Shaygan Kheradpir is a very learned man who has worked for some of the largest organizations worldwide. He is a business and technology executive. Having acquired a bachelor’s, masters and doctorate from the Cornell University in the field of electrical engineering he is more than qualified. His focus was mainly on control systems, and he was at the University from 1979 t0 1987. Shaygan was born on December 19, 1960, in the United Kingdom in London specifically. He grew up in Iran with his father who was a doctor and later moved to the United States for his studies where he is currently a citizen. He is the current CEO of Coriant but before that he worked for other companies where he gained his wide experience.

Kheradpir first worked at GTE Laboratories after graduating. This was in 1987 where his work encompassed network management, routing, and control. He later became a chief information officer for the GTE Corporation as he was good at his job and delivered good results. It was in 2000 that GTE Corporation merged with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon Communications. He was originally the president of the e-business division of the newly formed organization before becoming its first CIO and CTO. At Verizon Communications, Shaygan was involved in the expansion in the range of telecommunications and automation of company operations. He was also involved in developing other helpful initiatives for the company throughout the years he worked there. His department conducted the re-engineering of the company’s key systems and developed Tobi a system that manages caller ID and address books. While there, the company’s information technology budget was reduced from 6 percent to 4 percent.

After about 11 years at Verizon Communications, he moved to Barclays in January 2011 and became the Chief Operating Officer of the Bank. He has involved in the development of new products like the ping mobile a payment software for customers, and he was later promoted to the position of Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Having done good work at Barclays, he later moved to Juniper Networks and became the CEO from January 2014 to November the same year. While there, he came up with a plan for restructuring and cutting cost.

Shaygan Kheradpir first joined Marlin Equity Partners, a private firm before being made the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Coriant. Conant was created by Marlin Equity Partners in 2013. Other responsibilities that Kheradpir has served are: he was on the board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for about 3 years from 2010, he was also on the YMCA of Greater New York’s Advisory Board for about 3 years from 2007 and is at the moment a member of the Engineering Council at the Cornell University. All through his career, Shaygan Kheradpir has developed teams that are driven to bring change that matters. He has been at the forefront when it comes to innovations and developments across the different organizations he has worked at. He also has a website (shaygankheradpir.com)

Having An Eye For Art

In many neighborhoods and cities art galleries proudly line the streets, allowing one to purchase art pieces either for investments or because the work simply moves them. Many well-known and affluent individuals have a passion for art collecting however it is also a wonderful way to increase wealth.

One famous art collector is Steve Wynn, the Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts. In the 1990’s while transforming the Las Vegas Strip with his unique and elegant hotels such as one that nightly provides a volcano at his Mirage Hotel Wynn was beginning his remarkable art collection. Some of his collection includes Rembrandt’s Portrait of a Man, with its intricate texture and light qualities and another by this Dutch painter titled Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo, created in 1658. Wynn also owns the 1890 Vincent van Gogh creation Peasant Woman Against a Background of Wheat (Van Gogh created a few versions of this) and a piece that features a prima ballerina posing on a stage titled Dancer Taking a Bow by Edgar Degas.

Finding success in the music business, David Geffen was responsible for Asylum and DGC Records, later co-creating the animation empire of Dream Works in 1994. Geffen also collects American artwork stemming from the post-war era which includes several works by abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning such as his Police Gazette and Woman III and creations by American painter Jackson Pollocks such as his innovative No. 5.

An art collector to arrive from the hedge fund industry is Adam Sender who has combined a huge collection of art by many new artists. This art collector once was a thriving hedge fund manager for SAC Capital, later he established his own company called Exis Capital Management Inc., but he also has a passion to pursue contemporary art. Like his smart moves in the investment world, Sender has a natural ability to select great pieces that are personal and rich.

Sender actually put about 70 of his pieces on display in 2011 and he titled the event “Home Alone.” Sender’s large and luxurious home in Miami housed this event. A few years later, he decided to sell some of these works at Sothebys in New York, creations by about 139 various artists such as Cindy Sherman who is appreciated for her conceptual portraits, Dan Flavin and Richard Prince.

The reasons why any individual collects art are various. Of course owning works by a famous artist is profitable and makes a great investment. It also offers wonderful feelings that one cannot obtain by anything else, the emotional satisfaction that is gained simply by looking at a particular piece in your office or home. You receive continual pleasure!

Hiring the Experts of the Handy Company

Spending your time out of the office cleaning a house can be drudging work. Unfortunately, it is absolutely vital that you keep your home cleaned for your own benefit and for the benefit of those living there. If you or a loved one has allergies or asthma, the symptoms can be made worse because of a dirty and dusty home. There is no reason to suffer with your breathing problems when the remedy is as simple as picking up a dust pan and some cleaning supplies. While this might seem like a relatively easy solution, most people just do not have the time that is needed to get their homes cleaned.

