FIFA reveals details of Fox 2026 World Cup deal

The surprise announcement some weeks ago of a new deal for Fox Sports and Spanish language broadcaster Telemundo to broadcast the 2026 World Cup left many shocked and amazed at the latest work of controversial governing body FIFA, the New York Times reports. FIFA generally keeps its TV negotiations a secret and is known for not wanting to reveal too much about how the World governing body of soccer is run. In a further surprise, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke revealed the TV rights for the 2026 World Cup had been awarded to FOX and Telemundo in the US and CTV and TSN in Canada to remove the risk of lawsuits being filed over the moving of the Qatar World Cup in 2022 to the North American Winter.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that the original bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups revealed all the winning networks had bid to televise the events in the Summer months, traditionally fertile ground for advertisers as few North American sports are played at this time. A small rise in the price paid for the rights to the 2026 World Cup seems like a good deal for the broadcasters, but could impact the chances of the US even bidding for the 2026 World Cup to be staged in the country. FIFA would have little reason to stage the event in North America as lucrative TV deals play a major role in deciding when and where the event will be played.

Jack Huston Looked At For The Crow

There have been many attempts to reboot The Crow movie franchise. There have been many actors considered for the role of Eric Draven, a role originally played by the late Brandon Lee. There have been multiple changes in directors as well. One of the most recent actors for The Crow, Luke Evans, has passed up the opportunity. Now, they are looking atJack Huston for The Crow.

Corin Hardy is getting ready to direct. He has a large task of making this film unique from the 1994 classic said Marc Sparks. According to a recent article, Corin Hardy’s version is described as “brutal and emotional”. However, the Brandon Lee starring and Alex Proyas directed film was quite emotional as well as brutal. It had a very unique atmosphere which is very hard to top.

Jack Huston is not the biggest star in Hollywood. However, when Brandon Lee took on the role, he was merely a rising star at the time who hasn’t reached his peak yet. As with other reboots, there are going to be comparisons with the former version of the franchise. The former series had multiple films and even a TV series. However, only the first movie stood out. The rest of the films have not taken off.

The Crow might go into production this spring.

A New and Deadly Virus Has Been Discovered in Kansas

As if combating the viruses we already know about isn’t a big enough burden for medical science, it seems a new one has appeared in Kansas. A man died in the hospital in mid-2014 after getting tick bites while working on his property in Bourbon County, Kansas. Doctors were not able to identify the virus that killed him. While it was similar to others they had encountered, the symptoms did not mirror any existing virus in every way. It is considered a new virus and has been named Bourbon virus. Susan McGalla ( has read that the doctors who studied this case and disclosed the existence of this new virus wrote up their findings in the latest edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Journal of the Centers for Disease Control.

The existence of a journal with such a name indicates the frightening reality that the natural world around us is continually evolving, and new viruses do spring up from time to time. It is unfortunate to be one of the poor souls who catch one of these new viruses early on before medicine has had a chance to identify, study and formulate a cure for them. We sometimes forget that evolution is not just some historical thing that resulted in us. It is continuing to go on all around us and occurs even faster in simpler organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Hopefully, medicines will be developed that will treat this new disease, and this virus won’t evolve again to acquire an immunity to it.

Instagram Tribute To Nicki Minaj

Fans are raving about this little girl’s Instagram account that is a full on tribute to Nicki Minaj. It is the most adorable thing they have ever seen. Nicki Minaj re-posted it on her Instagram which showed the world the cutest Instagram ever, @Million.Dollar.Bby. This little girl is not quite a baby but she might as well be because of how cute she is. People are saying that the little girl is not worth a million dollars because she is absolutely priceless. I bet she is loving all of the praise.

Nicki Minaj posted a video clip of Blake Dunham who is a little Nicki Minaj in the making. The little girl is singing, “All Things Go” in the video clip but unfortunately, we did not get to see all of the goodies because there is a lot more where that came from eMobile news suggests. There is two more videos just from the same song!

The best part, we all know that Nicki Minaj is a little theatrical so when she drops the F bomb, the little girl even censors it in the video. It does not get any better than that. Blake only started the account about a month ago and posted the first post on January 26th. It already has 35,000 followers! This little girl is amazing! There are tons more videos covering other music stars so make sure to check them out!

Aquaman to Debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Plenty of characters are making their first appearance in what will not be the DC cinematic universe. This is meant to set up a justice league movie. The first official image of Jason Momoa in full Aquaman costume has been released. You may not have to wait until his own movie is released to see him. Other characters that are being introduced in Dawn of Justice are Wonder Woman, the Flash, and maybe even Cyborg.

This seems like an exciting time to be a comic book movie fan. This is similar to the news that the new Spider-Man is going to be introduced in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel has gotten the cinematic rights to Spider-Man. However, it seems like Warner and DC has the rights to all of their comic book characters.

Hans Zimmer, who has not only scored Christopher Nolan’s Batman films but has actually had a history in the sound department with Batman contributing assistance to Mask of the Phantasm, has revealed that he is not finished writing the score. That is not a problem because, the longer Hans Zimmer takes on his scores, the better they turn out to be. He is also working with Junkie XL on the score for Dawn of Justice said Dan Newlin

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League Part 1, Aquaman, and Justice League Part 2 are scheduled to be released on March 25, 2016, November 17, 2017, July 27, 2018 and June 14, 2019 respectively.

Vaccinations: Just A Scapegoat?

With the recent measles outbreak occurring there has been a lot of talk regarding vaccinations. You have two basic groups associated with this debate and that includes those who vaccinate their children and those who do not. The anti-vaccinators don’t support vaccinations because of a unsupported belief that vaccinations cause health issues such as autism.

