Manchester City Football Club and QNET Announce Strategic Partnership

A 3-year partnership between the Asian direct sales and multi-level marketing company, QNET and England’s Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) was announced at a press conference at Etihad Stadium. Along with numerous officials from both companies, renowned players, Jesus Navas, Edin Dzeko, Stevan Jovetic and Bacary Sagna were present for the signing.

QNET representatives reiterated that the partnership would mean very good business opportunities for both companies and that the two entities shared lots of common corporate values. The stated reason for the formation of the partnership was so that MCFC would gain an additional “strategic platform” by which to market and distribute its branded merchandise worldwide and particularly in India and the Middle East where QNET has been enormously successful. Additionally, MCFC’s branded football and related products are highly sought after due to MCFC’s widespread popularity.

QNET’s Managing Director, JR Mayer states that this is a “ground breaking partnership” and stresses that QNET intends to “further elevate its brand and achieve greater reach to its Independent Representatives (IRs) and consumers worldwide.” He implied that the two brands whose united visions “are keen in taking on any challenges for the taste of success.”

Both companies came from humble beginnings, but have risen to achieve astronomical, world class success. MCFC began as just a community football club, but has worked its way to the top of national and international football. Likewise, QNET, which was started by a few friends with an entrepreneurial dream, has grown through some tough economic challenges of the years to become one of the world leaders in the direct-selling multi-level marketing industry. Check out their discussion on IndianExpress.

Both companies have lofty, philanthropic, and humanitarian corporate visions. QNET lauds its RHYTHM program, which stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, a community out-reach of QNET that supports and encourages a wide variety of community programs to help society an especially special needs children. As well, MCFC’s support and maintains numerous charities, fundraisers, and community involvement practices around the world.

Citadel LLC the Brain-Child of Kenneth C. Griffin

The name of the Chicago based Citadel LLC is indelibly linked with that of its founder, Ken Griffin. This investment firm has become one of the most successful companies in a relatively short period of time. It is to Griffin’s credit that his company has been recognized as a shining star in the field of hedge fund management.

Citadel LLC opened its doors in 1990 on a “shoestring” investment of less than $5 million. In just eight years Griffin has directed his company to phenomenal success. In 1998 the hedge fund management team could boast of more than a billion dollars in capital. The employee list had also expanded to include 100+ employees.

During the 25 years that Citadel LLC has been involved in the financial industry the company has become one of the dominant forces regarding prudent money management. Griffin has readily admitted that numerous government and banking regulations have increased the financial risks for many investors. He would like to see certain guidelines revisited and overhauled in order to reduce these risks and create additional investment opportunities.

At the age of 35 Mr. Griffin was listed on the Forbes 400. He was rated as being one of the top ten richest men (ages 40 and under). This was just the first of Griffin’s many appearances on both global and US lists of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Today the personal net worth of this hedge fund manager is believed to be more than 5 billion dollars.

The main objective of this hedge fund management team is to generate greater wealth for all clients. With a wide range of investment strategies at their disposal it is possible for Citadel representatives to choose the investing options best suited for each individual.

Griffin and his Citadel financial staff are prepared to address every possible avenue for those who are searching for the best ways to diversify their portfolios and distribute investment capital. From monthly pension investments to the restructuring of multi-million dollar inheritances the Citadel team is prepared to help clients achieve all of their financial goals.

The Citadel LLC organization was recently ranked as one of the 10 best workplaces for those specializing in banking and finance. The employees rated their company very highly. Kenneth Griffin was duly acknowledged as a primary reason for the open and collaborative-friendly work environment. Good pay, advancement opportunities and stock options are a few of the reasons that some employees place their company high above other hedge fund organizations. Among the benefits available to workers were financial bonuses, employee gifts, free lunches, gym memberships and even free admission to numerous cultural events.

The President of HRF Denounced Lionel Messi for Endorsing Gabon’s Leader

Thor Halvorssen, president of the Human Rights Foundation, denounces Lionel Messi for endorsing the president of Gabon, Ali Bongo. A July 2015 press release stated that Messi damaged his charitable organization when he visited Gabon to partake in a celebration and to endorse the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, promoted by the Bongo’s PR movement. He visited an inauguration event and a state owned hospital during his stay, according to Mr. Halvorssen. HRF and activists are appalled the Argentina football star met with a regime accused of dictatorship and neglecting to investigate allegations of children murdered in Gabon for ritual ceremonies and cannibalism. There were rumors circulating that Messi received over 3 million euros from the country’s president to visit, which he denies.

