has Been Changed

Handy is the sole leader of the arrangement of home cleaning services in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Handy has listings in twenty-eight areas distributed throughout these three countries. There would be more listings in different areas, but it takes a lot of manpower to sort through all of the applications received by Handy to ensure that only the best of the best cleaners actually end up on the listings. Handy has announced that they have a new tipping feature that allows customers to tip the cleaners without any hassles or any worrying about paying in cash.

The home cleaners, also known as Pros by the Handy community, are much more likely to be tipped now that there is a feature that reminds the customers that the cleaners are able to be tipped after they have left the home. Sometimes it takes a few hours to look over the entire house to make sure everything has been cleaned that has been agreed upon.

Handy has received more than one hundred million dollars in funding to expand their horizons and research new aspects and features that Handy might be aided by. Handy is by far the leading app of its kind in the areas that it operates in since it is typically difficult to get a hold of any home cleaners that perform their services at reasonable rates. The average home cleaner on Handy only costs about eighteen dollars an hour, which is incredibly low for the diligent work provided by Handy Pros.

It is estimated by the analytics team at Handy that there are more than ten thousand service providers that book at least one cleaning job a month. There are also different services that the listers can provide. There are actually a number of plumbers and handymen that complete a few jobs a week for those in need.

The new tipping feature that has recently been implemented by the executives at Handy is expected to make the cleaners perform an even better job than they have been doing and make it easier on the customer to tip the cleaner.

Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG explain parts of the car industry

The success of the auto industry is the result of many factors. One of these factors is that it provides people with the opportunity to travel at a faster speed. Previously, individuals would have to walk to their destination or ride in a buggy that was pulled by an animal such as a horse. Traveling by foot or with the help of an animal could cause trips to be uncomfortable and tiring. The introduction of automobiles provided riders with coziness, the ability to transport items, and also the ability to travel with multiple individuals. This want/need for automobiles has caused auto sales to increase throughout the years. According to Banco BMG , Marcio Alaor although sales increased, auto makers found an additional way to raise funds and capital for their companies.

These companies started to use the stock market in order to gain capital investment and funds. This decision allowed car companies to take their companies public and make available shares to be purchased through the stock exchange. This decision deemed to be very lucrative for the auto industry and has caused many investors to purchase shares via the stock market. In addition to capital investment and funds being raised, taking a car company public has caused many scandals to surface. One of the latest scandals involves the car company Volkswagen. These scandals could damage the reputation of the car company and lead to a decrease of its performance on the stock exchange.

Here is a little background information about automobile companies and the stock exchange. The decision for car companies to get added to the stock exchange did not occur over night. The first to take the initiative was General Motors. According to BMG, this car company currently has completed its 100 years IPO. This has been appraised to have a market value of $53.52 billion. The IPO of a company is its initial public offering. The IPO process helps to transform a private company into a corporation. Becoming a corporation gives companies the opportunity to raise capital investment and funds which will lead to the monetization of investments. Ford later went public with his company in 1956.

Car company owners soon realized that some changes were to be made when their company was taken public. These individuals were no longer the sole decision makers about how to create cars or how to design cars. They now had investors and shareholders to please.

Source: Exame Magazine

Highland Capital Team Wins Prestigious Awards

Dallas-based equity firm Highland Capital Management just received the prestigious HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award for 2015. The award is given annually to the investment firm that have outperformed their peers in one-year, three-year and five-year categories. Judging criteria is also based on manager pedigree and reputation among peers. “The award is a testament to hard work and expertise of Highland Capital’s healthcare investment team led by Michael Gregory,” says CEO James Dondero.

Highland Capital manages over $3 billion in healthcare assets, and the team of specialists boasts over 130 years in combined financial experience. Gregory is also the CEO of Highland’s subsidiary Highland Alternative Investors. “The company’s goal is to deliver strong results for our investors,” says Gregory. “The intensity of our team is unparalleled, and this award speaks volumes about our potential to deliver.” Highland has a very diversified client base that includes foundations, corporations, financial institutes, long/short equities and individuals of high net worth.

James “Jim” Dondero is the current CEO of Highland Capital Management. Since 1993, Jim has built Highland into one of the largest and most successful hedge fund corporations in the world. Highland offers its clients highly-specialized credit strategies, stressed account management, special situation private equity and is also a pioneer collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). Jim has won numerous excellence awards over the years including the 2014 Lipper Award, the Morningstar 5-Star Designation Award.

Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia in 1984 with a degree in finance and accounting. He is also a certified public accountant. Before his tenure at Highland, Dondero worked for Protective Life and American Express where he managed over $1 billion in fixed accounts. He currently serves on a number of boards including NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, American Banknote and MGM Studios.

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Eric Pulier: Why Many Companies Choose Computer Sciences Corporation

Are you in need of information technology solution for your business? Looking for a reliable information technology services provider? If you are on the lookout for a reputable information technology services company, Computer Sciences Corporation is a great choice. They provide services to businesses that are looking for a reliable way to maintain efficiency, and improve productivity.

