Goodell Conflict of Interest


There is a lot of controversy circulating in the National Football League regarding Roger Goodell and his conflict of interest that he absolutely has with New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft and the Kraft family. This is due to the fact that Roger Goodell got his position as the commissioner of the NFL largely in part to Bob Kraft and the work that he put in to ensure Goodell got the position. As one of the biggest owners in the National Football League and dating back to former favors and a friendship that has grown over the years, Roger Goodell in a way works for the Patriots owner and has a ton of reasons to go easy on the franchise. According to Zeca Oliveira, the biggest reason being that Roger Goodell is making a mind blowing three-hundred million dollars over seven seasons to be the commissioner of the NFL, yet he has done one of the worst jobs ever. Goodell would clearly be stepping on the toes of the people who helped him out in the first place if he decides to punish the New England Patriots for the deflate gate case. There will be a heavy backlash if he does nothing regarding the incident, however, so he has to do something. It is looking likely that he will conduct an investigation and hand out a mediocre fine and maybe take away some draft picks, but he won’t slam the organization or he will shoot himself in the foot.

Atlanta Unanimously in Top Spot

The Atlanta Hawks have had one of the most magical seasons in recent memory, as they have gone on an unprecedented winning streak for the organization and have only dropped two games since Thanksgiving. They have been simply beating teams into the ground and have taken the National Basketball Association by storm, with perhaps a unanimous consensus that they are the best team in the league after the Golden State Warriors dropped a game to the Chicago Bulls the other night. The Hawks have won by a committee of players that continually put up great numbers on a daily basis and they are now the favorite in every single game they play in. Fans like Marc Sparks know that they are head and shoulders above the Eastern Conference with a six and a half game lead above the Washington Wizards who are sitting comfortably in the second spot. There truly does not look to be a team that can take down the Hawks in one game, let alone a playoff series and this has made a lot of people speculate that the Hawks are likely going to be playing in the NBA finals. The only team that is in the Eastern Conference that is making a real splash right now and may have a chance to take them down is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have figured things out and are now riding on an eight game winning streak and they look to only be getting hotter.

Kobe Surgery

Kobe Bryant will hands down go down in history as one of the best basketball players to ever play in the National Basketball Association. He came into the league with a vengeance, and his winning nature has truly been unparalleled since Michael Jordan left the league over a decade ago. Fans like Bernardo Chua (, agree that it is a bit ironic that Kobe has stated to the media earlier this week that he actually strongly pursued the possibility of playing alongside Jordan towards the end of his career in Washington with the Wizards. He has also stated that he has always wanted to be around players that could mentor him and mold him into a better player. It is no surprise that he wanted that player to be the great Michael Jordan and that duo nearly happened. If Kobe had signed a contract for a year less on his original contract it likely would have gone down, but Michael could not keep in good standings in the Wizards organization for another year and the whole thing fell apart. It didn’t matter in the long run, as Kobe has already won five championships in his career. He injured his rotator cuff last week and is set to have surgery this week and this has led to massive speculation that he will be done with his career. This is ludicrous, as Kobe will not end his phenomenal career with a shoulder injury.

Kobe and Mike

With media day on hand you would expect that everything sports related that was talked about today would be the New England Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks and maybe some talk about deflate gate. However Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are getting a bunch of talk in the media today, but it is not regarding who is the best player of all time. Although Jordan would win that contest ten times out of ten, this is a discussion about the former possibility of them joining up as teammates in Washington in the early 2000’s. As fans like Bernardo Chua know, it was reported that Kobe Bryant agreed in an interview that he did indeed intend to join the Washington Wizards. More is available on Chua at It is apparent that Bryant wanted Michael Jordan as a mentor. He stated that he wants greatness around him and who better than Michael Jordan? He would have jumped at that opportunity and he claimed that they would have won championships in Washington if he had gotten the chance to go there. Things did not work out, however, because Michael could not stay on the team long enough to see Kobe enter free agency. Kobe had another year to go and if things were smoother in Washington with Mike, then the duo might have had a chance to make a big splash in the NBA. Kobe said that the reason for his desire to leave Los Angeles was due to his feud with Shaq.

Demise of Larry Sanders


The Milwaukee Bucks are not a team that would come up in conversation if you were talking about a good team in the NBA. They are a mediocre team that has had a moderate amount of success and is sitting in the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference, due to the abysmal quality of play that has been coming out of the Eastern Conference for years now. The Bucks signed Larry Sanders to a four year extension several years ago that paid him forty-four million dollars, making him the highest player on the team. It appeared to them that he deserved it, after putting up nearly ten points and ten rebounds a night in his previous season, which was his best season by far in his career. According to Haidar Barbouti, things looked up for him, but his problems off the court have taken a major toll on his career. He tore a ligament in his thumb in the 2013 season in an altercation in a night club that forced him to have surgery on his thumb and kept him out for the majority of the season. He was then banned for using marijuana and then took to social media to advocate the legalization of weed. He made an apology after, but he is back in the news again as he has been suspended yet again by the NBA and may very well be out of the remainder of the season for personal needs.