A reliable environmental activist, Marc Ona Essangui knows well about the corruption and misguided leadership in Gabon. There have been controversial issues concerning the leadership in Gabon, which has a population of over 1.5 million people. Bongo has ruled the country since 2009 and his family has controlled its politics, economics, and social order over 50 years. He accuses the leader for neglecting to do the right thing about the murder of innocent children and call for a thorough investigation. Essangui is a humanitarian and continues to fight for human rights in his homeland, where he has witnessed the violence, injustice, and cruelty of his people.

Executive officials of the Human Rights Foundation on the company’s LinkedIn page said the country of Gabon is a corrupt government with a third of citizens living below the poverty mark. There must be some sort of factual information for the HRF to criticize Messi for associating with the leader of the country. The non-profit organization claims there are documents about the murder of young children for the purpose of harvesting organs for human consumption. Marc Essangui said those individuals in power and who are rich participate in ritual murders and cannibalism with delusional thoughts that they will receive increased influence. Essangui devotes his time and efforts to expose the corruption and continues to concentrate on economic development in Gabon.

Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit organization in New York, dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights over the world. The organization unites people like Marc Essangui to defend the freedom and rights of adults and children. HRF believes every human being is entitled to freedom of speech and expression. Since 2006, the organization has worked with activists and leaders of international countries. The president of HRF believes he has valid reason to rebuke Mr. Messi for his endorsement and visiting Gabon’s leader. He has read many reports about the humanitarian problems in the country and believes activists, such as Mr. Essangui about what is witnessed and reported.

Admirable skills exhibited by Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was raised in Teaneck, Los Angeles where he attained his high school diploma in 1984, and began a course in English and American literature. He also studied in Harvard University graduating with a degree in BA. Mr. Pulier is an active father of four of his offspring.

Besides being an entrepreneur, he has been involved in many works and charitable activities including funding, founding and co-founding events and organizations for the well-being of the community as a whole, just to mention a few;
1. In 1991, he founded the company People Doing Things (PDT) whose action was centered mainly in dealing with healthcare, and in 2010 Mr. Eric was crowned as top billed CEO for the introduction of technological advancements in Africa’s healthcare system

2. He is one of the members in the Bill Clinton’s global initiative whose main aim is to provide cloud computing to the under provided for on in the community at a cheaper rate.

3. Eric Pulier once served as a general manger of cloud computing and vice president in operations that concerned computer sciences.

4. Was once a columnist in a weekly magazine in his earlier years in life

5. Besides being greatly involved in the computer software world, Mr. Eric Pulier is also a philanthropist and an author. He is the founder of several Non-Governmental Organizations including one which he spear- headed to help children with chronic illnesses.

6. Mr. Eric Pulier has been involved in several funding either with corporate help or personal funding of several groups some of which include, service mesh, media platform, Desk tone, US interactive and the council of leadership of Enterprise Cloud among many others

7. He has portrayed his humane side by being an active donor in the campaign of free college tuition to benefit the less fortunate in the society.

8. As mentioned before in the article, Eric Pulier is an author and some of his publications as an author are;
• Understanding Enterprise SOA (2005)-targets, the business populace and technologists on how catch up with technology in their separate lives.
• The Enterprise Industrial Complex(2012)- targets companies seeking to overcome economic crisis

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is renowned as an exceptionally successful finance professional. The head of Trucept Incorporated, Brian has a good background in business leadership and has served as the head of other companies such Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Early Life

Brian owes his success in finance to his education background. Brian studied technical engineering and acquired a bachelor’s degree from the James Watt Technical College. Brian continued to pursue a Masters degree dealing with mechanical engineering at Stafford University. Brian Bonar was discussed by PRNewsWire.


Brian Bonar has worked as a procurement manager for IBM and went ahead to work for QMS as an engineering director where he was managing over 100 people. After gathering enough experience, Brian went to work for Bezier Systems. This company dealt with manufacturing and marketing laser printers. He was the vice president of the sales and marketing section of the organization. Brian further worked for other organizations and is an esteemed employee of Dalrada Financial Services and Adaptec. At Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian rose from being a director of sales between 1992 and 1994 to becoming the chairman of the company’s board in 1999. Adaptec,Inc., is a laser printer corporation based in San Jose. Brian served as the international sales manager for the company. Other organizations that Brian has worked for include; Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., The Amanda Co., Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc., and Trucept, Inc.,

Trucept, Inc. is one of the companies that demonstrate the genius of Brian Bonar. Trucept provides business solutions to small and average companies by performing certain tasks for t hem. Trucept also manage the employment benefits and human resources of their clients. Trucept aims at helping business focus on running their affairs while it deals with all the other crucial issues. Trucept will suggest plans that will match the qualities and climate of the business in question. Trucept also offers services such as risk management and long term and temporary staffing solutions.

In the year 2000, Brian was awarded the Who’s Who in America, a coveted award that most business professionals dream of acquiring.

