Biohackers Inject Eyes with Temporary Night Vision

A small group of biohackers from California have done what no major corporation has. They’ve figured out a way to inject temporary night vision directly into human eyes.

Brian Torchin has learned that the group is called Science for the Masses. They were able to produce night vision in a researcher on the team using a chemical called Ce6.

Ce6, also known as Chlorin e6, is similar to Chlorophyll and is primarily found in fish near the bottom of the ocean. It has been known to treat night blindness and is also sometimes used to treat cancer.

The team administered the Ce6 directly to the eye with something that looks like a tiny turkey baster. The liquid isn’t actually injected into the eye. Instead it is absorbed into the eye through the conjunctival sac.

After the Ce6 was administered, the team set out to check the results. At up to 50 meters the subject could see people and objects in the dark with a 100% success rate. The control group was only successful about 30% of the time.

This type of technology could have a myriad of uses. Imagine how much easier a search and rescue operation would be, or even a hostage situation, if law enforcement had the advantage of night vision.

Can Dallas Land Adrian Peterson

It is no secret that Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones covets Adrian Peterson in his backfield. The only question is can he pull it off without giving up the farm to the Minnesota Vikings. Dallas Cowboys Interested in Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is still one of the most dominating running backs in the NFL. The obvious question is why would the Cowboys give up the farm for Adrian Peterson when they just let the NFL’s leading rusher from a year ago leave via free agency? According to Dr Jennifer Walden the Vikings would surely make Dallas pay dearly for Peterson who was suspended by the NFL for a domestic mater involving the disciplining of his son. While Peterson still has hurt feelings regarding how the Vikings handled his separation from the team during the proceedings and has not shown an interest in remaining in Minnesota, he may be stuck in a Vikings uniform. Minnesota still has the rights to Adrian Peterson and despite how badly they handled his separation from the team during the investigation of his court case, they still hold the cards if Peterson wants to play football in the NFL. Peterson’s only option without the cooperation of the Vikings is simply not to play.

This is where deal maker Jerry Jones comes in. Jerry would love to land Peterson but not at the cost of mortgaging the future of his team. Minnesota may still feel snake bit from the Hershel Walker trade which started the Cowboys glory years. They may not want to have history repeat itself.

Exposure to Parent’s Cigarette Smoke Increases Child’s Risk of Heart Disease

If one or both of your parents smoked when you were a child, you have an increased risk of plaque build up in your carotid artery. The buildup of arterial plaque is the cause of heart attacks, strokes and other types of heart disease.
When a child is exposed to second-hand smoke on a regular basis, like that of living in a home with a smoking parent or two, their risk doubles for developing carotid plaque over that of a child who did not have smoking parents.
The study regarding the health impact in adulthood to children who were raised by one or two smoking parents wasconducted by the American Heart Association. The study findings followed Finnish children from the early 1980s until the early 2000s to discern the effects parental cigarette smoking had on the children. Not all the study children came from homes where the parent(s) smoked, but the researchers could easily tell with a simple blood test. A person exposed to cigarette smoke has an increased level of cotinine in their blood.
Imaging Advantage healthy folks have learned that, after determining which adults grew up in a smoking household and which didn’t, further testing was done to determine the amount of plaque buildup in their carotid artery. Those who grew up with one or more smoking parents had the most plaque buildup and were at the greatest risk of developing heart disease due to the plaque buildup.

HTC Will Replace Your One M9 If It Gets Damaged

HTC wants you to keep your One M9 for life. The company has announced a new plan that allows you to trade in the Android phone if it breaks, or even if you decide you’d rather use the phone on another carrier that your current device doesn’t support. The program is called “Uh oh Advantage” and works similar to phone insurance you might buy with another phone, expect in the case of the HTC M9 the insurance is free.

With the Uh Oh Protection you can score one replacement handset for free, no matter what you did to it that made it need to be replaced. For instance, an accidental dunk in the toilet would be covered under the plan. If you decide to stay on the same carrier and don’t have any mishaps, then you can trade your insurance in after a year for $100 off the next HTC One phone. Folks at Anastasia Date ( understand that the hope behind the idea is that customers will enjoy their smartphone so much that they’ll use if for a year and be excited to get the upgrade when it comes out, especially if they’re scoring a $100 upgrade. It’s a smart move for HTC, who is struggling to hold on to the same market share as other Android smartphone makers like Samsung and LG.

What Happens When You Crack Your Knuckles?

Mothers tell their children not to do a lot of things, cracking their knuckles is one of them. When the child asks ‘why’, as they always do, mothers usually mumble something along the lines of arthritis or big knuckles being in their future if they don’t stop.

Turns out this is one time mothers have been wrong. According to Zeca Oliviera, they may just want their kids to stop making the annoying sound. But what causes the popping noise and what effect will it have on the finger joints?
The popping sound is made when tiny bubbles of trapped gas inside the joints are popped when the joint is moved in a certain way. The gas bubbles are normal and build up inside all joints when they are not moved for a few minutes. Such as the sound heard when your knee pops when you stand up from sitting for a prolonged amount of time. It’s just gas being released from a burst bubble.
Studies have taken place over the years to determine if knuckle cracking causes arthritis or any other type of ailment, and the conclusions of all the studies has been negative. Cracking your knuckles does not cause long term harm to your joints. If a person cracks their knuckles frequently, short-term swelling at the joint site may occur, but it will go away when the cracking stops.

Blind Man Can See Thanks to Bionic Eye

A blind man from Minnesota has been able to see for the first time in ten years thanks to a bionic eye implant.

