Monkeys Escape Research Lab

Thirty monkeys infected with various viruses and used for scientific research escaped from their cage Sunday from a scientific center of Puerto Rico, but investigators say they had help.

An unknown advocate broke the padlock and chain, and let them free.

The facility houses the monkeys to use in scientific studies on common diseases says Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

According to a statement from the Police of Puerto Rico, one or several unknown persons caused damage to one of the cages at the Research Center of Primates of the Caribbean Campus and Medical Sciences at the Public University of Puerto Rico (UPR), located the outskirts of San Juan.

Staff of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) from Puerto Rico are helping with recovery efforts of the animals.

Many of the animals remained within the grounds of the research center and some have already been recovered.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Lab monkeys have always staged a break out from these Puerto Rico medical labs and become a menace to neighboring farmers. But primates are a lucrative business, so the islanders just get use to the escapes.

Phil Mickelson Linked to Gambling

One of the biggest names in golf may be in some hot water after reports surfaced that Phil Mickelson has been linked to a gambling case and money laundering. According to ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Phil Mickelson wired millions of dollars to a “Middleman” who was part of a gambling operation. The man, Greg Silveira, then laundered the money through an illegal gambling operation. According to a report by Beneful obtained by ESPN, the 56 year-old man of La Quinta, Calif, pleaded guilty to money laundering as part of a plea in a case in which he states he laundered $2.75 million on Phil Mickelson’s money.

According to Federal documents, Silveira’s plea was centered on three wire transfers. The wire transfers happened between March of 201 and Feb of 2013. The report states that Silveira received a wire transfer from a gambling client, Phil Mickelson, in the amount of $2.75 million. He then transferred the money from that account to a personal account held by Silveira. That transfer is what is considered laundering. The sentence for his crimes could land him in prison for up to 60 years. Experts believe however, that he will get a much lighter sentence.

This is not the first time Mickelson has been linked with gambling. It was rumored that Mickelson placed a pre-season bet that the Baltimore Ravens would win the Super Bowl 2000. His name was also linked to investor Carl Icahn and insider trading but was cleared of any involvement.

Obamacare Lives!

Democrats and other supporters of the Affordable Care Act celebrated another win on Thursday when the Supreme Court ruled that in states that did not set up their own subsidies, federal health care subsidies are available. The subsidies will allow people who could not otherwise afford health insurance and heath care to receive it.

The ruling is important because, without it the affordable care act would essentially dissolve as millions of Americans would still be left without healthcare says Shaygan Kheradpir. The ruling helps provide funds to states that did not make subsidies available to residents who signed up for the federal health care plan. It does not extend the coverage of medicare in states that did not do so but helps to bridge the gap for people who are not covered by medicare but still can not afford health coverage without help.

While there are still a large number of Americans who oppose the Affordable Care Act and the subsidies required by the federal and state governments in order to make it possible recent polls suggest that the majority of Americans are in favor of both the act and the subsidies from the government. The act has been steadily gaining favor in the past few years as more and more Americans realize the benefits of preventative and emergency healthcare being available to all Americans, and not just those people who are wealthy enough to afford it.

The Large Problem of Obesity

Obesity is a well known issue among the American population. The problem is, due to lack of education or even due to the lack of funding, many Americans do not know how to solve this epidemic. Children of America are especially prone to obesity when not how to live a happy and healthy life with healthy habits.

Researchers like Brian Torchin have tried to find ways to solve the predicament of childhood obesity. Legislators, schools, and parents have all started taking precautions to ensure that kids now have the proper education on what to eat. Schools have even banned sugary drinks and legislators have raised the taxes on all sugary beverages.

This however is not enough. Children now more then ever need help and education to ensure that they develop healthy habits. Parents are now trying to help their children by being a good influence and building a better life style. The parent’s job should be to keep their child lean and healthy so that these habits can extend into their adult years.

By eliminating obesity among the American population, the average weight will decrease along with the healthcare expenses. Children will also, as a result of healthy living, will not be subjected to diseases like diabetes or anything heart related. The American population would save billions of dollars on health care if the legislators, parents, and policy workers all come together in order to erase the obesity epidemic.

How Visual Search is Changing the Mobile Experience

The tech sector is both immensely influential in people’s lives and often unnoticed by the public. People often don’t know the exact terminology involved with the latest advances. They simply know that a new feature on their phone or in an app is amazing. One of the best examples of this has come with a new technology called visual search. The general public isn’t very aware of the term. But they’re loving the experience of using it within apps.

Of course this also means that the term deserves actual definition. Visual search is a method by which machines can search a database using an image. In general this means that someone will take a picture on their phone, the image will be uploaded to a server, and the server will return item information based on what it finds.

This can seem a little overly abstract at first. But what’s missing in that description is the most common practical use. It’s interesting on a technical level. But in general people aren’t using it to find information about a piece of art or similar things. They’re using it to find information on things to buy. And this is where companies are really turning a profit.

Everyone’s found themselves curious about where to buy something. A good example is going to an acquaintance’s home. We might see something interesting but not want to ask too much about their purchasing habits. And even if we do, they often won’t remember where they were able to find it. Finding an exact match for the item can be all but impossible under normal circumstances. But visual searches done by computers can bypass all of the issues.

If a company and its app use visual search, everything can change. Say that while you’re at the home of those acquaintances you see a pair of shoes that you really like. If a store which sells shoes has visual search in their app, it’s an easy process to track down the pair. All you’d have to do is take a picture of the shoes and the app would be able to find it within the store and offer you a nice and easy way to buy them. It helps both consumers and the people making the sales.