If this sounds familiar to you, it might be time to think about hiring a professional cleaning company like Handy. Handy has been in the business of connecting homeowners with reliable cleaning professionals for years. In fact, they have a mobile app that you can download onto a phone or tablet in order to book appointments and post reviews. The app is free to download and makes it simple to use the services that are currently being offered by this company.

Once you decide to hire the Handy experts, a cleaning professional will come to your home when it is necessary. You can choose to hire the professional as a one-time service or have them come in regularly to keep your home looking its absolute best. Furthermore, hiring a cleaning company from techcrunch.com doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people who make the decision to hire a maid for their home are shocked to find out that working with such a professional is actually quite cheap. Some of the reason why you will find it to be inexpensive is because you no longer need to have or buy any of your own cleaning products.

Handy makes it easy to connect with a local cleaning professional and have them come to the home right away. You will find that this enables you to focus all of your energy into your family and work without the annoyance of having to clean the house on your days off. You will not have to live in a dirty or dusty home but you will also not be the one who is doing all of the cleaning on your own. There are so many benefits to hiring a professional to do all of the cleaning for you, but the most important advantage is that it leaves you time to focus on more important things.

The Handy company has created a site and app that is both easy and convenient to use. You can choose to look through cleaning professionals on their website or simply download a mobile app that can then be used. They offer a money back guarantee to those who are not satisfied with the finished result after the cleaning professional leaves. This gives you the chance to try several professionals before settling on the one who is right for you and provides the best service possible.

MJ Impersonators Have To Bow To Sergio Cortes

Sometimes there will be a person that is so good at what he does that others have to bow down to their greatness. In basketball, Michael Jordan proved to be the great one that others had to yield to. In entertainment Michael Jackson become the one that others had to look up to for inspiration. In the passing of Michael Jackson, Sergio has become the impersonator that other imitators have to look up to. This is evident from the strong fan base that is continuing to grow for Sergio.

He is a star in his own right even though he is simply impersonating someone else. He has been able to make a living do this so his ability to performance are good. He has become the performer that others look at and consider how they can improve their game. This is one of the things that Sergio has been able to do because he has practiced the hits. He knows “Smooth Criminal” as well as Michael Jackson may have known it. He has studied “Billie Jean” enough to make people think that Jackson had returned from the dead. Sergio Cortes has created some strong ties and allowed himself to become someone that others would have to bow down to. It cannot be denied that he looks a lot like Michael Jackson. It cannot be denied that he has the desire to perform in huge shows the way that Jackson performed. He has what it takes to convince the rest of the world that this is where he needs to be in life. That is why he has been able to make a living doing this.

Jackson had a lot of fans, and Sergio has been able to give these fans a stage show that brings them back to “Remember the Time” and “Thriller” days. The music of today has changed a whole lot, but when people see Sergio on the stage they are transported right back to the time where Jackson was making hits. They are able to relive the highlights of Michael’s career by way of the tribute shows that are taking place. This has made Sergio Cortes a performer that will be in demand for years to come.

He just continues to get better as more people discover who he is. Sergio is always working towards perfection. This was the same goal that Jackson had during this career.

Why Is Your Reputation So Important Online?

When you have a business and you want to continuously see success, you need to be aware of the fact that what people say about your business directly affects how people see your brand. Most people will say that your reputation on the web doesn’t make a difference, but I will tell you differently. Your web presence, current reviews, and your overall reputation online plays a huge role with how people view your brand as a whole.

Why Is Your Reputation So Important Online?

It’s important for one reason: customers. If people want to become your next set of customers but you have bad press, a controversy is happening, or you just continue to receive bad reviews, people will not want to do business with you or buy anything you sell. There are some businesses who know the power of the web, and so they are very proactive with their online reputation. In other words, they work with reputation management companies like Status Labs to stay on top of their game, they work towards keeping a clear online web presence, and they watch over review sites to make sure nobody is saying things about them that they should ignore. It’s so easy to miss what people are saying if you aren’t constantly looking for them on the web.

Who is Status Labs?

As I just mentioned, Status Labs is the company to work with. Any company that has been struggling recently with a controversy or horrible reviews online can work with this online company to get the help that they need to repair their reputation. Online reputation management is basically what they offer, and they have different packages and programs in place that are meant to allow for you to have your brand watched over. Their team is exceptional at marketing and protecting a brand. It’s safe to say that your business can grow rapidly if you are careful with your choices. Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs, and he is definitely a professional marketer worth hiring to repair your reputation.