Executive Compensation

Serving as the president, treasurer, secretary, chief financial officer and chief executive officer at TRUCEPT, INC., Brian made $860,571. Out of this amount, $360,000 was his salary and $500,571, was as a result of some other form of compensation. This is his income report for the year 2012.


Brian specializes in acquisitions and mergers. He uses a personal and creative approach in life and combines both the creativity of an architect with the technical prowess of a professional engineer.

Brian has no doubt studied extensively in his professional field. His experience and work ethic make him stand out as a finance executive icon that any newbie in business or finance should emulate.

Return Of Iconic Stars Marks The Next Great Challenge In Entertainment

The return of Michael Jackson to the stage during the Billboard Music Awards heralded the arrival of the next big thing in live entertainment. The return to the stage of a hologram based Michael Jackson was used as a surprise piece of the Billboard Awards, which was used as the announcement of the arrival of the Pulse Evolution group on the scene for the entire world to see. Many months of hard work had gone into the creation of the Michael Jackson hologram, which saw friends and colleagues of the Thriller singer consult with the creators of the images in their bid to build a lifelike representation of the singer.

The Billboard Music Awards creation of Michael Jackson was also the return to the Hollywood entertainment industry for former Digital Domain President John Textor. The background of the leader of Pulse Evolution is firmly based in finance, but with a focus on his interests in communications and entertainment. After arriving at Digital Domain Textor switched the attention of the company to the creation of visual effects, which resulted in the creation of a fully digital character for the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Textor then moved on to Pulse Evolution, where he feels the hologram based technology can lead to new opportunities for the estates of some of the largest stars the world has ever seen.

LinkedIn asked the question facing the estates of the deceased stars being recreated by Pulse Evolution is how to use these figures. Textor believes the return of major stars will see a number of iconic figures return to the stage as combined legends tours or to continue the trend for duets being produced between living and deceased stars. Accurate recreations have featured at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012 where the technology of Pulse Evolution was used to allow Tupac Shakur to be a surprise guest at the show and create large levels of excitement amongst those watching the performance.

BRL Trust: Brazil’s Best Investment Management Firm

BRL Trust Investment is a company that has proven themselves with the Brazilian people. With more than 12 months under their belt, it is easy to see they are going nowhere anytime soon. They have helped numerous global clients with their bookkeeping, administration, accounting and other aspects of business. The company had humble beginnings with serving as a private loan trust back in 2005. However, it took less than a year for them to be up and on their feet doing business they could have never imagined. Within just a year’s time, they were able to process one hundred loans. It was pretty impressive for a new company. Check out BRL Trust on LinkedIn.

Armed with the ability to please their clients, they needed to offer some sort of diversification to their services. Presently, they are the biggest independent manager of funds in Brazil. Their ranking by the ANBIMA has helped make their name one of honor in this country. People just trust their services. What do BRL Trust Investments offer to their clients? Well, anyone utilizing their services can trust that their business will be handled in a proficient manner. Their services are secure and competent. No, they didn’t start out this way, but it took years to develop their processed that allowed them to have the diversifications they needed.

One of their greatest assets is their transparency. They operate within the boundaries of the law and pride themselves in their strict business ethics. Keeping the clients’ needs above their financial gain is important to them. This is one of the reasons why this company is doing so well, their customers matter. They work with their clients, not for them. There is a difference in a company that hears and meets the desires of their customers. Listening and being a source of support is a big reason they will receive future business from many of their current clients.

Those that are interested in data security will find that they track and monitor all loans by the SCA system. This allows them to monitor hundreds of accounts at once. Currently, they manage over $22 billion dollars for their customers. That is over 120 different types of investment funds. They can control security and liquidation concentration. They can deal with pricing of assets, calculation of quotas and profitability reports. They help companies with tax bookkeeping and standardizing reporting for the records. With a proven track record of success in the global market, they have helped hundreds of companies manage their funds successfully. Who wouldn’t want BRL Trust Investments managing their funds?

Spinal Surgery: How North American Spine is Turning Things Upside Down

Facebook members have been talking about having chronic back and neck pain is a common problem that many seek professional assistance. Having open back surgery comes with a plethora of risks that cannot be ignored. At North American Spine, they have taken the need for open back surgery and have a process that is offering many hope and help. The procedure is called the Accurascope. Many are saying it has changed their lives, and they can once again live and work as a normal human being, free of pain. What makes North American Spine so differently than others surgical centers out there? Well, for starters they don’t believe in unnecessary surgical procedures. Dr. Darren Schumacher focuses on helping patients using minimally invasive procedures. The results are astounding, and people have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company.