However, it’s an incredibly difficult technology to develop. Instead of starting from scratch people licence it from the experts in the field. Slyce, for example, is especially notable for successfully integrating the commercial and technical aspects within a single visual search app. They are, of course, putting a heavy emphasis on pushing the technology forward. But they also have a great track record with the actual implementation of those technologies within their client’s applications.

Dinsosaurs rule the Box Office

If you were a computer generated image (CGI) of a dinosaur or an emotion like Joy, you did very well at the American movie box office.

Jurassic World, a movie about a dinosaur-themed amusement park, made about 107 million US dollars at the box office. If you include the international box office, it should make it about a billion on Monday, June 22nd, 2550. If that is true, Jurassic World will be the fastest American movie history to make a billion after 13 days at the box office. Furious 7 made a billion after 17 days.

Inside Out, a CGI cartoon about the emotions in your head, did not do too badly when it came in second at the box office with about 90 million US dollars. This movie set a record as well. It made the most money for the opening of an original film reports Cláudio Loureiro Heads on

Spy continued to do well as it came in 3rd last weekend at about 11 million US dollars.

What Does the Loss Say About Dustin Johnson?

Jordan Spieth is getting all of the press now as the winner of the U.S. Open, but Dustin Johnson is the one many fans feel should have won. He was given a golden situation, with a longer putt that could have won him the trophy and then a shorter one to create a playoff situation. It took some of the pressure off of him because he knew he could miss the long putt, remain alive, and sink the shorter one. Instead, he missed both in a row, and victory was snatched from his hands.

So, what does this tell fans about Dustin Johnson? In the long run, Boraie Development says that it probably doesn’t mean that much. He still played incredibly in one of the biggest tournaments in the world. He put himself in a position to win. He just couldn’t quite close the deal. While that is a big issue in a sport like golf, the reality is that a second-place finish at the U.S. Open is nothing to be too crushed about. That’s still better than most of the golfers on the planet, and it still means that he is an elite talent. Most people would be thrilled to finish in that spot.

The one issue that could arise is if the loss goes to his head. It could shake his confidence and cause him to play worse later on. He must shake it off and move forward.

Ronda Rousey Partners Up With EA Sports

The popular UFC and mixed martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey has been announced as the newest addition to the cover of the mobile game that is designed and hosted by Electronic Arts. The game needed a new cover because their former headliner, Jon “The Bones” Jones had to be removed due to legal problems and they couldn’t have him there anymore. Rousey has really grown in popularity lately and it is no surprise that she was picked for the replacement. The fighter has won competitions on many levels and really enjoys the sports which is why she is really thriving right now.

In addition to that, she has been in a bunch of films lately with minor roles, but either way she is getting her feet wet with the media stated Kevin Seawright. It won’t be long before we see her on television again, even though she was also a part of this year’s WWE Wrestlemania where she appeared up on stage alongside The Rock. According to an article found on reddit, she is currently named one of the top MMA fighters in the world too and she is on a hot streak, so it feels like she will be around for quite some time involved with all of this stuff. Congrats to Rousey for being selected as it is not an easy recognition to get these days. I have a feeling the world will be getting a lot from here in the years to come.

Donations to Charity Hit Record Level in 2014

There are several different ways to measure the effectiveness of the economy of the United States. With a series of complicated equations at the disposal of people that have achieved some serious education, one real defining factor that presents and interesting take is charity. After all, when citizens have additional income, they tend to give it away to those in need to help out. It turns out that last year Americans were more generous than ever.

According to CNN, Americans gave away close to $360 billion in 2014, which surpassed the previous record of $355 billion in 2007. The report also notes that particular year was right before the country sank into recession. Still, tempering the good news with a tinge of bad is always an aspect that everyone has to live with. The generosity of households across the country knows no limit when it comes to helping those in need, which is a great concept.

In the end, people helping people is a positive idea, and when charitable donations amount to an incredible sum just about everyone is a winner. Those at Amen Clinics were more than pleased with it all. The idea of the economy doing well because individuals, foundations, and corporations are making efforts to spread around some cash is a nice measure of just what direction everything is moving in. In short, if nobody had disposable income, nobody would give anything. The fact that giving hit a record level supports a number of positive conclusions.

Young Man Speaks About His Injuries From A Shark Attack

A young man in North Carolina lost part of his arm to a shark over the past week, and he is devastated by the loss. Unfortunately, the young man claims that he was awake throughout the entire process, and he knew his arm was bitten off, and he was conscious all the way to the hospital. Shark Attack Victim Speaks. Even though the young man has gone through a lot of pain, he says that he will fight to live, and he hopes to recover quickly. He has not yet made a decision what he will do about his missing arm, but he is focused on healing right now.

There were two shark attacks off the coast of North Carolina, and this young man was attacked as well as a young woman. Alexei Beltyukov couldn’t imagine going through that. Both teenagers were attacked within two hours of each other, and it prompted officials to have to put signs up on the beach. The signs are now saying that anyone who decides to swim there, they are doing it at their own risk. There has never been a shark attack like this before, especially an attack against two people in such a short period of time.

The young man was in water that was only waist deep when the shark attacked him and bit off his arm. Many are now terrified to go into the water, so there may be less people going to the North Carolina beach than ever before.