Darius Fisher is known for improving any person or business’s brand name on the web. His knowledge on search results and improving one’s brand name with digital marketing has enabled him to receive countless great reviews and awards for his work. Fisher knows all about marketing and achieving success through the power of the digital world.

Online Reputation Management Is Essential

With everything turning to digital these days, so to has the importance of reputations. Never before has there been such a platform as quick to make or break a reputation, even television and radio do not touch the importance of your online reputation and presence. The infamous Ashley Madison leaks recently shed light on the importance of online reputation management and the need for plans in case of personal information links.

Daily there are security breaches, and statistically it is only a matter of time until one’s bank account, private information or social media accounts are compromised. This can be devastating to one’s family, business, community and even country. Companies have been trying to find ways to combat these attacks and set up plans in case of future attacks, in order to give some sense of security and privacy back to people. Status Labs is one such company providing image management services, crisis response services and public relations services to those who wish to protect themselves from personal security breeches.

In events where private information has been leaked, Status Labs combats the information leak and immediately takes the course of action that has been laid out in your plans for crisis management. This can involve notifying lawyers, family members, friends and company of the information breech, and give them clear instructions on what to do. Another route that Status Labs takes is handling defamatory news by releasing positive information, search result management combats having bad news showing up on the top page of search results. Status Labs, unlike many public relations firms, recognizes the potential for devastation and information spreading like wildfire across the internet and therefore focuses on digital images, online reputations and social media versus traditional phone calls and newspaper articles.

Between using a company such as Status Labs and being careful with your online presence and information, it is possible to avoid the catastrophe of events like the Ashley Madison leak that may otherwise damage your reputation irreparably. In the digital age, privacy and security is one hack away from all types of breeches and one cannot be too careful. This day and age makes it crucial to have a plan set and reputation management firm to assist you ahead of any information leaks.

Meet Eric Pulier: The Brains behind ServiceMesh, and Much More

Eric Pulier is a household name in the world of innovative business solutions. He is mostly renowned as the co-founder of ServiceMesh, a Santa Monica, CA, based company that offers enterprise cloud platform for Global 2000 businesses. The company is well known for its innovative Agility Platform which enables businesses to manage and deploy cloud based services faster and more efficiently. The Agility Platform is an all-in-one governance, security, and cloud management platform that enables clients to operate across multiple private and public servers with ease. It is a powerful, fully-governed, enterprise-grade cloud platform. ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform has assisted many businesses to dramatically lower their costs of managing and delivering IT services.

ServiceMesh’s excellent track record can largely be attributed to the efforts of its founders, Eric Pulier and Frank Martinez. Mr. Pulier, for instance, is considered as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in both government and private enterprise technology. The Teaneck, New Jersey raised entrepreneur entered the world of computer programming while still in high school where he formed his first computer database company. He is a Harvard graduate who also took classes at MIT.

In 1991, Eric Pulier relocated to Los Angeles where he founded the famous People Doing Things Company which focused on providing Information Technology for healthcare and education sectors. He is the founder or co-founder of other companies including Digital Evolution, MediPlatform, US Interactive, Desktone, and Soa Software just to mention a few. Eric Pulier was selected by the Presidential Inaugral Committee in 1997 to oversee the Washington DC “Bridge to the 21 Century” Presidential Technology Exhibition. He also participated in Al Gore’s technology and healthcare committees as a technology adviser. VAR Business recently named Eric Pulier among the top 30 e-Visionaries. He is a public speaker, a philanthropist, a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, and Enterprise Leadership Council’s Executive Director.

Major Contribution To Technology by the Computer Science Corporation and Eric Pulier

CSC is currently the largest Information Technology service provider in America, based in Virginia. It is also ranked among the top ten of the world’s software and IT service providers. It has achieved a worldwide representation with presence in over 70 countries in every continent of the world.

CSC was formed in the 1950s for the purpose of designing programming tools for software developers and computer manufacturers. In the early 1960s, it started developing computer software. It was contracted by the leading computer manufacturers like the IBM for the supply of this software. It was also among the first few private companies to be contracted by government agencies like NASA for software development and IT outsourcing services.

Because of these lucrative deals, the company quickly expanded operations to neighboring countries especially in Europe. By the end of 1968, CSC was controlling world market on software development and programming tools sale. This prompted it to enlist with the then world leading equity markets. It became the first software development company to get registered with the New York Stock Exchange and also the American Stock Exchange.

To date, the company has over 90,000 direct employees in various levels of management, production and marketing in the 70 countries it has established operations. It also remains one of the most trusted software developers around the globe despite the emergence of many other companies of its kind. It is continually offering software, IT, and Business management services to its varied number of clients locally and internationally including governments, companies, and individuals.