Zderad Allen , 68, was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, which eventually left him blind. Now, with the aid of a prototype developed by the Mayo Clinic, he can recognize shapes and forms.

He will not be able to see the detail in faces or objects, but Zderad can distinguish human forms and contours of things like chairs, tables and door frames.

During the first test of the device, contained in a video that has shocked viewers, Zderad was able to recognize their reflection and was excited when he saw his wife, after so many years without seeing anything.

The researcher at the Mayo Clinic, and ophthalmologist, Raymond Iezzi, was investigating a retinal prosthesis system called Second Sight Argus II when he met Zderad and decided he would be a good candidate to test the implant.

Paul Mathieson has learned that the prosthesis is composed of 60 electrodes placed on the patient’s right eye interacting with a camera, located in glasses, and a small laptop that serves to signal light waves to the optic nerve, bypassing the damaged retina.

Ophthalmologist, Lezzi emphasizes the importance of being able to effectively implement this bionic eye in a patient is the result of years of work.

Breathing Better for Better Health

There are a lot of theories on how the brain works and how different techniques can be used to help reduce stress as well as other things that can go wrong with the brain. You may be wondering what these are and how you can use them. The good news is anyone can learn to help themselves with just a few simple breathing and life changing things.

According to Dr. Daniel Amen, breathing can trigger calming influences as well as help you stay calm when you think things are getting out of hand. He suggests taking a deep five second breath in, holding two seconds and slowly letting it out. He suggests doing this ten times to see results right then and there.

He also suggests doing Yoga with your breathing exercises. Dr. Amen says that your brain changes after doing these things for years everyday. When you are able to do them, you can change your mind as well as your life because it changes the way you think.

Dr. Daniel Amen seems to know things everyone should be listening to. If you could reduce your stress by even a little with just some simple movements everyday and a change in the way you breathe, why wouldn’t you? Take the time to really try what he’s talking about so you can know if this yoga and breathing changes will work for you. You might just feel better in the end.


Dr. Daniel Amen is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Click here to read more.

Golf Needs Tiger Woods

Golf is quickly fading into oblivion and no one cares. Without Tiger Woods, golf has slip back into a position of being a back page story sport. Golf Needs Tiger Woods Back Many people in the past two generations remember two distinct periods in golf. The pre Tiger Woods era and the Tiger Woods era. During the Tiger Woods era patrons saw someone make an activity into a real sport and caused even non golfers to watch weekend golf. The world of golf has never seen anyone who actually tried to win “every” tournament that they played in and succeed at it. During the course of his 20 year career in the sport of golf, Tiger has won at least 20 percent of his matches. Dan Newlin suggested this meant that Tiger won one out of every five tournaments. This number is unheard of in a sport where winning one out of every fifty tournaments was considered successful.

The Tiger era also saw the cash purses in all tournaments almost triple and the drag effect even brought viewers to the ladies golf tour, which many never knew even existed during the pre Tiger era.

The pre Tiger era is almost not worth mentioning as know one remembers it or even cares. Tiger was and remains the benchmark for the sport and the networks know it as they see their ratings drop each week Tiger does not play.

Food Cholesterol and Blood Cholesterol are Not Related

How many years has it been since you were able to enjoy a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and buttered toast without feeling pangs of guilt? A big breakfast filled with cholesterol-laden foods like that would send most people scrambling to the medicine cabinet for an extra dose of a their statin drug or to their treadmill for an extra 30 minute walk.
Turns out all the information we have been getting over the past few decades about the cholesterol in the food we eat has been all wrong. Recent studies show there is no connection between the amount of cholesterol in the food we eat and the amount of cholesterol in our blood. All this time we could have been enjoying bacon and eggs for breakfast with the guilt and extra treadmill time. Granted, a high fat diet will lead to a high amount of fat on the body, but it does not cause the blood cholesterol to increase. A low-fat, low- cholesterol diet will not decrease the amount of blood cholesterol either.
It’s all your own genetic makeup. You either have high cholesterol, or you don’t, regardless of what food you eat. Paul Mathieson has learned that, according to the new guidelines from the Dietary Guidelines Advice Committee, it’s fine to eat eggs. Scrambled, fried, boiled or poached, eat all you want without fear of a negative impact on your blood cholesterol.

Ryan Reynolds Gives Deadpool Fans Good News

You really do have to give Ryan Reynolds a lot of credit. His experience on Green Lantern gave the actor insight into what comic book fans want from an iconic character. Reynolds has moved on from the poorly received Green Lantern film to a new hero: Marvel’s Deadpool. Reynolds has, essentially, gone on the record to state the presentation of Deadpool on screen is going to seriously appeal to long-time and hardcore comic book fanatics.

Susan McGalla thinks that the film really does have to deliver for comic book purists. Deadpool is a relatively low-budget entry (The production is being shot in Vancouver to save money) and is slated for a February release. February is not exactly a month when movies earn $150 million at the box office during the weekend.

Deadpool is going to be a rough and tumble, somewhat brutal action-superhero film geared towards young persons. The character is a mentally deranged mercenary with a wise-cracking demeanor. Based on that description, the film is not one hoping to draw in little kids or families. So, in order to be successful, the niche Deadpool intends to target must be thoroughly pleased with the eventual results of the film.

You could say, with 11 months or so to go before the Deadpool film hits theaters, Reynolds is trying to assume comic book fans they are going to get what they expect. They better! Disappointing the fans would not bode well for the film’s eventual release.