Sergio Cortes Re-Energizing Michael Jackson’s Legacy

Over the years, music has been one of the most integral part in the development of a whole human being. There are different types of music that people listen to get the desired message. Music is mostly used as a source of entertainment and leisure. Music can also be used to educate people on different issues in life. This educational type of music is commonly listened to by young generation. Through music, many people have understood and learnt how nature operates and have appreciated the nature of creation. As a result, many people have developed interest in the music industry. Musicians have emerged and are singing different genre of music. Music vary from native to modern music which brings different cultures together thus fostering unity. In recent years, many musicians have risen to the limelight to become leading musical personality in the global arena. Michael Jackson is one of the leading musicians who rose to the limelight and became celebrated globally. He started music when he was still a young person and by the time of his death, he had become a global icon who attracted respect from every quarter. Michael Jackson is referred to as the King of Pop because he championed the development of pop music which then took root to every part of the world. After his demise, many people were devastated but continued to listen and celebrate his music. His music inspired many people and some also opted to start singing. Sergio Cortes is a pop singer who has taken after the late Michael Jackson and he is following in his footsteps.

Sergio Cortes was born in Spain in 1971 and developed interest in the music sang by Michael Jackson. He has greatly impersonated Michael Jackson and is currently performing on major shows globally. His love for the Michael Jackson music earned him the chance of working with Michael Jackson through promoting his discs. Many fans have found the music of Sergio Cortes appealing just like the ones sang by Michael Jackson. This has earned him the name of Sergio Jackson on stage where people compare his performance and dancing styles with Michael Jackson. He has performed in Rome, Italy. Here, music fans were more attracted by the way he performed and is the exact resemblance of Michael Jackson. He is currently performing pop music in his home country in Madrid Spain. He has attracted quite a huge crowd in the home country with the overwhelming support from his native fans.

How To Format Your Business’ Digital Marketing Literature

Google, Bing, AskJeeves, and other search engines are how internet users find most of their information. People with access to a computer and functioning internet access can search virtually any phrase they want, and are able to find a topic to read about, answers to a question, or anything else they might want to know about any given topic. From a business’ perspective who is trying to advertise their product online, having the right keywords for proper Search Engine Optimization is key to getting hits on your page.

Certain tactics and strategies can be followed to increase the optimization of a company’s advertising expenses, and ultimately result in more business or exposure of a business or its products and services.

What does the article or advertisement have to do with? Try to condense the main topic of the literature or advertisement into two or three words. Next, insert this key phrase a few times into an article, naturally, will increase the likelihood that your advertisement will be seen by users who may be interested in the product. Also make sure to include this in the title. One of the first things, if not the first thing that will be seen by a visiting internet user is the title of the literature being read. Include that phrase naturally within the article to help increase the likelihood of that visitor staying on the site, reading the article, and, most importantly, coming up in an internet user’s search results.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that is specifically designed to offer its services to small and medium-sized companies. White Shark is a relatively new company, founded in 2011, but has grown significantly in the past few years. They help a business’ success experienced in anything and everything that has to do with online marketing, including search engine optimization, advertising, and webpage structure. To visit White Shark Media, visit to learn more about what the company can offer to you and your business.

Placing the optical amount of keywords in an article is key to getting hits from searches, but going overboard and placing them in an advertisement or piece of literature too many times may turn off users. “Stuffing” a keyword time after time, unnaturally, into a piece is sure to turn a potential customer away.

Making sure to use a keyword in more than one phrase is sure to decrease bounce rates. Ensuring that they keyword is formatted naturally is very important.

Source: WhiteSharkMedia Blog

James Dondero Now in NexPoint Residential Trust’s Board of Directors

James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He oversees the company’s investment strategies and operations for the retail and institutional products at Highland Capital Management. His experience in the credit markets on spans 30 years. One of his well known accomplishments is being one of the pioneers of the Collateralized Loan Obligation or CLO for short. The award winning product offerings include hedge funds, CLOs, private equity funds, institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, ETFs and REITs.