Nowadays, there are many companies seeking quality technology solutions. And there are many vendors out there catering to the needs of organizations and businesses. There are also a wide variety of business solutions and pricing plans available. Choosing the best solution or service provider can be a difficult endeavor for many businesses. Furthermore, you’ll have to deal with the company or business solution you choose for a long time. If you are a company manager or organization leader, you will have to deal with that challenge of selecting new technology or business solution.

Computer Sciences Corporation has been in business for a long time and has an established history of providing top quality information technology solution, and can provide reliable service. With Computer Sciences Corporation on your side, you do not have to worry about the difficulty or challenge in choosing a information technology solution or information technology service company.

As you research and compare service providers be sure you will have contact information of the technicians and owners, in case you want to get in touch with them at anytime. Additionally, your IT technology company should provide an automated system for handling help requests. When you choose Computer Sciences Corporation, you do not have to worry about these issues. They provide every client with a designated business IT technology specialist. Additionally, their automated help desk support is available for you to use at anytime. Their certified technicians are available and respond promptly to support requests.

When you sign up with Computer Sciences Corporation, they will perform a thorough evaluation of your existing technology solution and infrastructure to determine what where improvement is needed. They will strive to set up a system that ensures efficient operation for your business. Computer Sciences Corporation ensures that their clients do not experience expensive downtime, which can negatively affect both productivity and your business’ bottom line.

Eric Pulier is a reputable professional in the field of information technology. As CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation, a leading information technology solutions provider, Eric Pulier has handled many reputable and high profile projects, including education, charity and government. He is also a co-founder of many businesses that provide top quality services in various industries. Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker, and has been involved in projects that gross millions of dollars annually.

Chicago’s Rising Taxes Having An Effect On Businesses

With the recent passing of a law that now allows Chicago to reassess taxes on the properties in each of the districts, businesses are seeing the hardships that can come with rising taxes. While the law allows the taxes to either increase or decrease, the majority of the businesses in Chicago have seen an increase in taxes. These businesses, who were functioning normally and profiting, may now be struggling because of the higher taxes in their district. This is something that can be seen as somewhat detrimental for the areas of Chicago and can harm the business in each of these districts.

It is also something that is weighing on the minds of investors as they are concerned about the risks that they initially took. Majeed Ekbal, one of Chicago’s biggest grocery investors, is concerned that the grocery stores he has invested in will not be able to survive the tax crunch that has been seen as a result of the law being passed. Ekbal’s website shows that he is an investor who previously knew how to properly assess the events that could happen if he were to invest in a property. This all has been changed with the spike in taxes in the areas where he has grocery stores.

North Township 013 is one of the areas that has seen an immense increase in taxes. The area, which is filled with new and progressive businesses like delivery grocery chains, has seen taxes rise by 48 percent in the past year. The taxes are expected to rise even further, which can be highly detrimental to the businesses in the area. The area, along with the businesses that are a part of it, may not be able to survive the next extremely high tax increase like the one that was seen in the last year.

Majeed Ekbal has been investing in many grocery opportunities and chooses to take on ideas that are progressive, like delivery services. He wants these small time businesses to succeed and helps them by investing his money into them. Tax increases could cause the risk of the investment to become not worth it.

The Beneful Line for a Healthy and Happy Dog

Choosing a line of dog food for a canine friend can often be difficult. Every dog parent just wants to find food that is perfect for their dogs. And what can seem like quite an easy decision can be a little tricky, especially as a dog owner takes into consideration their dog’s health and life stage.

But dog owners around the country can relax, because the Beneful line of dog food is here to fulfill a dog’s every need. From dog treats and wet food to dry food specially formulated for a dog’s nutritional needs at every stage in life, Beneful is the leader in providing animals — and their owners — with the peace of mind that they have full bellies and happy hearts.

Beneful offers a range of dry food, the base of every dog’s diet, for different life stages and needs. For young pups — puppies between birth and eight months — there is a need for extra calcium and DHA to help them grow up healthy, strong, and mentally alert. These needs can be found in the Beneful Healthy Puppy dry food, made with real chicken. As part of the AAFCO standards, 100% of a pup’s nutritional needs are met with the standard serving of this dry dog food.

For those dogs who are a little bit on the heavy side, Beneful has also created the Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food, also made with real chicken. This special formula delivers nutrients for an adult dog while cutting out some of the extra calories that can lead to unhealthy weight gain. It’s a win-win for both owners and dogs!

Beneful is proud to present a range of wet dog foods under the Chopped Blends brand that offers dogs morsels of real food, like beef, carrots, barley, and peas. Along with the whole foods that are present in the food, Beneful ensures that each blend comes packed with the vitamins and nutrients needed for active, healthy dogs.

And because many pet owners worry about their dog’s dental health, Beneful has brought onto the market the highly rated Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. These dog treats are created with meaty insides and a hint of parsley to ensure a dog continues to chew it, helping to create overall good dental health and reducing tartar buildup.

For many dog owners, finding a range of dog food from the same brand that their dogs will love is the perfect way to take care of their pets. Now, with the full line of Beneful dry and wet foods and treats available nationwide, dog owners can rest assured their dog’s needs are taken care of.