It has still maintained its competitiveness in this very dynamic industry, this made possible by the strong leadership team steering it. It has served as an inspiration to many enterprising Americans like Eric Pulier. Pulier, just like CSC, is an entrepreneur and technologist that believes in harnessing technology to solve life problems.

Pulier’s love for technology started a way back during his childhood days. This is evidenced by the computer programs he started developing by the time he was in fourth grade. While in high school, he started a database company. To further illustrate his passion for technology, when he joined Harvard but couldn’t enroll for computer related course, he joined the neighboring MIT School for some technology related classes.

It is this passion that made him receive a presidential honor. He was charged with organizing the presidential technology exhibition in 1997. His goals and aspirations of technology are parallel to those of CSC. They both aspire to make life easy through technology.

The Importance of Understanding Finance


Finance is one of the most complicated subjects in business. There are many business owners that do not have a great grasp of how to improve their finances. In many small companies, there is a lot of room to cut expenses and drive sales. The business owners that are able to improve the financial position of their company are the ones that will be in business many years from now. Many people mistakenly believe that the finances in a business will be fine if sales are high. Although this can be a good indicator of the state of a company, high sales do not necessarily correlate with profits. Here are several ways that any company can improve its current financial standing.

Cut Expenses

One of the biggest areas of opportunity in a company to improve its financial position is in the expense category. There are many large companies that spend millions of dollars per year on things that are not adding value to the company. This is a huge mistake and can really hurt the finances of a company over time. Business owners that can find these expenses and eliminate them will be helping out the finances of their company immediately.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has many years of experience in the world of finance. Brian Bonar has worked at many different companies and has helped to improve the finances of those companies. There are several areas that should be concentrated on by anyone who wants to improve the finances of a company. Controlling expenses and driving sales are the two easiest ways to increase profits in a company. At each of his stops, Brian Bonar has always managed to leave the company in a better financial position than when he arrived.


Understanding the complexities of finance is difficult for many business owners. Many people that own their own business do not want to waste time on controlling expenses. However, this is one of the best ways to increase profits in a business over the long term. Brian Bonar has many years of experience in helping companies with their finances. Anyone that is wanting to improve the finances of the company that they work at should read his work on the subject.


Modern day lifestyles have their perks. We all want to pursue our careers with dedication while maintaining healthy social relationships and homes. In the context of doing all these, the home is neglected most. A home is that private space that we retreat to get a well-deserved rest after a hard day’s work. This area should be clean, comfortable and tidy.

Home cleaning services have increased in popularity and importance over the years. Traditionally, such services have been offered by individual domestic employees commonly referred to as maids. The services of a cleaning service are professional and of the highest quality. To some, the idea of leaving a stranger in their apartments, offices and homes is extremely stressful. But the fact is that by giving up your privacy, you as the homeowner get value for every penny. Home cleaning services are thorough, efficient and responsive to client demands.

The traditional home cleaning solutions have always been unreliable, inefficient and hostile to customer needs. As a result, any attempt towards the modernization and customization of the industry for better service is likely to succeed. Business people Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua set about finding an effective cleaning agency without results. Realizing the gap in quality service, they took action to modernize the industry.

The year is 2012, Hanrahan and Dua start Handy on itunes, a cleaning service based on efficiency and professionalism. Handbook had to be different from similar ventures in the market. The founders decide to apply latest social media technology. Two years later, Handy cleaning services is the ultimate online cleaning and home repair solution. With mobile and web platforms, Handy allows clients to request or book a maid, plumber, gardener or florist from their mobile device. This move helps Handy market itself at the future of home cleaning solutions.

Handy’s solution to professionalism is pure, interview, vet and do background checks on housekeeping and handiwork freelancers who apply. The firm recruits around 3% of total applicants who are well trained and equipped. On the client’s part, all it takes is a login to Handy’s mobile application or website, specify their location and address and select the type of service they need to be done. Luckily, Handy’s service extends beyond basic cleaning and housekeeping to moving, gardening, plumbing and electrical services. The online platform helps the client to choose an appropriate time for the task to be done. Pricing negotiations also take place online.

Handy is keen to protect the brand name and reputation. Any damages and losses reported during the cleaning services are duly compensated by the company. A client who happens to get a poor quality of service is likely to get a refund. Freelancers at Handy are guaranteed flexibility in working hours and regular pay.

Handy’s brand has experienced exponential growth over the past three years. They now boast of expanded administrative functions and clientele in all major cities in the US, in Canada and London. The directors at Handy reckon that the market remains largely untapped. The future is, therefore, bright for the industry.