Before Highland, he was the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. Mr. Jim Dondero has managed to grow the business from startup status to an incredible $2 billion in just five short years. In addition, Dondero managed around $1 billion in fixed income funds for American Express. Furthermore, Dondero serves on the Board of Directors for American Banknote and the well-known MGM Studios.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia, the emphasis of his studies being accounting and finance. He also has the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA for short, designation and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Dondero has been in the news recently regarding his appointment as a member of the board of directors at NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. along with Arthur Laffer. Brian Mitts, who is the Chief Financial Officer of the company, stated that Dondero is the company’s co-founder with more than 30 years of proven industry experience. He further stated that NexPoint was excited to have the opportunity to bring in hiqh-quality individual onto their board of directors and that they are looking forward to seeing the added expertise they can bring.

NexPoint Residential Trust is a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT) with its shares listed under the symbol NXRT on the NYSE. The company is primarily focused on owning, acquiring and operating middle-income multifamily properties that have a good location in the largest cities or suburban submarkets of the largest cities, primarily located in the Southwestern and Southeastern United States. NexPoint is advised by the NexPoint Real Estate Advisors Company, which is an affiliate of Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero serves as the Company’s President. He is also the founder and president of NexPoint Advisors and chairman of NexBank, which is an affiliated bank that is owned by Dondero. Highland Capital Management, NexBank and NexPoint Advisors are all affiliates of NexPoint Real Estate Advisors. Highland and its affiliates currently manage around $21 billion in assets as of March 31, 2015. Before funding Highland, Dondero served as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, where he helped to grow the business from just a startup to over $2 billion from 1989 to 1993, as stated previously. His portfolio management experience includes investment grade corporates, mortgage-backed securities, leveraged bank loans, derivatives, emerging markets, common stocks and preferred stocks.

All this is a reason enough to see that NexPoint Residential has a bright future ahead of it. The connection between all the companies involved will further increase profitability and revenue. Overall, it is a good move for both Mr. Dondero and NexPoint Residential.

New York City Real Estate Never Sleeps

When it comes to what individuals will pay for something, consumer behavior is always interesting. Currently price sensitive markets exit for individuals of Chinese ethnicity whom reside in NYC apartments for sale, but it is difficult for them to turn their backs on this real estate, however they are making their mark in this barometer of housing.

According to the U.S. Real Estate Showcase & Forum held in Shanghai, the real estate market in New York City never sleeps. Throughout the U.S., it is impossible to strike up a demand for real estate in parts of the country, particularly in a poor economy but not with New York City. The consistent demand in this city increases property values and as they sky-rise, its owners are enticed to sell due to the elevated value. This causes a mass of individuals placing their property for sale, which drives values even higher than before.

Originating from an article in The Real Deal, one of the reasons for this surge in buying, according to Simon Baron Development CEO Jonathan Simon, is that for the past several years New York City has become a much safer city, having so much to offer. While it has been cleaned up enormously particularly such areas like Times Square, like any place there are areas that one should not go to at night and you must use common sense. Additionally Chinese buyers are also seeing the purchase possibilities in points outside of Manhattan like Brooklyn and Harlem which is witnessing a burst of new development.

One place to visit when considering real estate in the New York City area is the website Town Residential. Focusing on the lease and selling of luxury property developments, marketing and more, part of this company’s success is their team who provide a service to their clients which goes above and beyond satisfaction. For the first time buyer to individuals relocating from another country to NYC, or whether intending to develop a corner of brownstones in Tribeca, no move should be done until you contact Town Residential.

Some important aspects touched on during the Shanghai forum were how financing can be difficult when considering this prime real estate, especially for foreigners so it helps for them to possess cash and other liquid assets. No matter what, it seems that New York City real estate demands are unprecedented.