Paul Mathieson has read that Hank Green, a YouTube celebrity took to the internet to voice his opinion on this debate but in a different way. He believes that there is an actual scientific method behind anti-vaccinator’s beliefs.

Green believes there is no known cause for autism and believes that parents who have children that do not develop on par with other children need to have some sort of reason for it. Hence the anti-vaccination movement. When a child is vaccinated, this is a recent event that can be blamed for something else occurring such as a diagnosis of autism or another learning disability. In truth, Green doesn’t believe the two are related at all.

Manny Pacquiao Represents A Nation

Everyone by now has heard about the big fight. Pacquiao will be fighting Floyd Mayweather on May 2. The world has been begging for this fight for half a decade. Polls have been taken about the possible outcome of the fight. 73% of fans believe that Manny Pacquiao will beat Floyd Mayweather.

Pacquiao was recently interviewed about the fight, and he seems extremely calm and relaxed. Dias said that Floyd Mayweather has a tendency to rile up his opponents before the fight, but Manny does not care. Floyd Mayweather will be in a for a long night when he steps into the ring. It took Mayweather $150 million to finally accept the fight.

Aside from contrasting boxing styles, Pacquiao and Mayweather are nothing alike outside of the ring. Mayweather is a loud mouth arrogant fighter who has ducked the majority of the tough fighters in his division. Pacquiao is a humble warrior that fights anyone that dare step in the ring with him.

Manny Pacquiao was recently the star of a documentary titled ‘Manny.’ The documentary shows the humble beginnings of Pacquiao. He was born into a poor household, and he began boxing to feed his family. Manny Pacquiao has become an idol to the people of the Philippines. On May 2, Pacquiao will represent a nation, and they are praying for him to knock out Floyd Mayweather.

For more information on Manny Pacquiao, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Weekly Customer Of Dunkin’ Donuts Robbed The Store

In Florida, a man was arrested and charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. He robbed the Dunkin’ Donuts, where he was a regular customer, and forced an employee into the back room threatening that he would shoot her. Using apellet gun , Patrick Jackson demanded $3,000 from the safe kept in the back and then fled the store.

Although Jackson had a mask covering his face, he was still recognizable by employees. He had distinctive hair style, skin tone, eyes and mannerisms they remembered from his daily visits. He not only robbed the establishment where he frequented, Jackson drove by later as police were interviewing employees at the scene and employees were then able to point him out. When he was pulled over, police say he had the rolls of coins, money bags and lots of empty Dunkin’ Donuts bags in his back seat.

After his arrest, Jackson was taken to the police station where he resisted being placed in a cell. Struggling with officers he was able to grab a stun gun, and threatened the officer he would kill him. When the stun gun misfired, he grabbed another officer, demanding the cell door be opened, struggle resumed they refused him. It took several officers to subdue Jackson when he threatened to bite the officer he was holding.(Jackson had declared being HIV positive)

Paul Mathieson ( has heard that he is now being held in jail without bond charged with; robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, resisting arrest with violence and escape and others.

Wine Glass Buying Guide

To enjoy the delicious wines that are manufactured at Antique Wine Company, you must serve them in the proper wine glasses. You can also enhance the flavor of the wines by handling them correctly after they are poured.

Twenty Ounce Glasses

Glasses that have big bowls are ideal for white or red wines. These glasses have enough room so that the wine can breathe. Also, since the bowl is spacious, the beverage can be swished and swirled quite easily.

Wine Glass Style and Weight

Wine glasses should be clear because the color of wine enhances the décor on a dinner table. The weight of the glass is also important because it can affect the dinner experience. Never purchase stemware that is made with thick glass. After wine is poured into a hefty glass, the glass will become very heavy. Thin stemware is a much better option.

Stem Length

Wine glasses that have long stems are often used at restaurants because they are stylish and fun. Antique Wine Company wines should be served in these kinds of glasses as well. The long stems will help guests hold their glasses comfortably during long meals.


Antique Wine Company products can be enjoyed in reasonably priced stemware. If you plan to drink the wines every day, you should use glasses that cost less than $15. You should never use expensive wine glasses during traditional dinners because you may break them.

Wine Glass Cleaning Advice

Wines that are manufactured by Antique Wine Company must be shared. However, you will not impress your guests if you serve the wines in dingy glasses. Because wine glasses are porous, they can easily absorb odors. To make the wine shine in the wine glasses, always clean the bowls after every dinner party by hand in warm soapy water. Once the glasses are clean and dry, polish them to remove any water spots.

Snowshoeing For the Fun of It

If you are tired of the monotony of exercising indoors, strap on a pair of snowshoes and head outdoors for great workout! While you may not think that it provides a rigorous workout, it provides terrific cardiovascular exercise, blasts away calories and helps improve your overall fitness. Exercising outdoors in the winter months is also invigorating and can provide a welcome change of scenery.

It’s so easy to snowshoe. If there aren’t any marked trails in your neighborhood, just grab your snowshoes and head to a local park or an open field. Many outdoor conservation areas and cross country ski resorts offer trails specifically for the sport. They vary in difficulty and length, from beginner to advanced, so check the criteria for the trail you decide to embark on, that’s advice that Jaime Garcia Dias can definitely provide.

While outdoors enjoying the crisp winter air and nature surrounding you, you may not even realize that your body is receiving the benefits of a tremendous workout. Whether you are trekking up and down hills or enjoying a leisurely stroll through a local recreation area, you are benefiting from exercise without putting the stress on your muscles and joints that you would if you were jogging.

It’s never too late to start snowshoeing. It is a sport that is enjoyable for all ages and is easy to learn. What are you waiting for? Research some local trails, dress in lightweight layers, grab a pair of snowshoes and head outside to enjoy the fresh air!