The Accurascope enters the body through the spines natural opening. The benefits to this are that the doctor can look deep into the spinal column and see where the inflammation is located. By targeting the area that is a problem, it allows the doctor to go directly to the source of the pain and treat it. The natural opening is at the base of the sacrum. A 3 mm incision is made and because such a small cut is needed, recovery time is less than with traditional surgical methods.

Dr. Schumacher inserts a catheter that is guidable into the spinal column. Other instruments, like a microscopic camera, can also be inserted into this area. Jennifer Portman, his physical assistant, talks about the amazing outcomes that she has seen with this device. More patients have favorable results utilizing this method, and they can return to work much sooner pain-free. This machine can help with scar tissues, and this is something that traditional back surgery processes cannot help. In fact, the surgical procedure itself can cause a lot of scar tissues, unlike the Accurascope.

The Accurascope is revolutionary because there really is no other method to work on disks or nerve injuries. Real time monitoring lets the doctor detect nerve injuries that the patient may not even know that they have. It is not uncommon to see the nerve issue recovering as the doctor is working. This miraculous site is one of the things that keep Dr. Schumacher going. What issues are best serviced by this state-of-the-art technology? Well, it has shown favorable results in treating herniated disks, sciatica, stenosis, degenerative disks and much more.

The team at North American Spine will assess the situation and see if a person is a viable candidate. Not everyone will benefit from the use of this machine, but more often than not, it provides wonders that leave a person restored and able to function properly. Dr. Schumacher can do amazing things with this machine and the lives that he has touched have not gone unnoticed. His message boards are full of success stories and those who say without him and this procedure, they wouldn’t have been able to go on another day.

$100M Is Won By Attorney Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a Florida based attorney. He has won a case for $100,000,000 for a client that has brain damage. This client is a teen in a coma since the year 2012. The client is a year girl that was struck by a stray bullet. His brilliance in the courtroom has proven to be exceptional, and he has won major cases for many other clients throughout the years.

Dan Newlin Sends A Powerful Message With The Case

When Dan Newlin took on the case, he wanted criminals to realize that they would be held responsible for the injuries that occur from their actions against another person. Since the defendant is in jail, after he gets out, he will need to pay the family of the plaintiff money. Perhaps, they will never receive the full amount, but they will receive quite a bit of the money over the years.

Dan Newlin’s Law Firm

The Dan Newlin law firm has 70 employees. They are all experienced in the legal field, and are professionals with a large amount of experience. They practice both in Florida and in Illinois. They specialize in injury cases.

When Clients Visit Dan Newlin’s Law Firm, They Receive A Free Consultation

If a client needs to visit with Dan Newlin’s law firm, they will be given a consultation in the beginning that is free. In this consultation, the law firm will give the client a good inclination of what will happen during the court case. They will also give information about the pricing that will go into the process of representing them. After the consultation, the client can decide whether or not to go forward with the case. Here, Dan Newlin was discussed by PRNewsWire.

When people utilize Dan Newlin’s help, they generally win their case. Since his expertise and experience allow him to generate the best case, the plaintiff enjoys a large sum of money that will benefit them in many ways.

Bruce Levenson hands over the Atlanta Hawks torch to new owners

The $730 million sale of the Atlanta Hawks has been one of the talking points of the NBA for a number of months, but with the sale finally completed the new owners can get down to the difficult business of pushing the Philips Arena based team to a stronger run at the playoffs. Levenson’s Atlanta Spirit consortium took control of the team in 2004 and have seen the franchise rise from rock bottom to the number one seed position over their decade in control of the club. The final sale of the Hawks was completed after months of negotiation, which was designed to make sure the Hawks were left with the best possible owners to move forward in the future without the dedicated leadership skills of Bruce Levenson.

New owner Tony Ressler has a tough act to follow after taking control from Bruce Levenson, who is well known arond the NBA for his commitment to basketball and the local community. Under the guidance of Levenson the Hawks became a popular community based franchise in Georgia and further afield as they took part in many charitable events often sourced by Levenson himself. Levenson also made sure the Hawks kept a number of large scale policies at the forefront of the minds of the fans of the NBA. Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen were active in the construction and opening of the US Holocaust Museum, which the Hawks players and officials were amongst the first to attend in a bid to make sure younger NBA fans were aware of the Holocaust and the tragedy that took place during World War II.

Despite the recent success of the Atlanta Hawks franchise the owners of the team have been making a number of moves to try and push the team on to bigger and better things. In a bid to add to the lone NBA Championship won by the Hawks in 1958 Tony Ressler and his team have been adding key figures to the front office, including the much sort after Malik Rose. New owner Ressler is obviously looking to add to the successes of the Hawks and has appointed a number of officials formerly of the San Antonio Spurs to the front office team in a bid to replicate the success of that franchise in Atlanta.