Applying Foundation To The Face

Foundation is one of the cosmetic items that I wear almost on a daily basis. When I wear foundation, I usually don’t have to wear other kinds of makeup. The right kind of foundation, especially the products I have found by shopping from Lime Crime, can make my skin appear smooth and unblemished. This is important because I work in an office and want to appear as professional as possible. One of the benefits that I have seen from wearing the foundation that I have is that it can help seal the pores on my face before I do apply other types of makeup, such as blush. There are various shades of foundation as well as products that are for oily or sensitive skin.

I have a few steps that I use when I apply foundation to my face to ensure that I get the proper coverage and so that I get the maximum benefit from the product. First, I have to use the right product. If I use a foundation that has a lot of chemicals in it, then it often leaves my face oily, and it can sometimes be hard to remove. I like using foundation that is for oily skin because it has a lighter weight. The color is also important. I have used foundations that are too light and make me look pale. One of the ways that I have found to solve this problem is to get a shade that is darker than I think it needs to be, and this will often give me the right shade for my complexion. Another thing that I tend to do is rub a small amount of foundation on my arm to see what it will look like. There are two kinds of foundation that I have purchased. One is a powder. I sometimes apply this if I don’t have a lot of time to spend doing my makeup. Liquid foundations provide a better coverage, and they look better on the face.

Before I apply any kind of foundation to my face,I make sure it’s clean. I wash my face with warm water and a mild soap. An exfoliator is also something I have used on occasion if I see that the pores are large or if I notice my skin doesn’t feel as smooth as I want. The face has to be completely dry before applying foundation. If it’s not, then the foundation will usually clump in areas or be different shades on the face. I put a small amount of foundation on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Then, I smooth it out with a makeup sponge until the face is covered.

Lime Crime on has a few different shades of foundation and other makeup products to choose from as a base on the skin. Other products that I enjoy are the eye glitter and lip gloss. This is a company that has safe makeup products and that cares about the customers instead of offering items that could be harmful.

Kyle Bass Making All the Wrong Business Choices writes that Kyle Bass has been making news for all the wrong reasons. He first came into the limelight in 2008 after correctly predicting the mortgage crisis that later earned him quite a fortune. However, since then, Kyle has been making wrong predictions. The fact that he has been honoring every invitation to go to television shows has not helped his reputation at all. If Kyle once had a magic touch, it is all but gone.

Kyle also seems to be making alliances with some very questionable people. He has openly supported Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her ludicrous policies, even after everybody else think she is the reason the economy of her country continues to plummet. He even supported the state’s decision to default on its sovereign debt for the second time. His defending of the woman sounds out of touch with reality. According to the New York Post, it is very easy to mistake him for Axel Kicillof, Argentina’s leftist economy minister.

It is not clear why Kyle has resulted to making such alliances, but it could not be for something good; his track record speaks for itself. On a television interview, he publicly shifted blame onto accidents victims, when it was evidently clear that the accidents were caused by faulty power steering and non-deploying airbags. He claimed that the victims were driving under the influence and wore no seatbelts. All this was to protect his investment.

His worst scheme yet has both houses of congress working overtime to seal every loophole that has allowed it to happen. Looking to make a killing, Kyle drops the value of the stocks of various pharmaceutical firms. He targets a firm, short sells its stocks and using the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, an organization that he formulated, goes after some of the firm’s patents.

One may wonder why Kyle has to result to such schemes when he already has a lot of money, but according to a recent news report, it is alleged that he may have lost around 30% of his funds in 2014. Kyle is the founder of Hayman Capital Management.

Not everyone is falling for Kyle’s schemes however. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office refused to review various patents that Kyle had recommended. The pharmaceutical industry had already started to raise concerns about Kyle’s intentions of driving the stocks down and making money out of it.

A New Scenario of Advertising in Brazil

Today, Brazil boasts of producing some of the most creative advertising minds in the world. Advertising experts believe that the country enjoys international reputation for its innovative and appealing commercials and print ads. There are many professionals that have scooped awards at international competitions such as International Advertising Festival, which is a clear indication of the country’s dedication to take it’s advertising to the next level.

Familiar advertising venues in Brazil include electronic media, newspapers, magazines, city street signs and billboards, television and internet. Sporting events are very popular, along with soap operas that are aired in the evening. They provide coveted advertising space for companies, both regional and multinational organizations. Advertising producers and models are considered as celebrities, with top business and gossip magazines reporting on lives of top-ranked advertising executives.

Today, Brazilian ad agencies comprise of 2 major types. First, there are the well-known multinational agencies such as Y&R, Saatchi and Saatchi, TBWA, Ogilvy, Erickson, McCann, and Leo Burnett, all of which have a very strong presence in Brazil. Second are small successful agencies such as W/Brasil, DM9, Almap and Africa. These firms grew in popularity in the last two decades, and are known to be the most creative agencies in the world. The city of Sao Paulo is considered to be the Brazil’s primary business capital as well as the nerve center of advertising in the country.

Cláudio Loureiro and His Role in Advertising in Brazil
Wikipedia shows that Cláudio Loureiro is one of the founders of Heads Propaganda, one of the most renowned and largest advertising agencies in Brazil. He is responsible for introducing innovations in the advertising world through the company that has existed for over 2 decades. He brings unusual ideas, which always work for companies. Heads of Propaganda serves many companies, including SEBRAE, CLARO, the Apothecary, Shop South Federal Saving Bank, Volvo, and Petrobras. Over the years of its operation, the agency has received numerous awards. In 20111, the Institute Great Place to Work chose it as one of the best communication agencies in the country.

Even with his home and work responsibilities, Claudio Loureiro continues to innovate and introduce new ideas in the advertising world. He has the will to achieve more and is always looking for new and better ideas. This is well demonstrated by his determination to bring in new skills and experience to Brazil. He is responsible for bringing Woody Allen, a famous director, to negotiate a recording deal for a movie that would be filmed in the city of Rio De Janeiro.

Some of the Biggest Brazilian Authors

Brazilian writing is endowed with a long and vibrant history, particular in the period since it acquired independence in 1822. The fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is a rich blend of races, cultures, and religious traditions. This multicultural makeup is manifested in a medley of influences and experiences that go into the country’s storytelling.

Here, the purpose is to highlight some of the greatest Brazilian writers that have shaped the Country’s literary world.

Through history, authors have remained one of the world’s most revered people. They have helped chronicle history and keep the masses entertained with one of the oldest forms of storytelling.

Whether they’re recognized for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or even technical writing, the celebrated Brazilian authors highlighted here have kept that tradition alive by writing works that have earned praises across the globe.

The great Brazilian writers include the following:

Machado de Assis (1839-1908)

He is a founding figure of Brazilian Writings and famously known for the Novel Epitaph of a Small Winner (1881).

Euclides da Cunha (1866-1909)

A late 19th Century Journalist, Soldier and a politician who was best known for Backlands, the Canudos Campaign (1902)

Clarice Lispector (1920-1977)

Best-Known for her first work, Near to the Wild Heart (1943)

Jorge Amado (1912-2001)

Regarded as Brazil’s best-loved author and known for his works, Captains of the Sands (1937) among others.

Paulo Coelho (1947-)

This is the highest selling and most recognizable name in Brazilian literature. Some of his most popular writings include The Alchemist (1984) and By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (1994).

Jaime Garcia Dias (1965- )

While most of these authors are not alive today, Jaime Garcia Dias is among the leading Brazilian writers today.

Born in May 1965, in Rio de Janeiro, Jaime Garcia Dias started writing at the age of 15 years. He credits his father who was also a writer with developing his passion for literature.

A pioneer in the field of Brazilian literature, Jaime has over 20 fictional books to his name. His works have earned him numerous awards, the latest being the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize. He is today the President of Carioca Literature Academy and one of the current frontrunners in Brazil’s literal world.

Brazilian use the Portuguese language in their works. The run up to 2014 World Cup saw a wave of English-language translations emerging and geared towards bringing the works of Brazilian writers to a wider audience.

While the above list is not exhaustive – it is just a sampling – the work of today’s rising number of authors offers insights into Brazil’s current tensions as well as its unfolding next steps.

How Handy has revolutionized house cleaning services

It is said that your home paints a reflection of who you are. As such many people take great care of their homes. Home cleaning services from Handy play a huge role here. This because, as a homeowner, there may not always be enough time around to do the cleaning yourself. Considering how busy life can get, it is good to know that there is another way through this.

But as with any service, trust and professionalism must be maintained. This because it will involve you handing over your something of value to you to another individual. As in this case, it is your house, and most probably too you won’t be around while the cleaning is happening, these same qualities in a housecleaning cannot be over emphasized.

There are many service providers that operate in this industry. Among these service providers, different business models exist. Some are providing for growth of firms that span across cities while others remain localized to a particular area.

Professional housecleaning firms is one such model. These companies hire/employ cleaners and seek out cleaning services for their employees. A client is saved the stress that comes with finding a cleaner whenever the need arises. As well, trust and professionalism of the cleaner(s) become the service provider’s responsibility. Should such be lacking, say something is stolen, then suing the provider is an option.

Together with this, are the individual housecleaning service providers. Typically operating independently, on a freelance basis. They are the often referred to as maids. Their services are normally smaller, in terms of geographical span and client base. However, they offer a more personalized touch with repeat service provision as the client and the service provider become more acquainted.

Handy is the new big thing in this industry. Offering the service in a totally new and revolutionary manner, it has quickly established itself by providing better terms to both the home owner and house cleaners. Like any other market, it is a place where buyers (home owners) and Cleaners (sellers) meet.

With the use of their website of a simple app, a homeowner can request the service by indicating their zip code, the rooms to be cleaned and the start time. A price quote inclusive of tax and tip is then sent your way, and if pleasing, you can engage the service.

And of the cleaners, handy hires from freelancers, after thorough screening including background checks, referencing as well as interviewing. Only the best of the best are hired with only 3% of the applicants accepted.

And the business is growing at an alarming rate. This due to the overall quality service as well as the convenience and reliability it offers both clients and freelance cleaners. Sales have grown at an alarming 60% per month for three consecutive months and presently, the value of their bookings has hit over $1 million per week only two years after its launch. Also the business is operational in 13 cities, with the newest four being Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Brian Mulligan is an extremely well rounded leader

The business world is finally starting to recover from the stagnant economy, and during this time of recovery it is extremely important that businesses seek out strong and intelligent leaders that will help bring their company to the top. One of the most exciting business leaders out there today is Brian Mulligan.
Brian always had a mind for business, and he was one of the most intelligent and hard working people in his high school class. After graduating from high school he immediately headed into college at the University of Southern California. He received a business degree from the University of Southern California, and headed into the work force immediately. He excelled in the work force, but he longed to move up in the business world, so he decided that he was going to seek his MBA from UCLA, he excelled there as well.
Brian has had a long and storied business career. During his time in the world of business he has had the opportunity to be the leader of many different companies, and these companies have all excelled under his leadership. He has worked with both Fox and Universal and is extremely knowledgeable about the media. His knowledge of the media has allowed him to become one of the most successful people of the world of business.
One of the most interesting aspects of Brian’s career has been his interest in the world of sports. Sports are an extremely interesting part of day to day life, and they have a way of keeping people engaged. Mulligan writes about Sports on a regular basis. He covers a huge variety of different topics from baseball to football. He is extremely passionate about all sports. His sports writing has been critically acclaimed and has elevated him in the entertainment industry.
Brian has also written articles on the entertainment industry. His views on business and his experience working with entertainment hands on have allowed him to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Brian has received numerous awards for being one of the most intelligent and powerful people in Hollywood.
Being well rounded is an extremely valuable attribute in the world of business, and Brian is definitely one of the most well rounded people in the world of business today. Brian has worked in the fields of business, sports, and Hollywood, and his experience with all three have made him highly valued.