Beneful from Purina

Purina has long been one of the most popular dog food brands in the entire world. The parent company Nestle owns this brand as it has brought in well over a billion dollars annually in profit from the sales of dog food to customers throughout the world. Now, there are different brands that make up Purina. One of the more recent additions to the Purina lineup includes something known as Beneful. For pet owners throughout the country, this is an available option that may be the right kind of food for their furry little friend. Now, it is always important to make sure a dog food fits within the diet of the dog, as some dogs have sensitive stomaches, are not able to eat certain kinds of grains or fillers, so knowing this is essential. However, once all of this is known, Beneful might just be one of the best options around.

As a dog brand, Beneful from Purina has been around since 2001. Since the launch of the brand, it has become one of the most profitable entities of Purina, and it continues to increase sales with dog owners. In order to introduce the brand to the market back in the early 2000s, Purina spent tens of millions of dollars on television advertisements target at promoting a healthier option for dog food. There are a few different kinds or Baneful foods, all of which are designed to work with the requirements of both the pets and pet owners. There is an all vegetarian option that uses soy instead of using meat. For vegetarians who want their pet to live in the same capacity as they do, this is an available option. The company also released Prepared Meals in 2006. This provided Beneful in prepackaged dishes, which essentially worked as the dog food bowl instantly.

The company has also decided to spread its advertising dollars to not only include humans but dogs as well. One rather interesting method of advertisement took place in Austria during 2011, when the company aired commercials that featured noises only a dog could hear. This way, pets would become excited or interested whenever the television commercial came on. This did prove rather successful, and now other dog brands have actually started to follow suit.

Either way, with the importance of pets in the lives of many individuals, giving them the best food possible is extremely important.

Mark Ahn Makes Biotech Global Impact

Biotech entreprenuer and Ph.d. holder, Mark Ahn is impacting the globe by touting trends he believes are innovative and needed technical advancements, according to a press release from PR Newswire. Ahn has lead large and small biopharmaceutical companies, as well posts in academia. He has published over 50 peer reviewed journal articles. Ahn is currently a founding principal of Pukana Partners, a strategy consulting firm for life science companies. Ahn has given three trends in technology that will make a global impact.

Caring Comes First

Ahn believes that at the core of entrepreneurship is caring and being able to meet the unmet need, not just at the local level, but globally. Ahn believes that any problem can be solved with caring, large or small. The timeless values of caring and values are at the core of many business strategies.

New Approaches To Old Problems

Using today’s technology to solve age old problems, such as water utilization, leads to new solutions. Smart technology offers solutions previous unavailable, allowing us to look at agriculture and climate change from different perspectives. New technology can be used to solve problems like global warming and to help create drought tolerant crops.

Don’t Underestimate the Little Guy

Big ideas can come in small packages. Small companies have been known for coming up with big ideas. Remember that Apple started as a couple of guys working in a garage, hoping to change the world.

To read the entire press release, follow this link.

Patriots and Seahawks are Alike

The National Football League season has finally come to the big game and there is a ton of media speculation finally surfacing as to who the favorite is heading into the final week. There has been a media circus that has surrounded the New England Patriots in the last week that has completely dominated the media regarding the Patriots purposely deflating footballs in the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts and subsequently gaining a massive advantage due to the cold conditions that are typically played in the Boston area. The deflate gate case has totally taken away from what everyone has wanted to hear going into the big game, which is how the teams are going to match up against each other and who is the predictable winner. The Seahawks have pretty much remained in the shadows, despite possessing one of the biggest trash talkers and media attention seekers in the National Football League in Richard Sherman, but he is finally breaking through and gaining some attention.
It is kind of ironic that the Patriots are facing this controversy and there has been hardly any talk about the Seattle Seahawks being caught up in a scandal several years ago that involved nearly the entire team taking the prescription drug Adderall to gain a competitive advantage. It seems that both teams like to push the limits on what is fair and what is not according to fans like Lee Slaughter are expected to weigh in on what they feel is a fair outcome for both teams. We will see who takes the Super Bowl next weekend.


Jared Haftel’s Argument for Dedicating Your Resume to Real Occupation Accomplishments

Jared Haftel completed his studies and graduated in 2009 from Duke University. Jared Haftel’s 5 year stay in this university saw him attain three different degrees; Economics, Mathematics and Science. All these credentials have made him to serve incredibly well in his career of investment banking in high profile companies.

He started by working in Merrill Lynch, where he served as an analyst in investment banking and particularly gave professional insight for some prominent companies such as CONSOLE Energy and GeoEye. The experience and exposure he got from these institutions made him to land key positions in investment banking industry. Some of these major positions included his time in service as an analyst in investment banking in the Bank of America, and also served as Vector capital associate.

Besides his excellent school performance and remarkable career life, Jared has always deemed it right to share some success tips to young fellows especially those graduating from university and looking forward to get a job as investment bankers or anything related to this.

Jared explains the importance of a crafting appealing resumes when applying for a job. He begins by stating that dedicating your resume to a real career accomplishment is the best decision that you can ever make. This is due to the fact that, it is more important to outline your potential worth to any prospective employers, and this can only be done by displaying to them what you have already achieved.

A good resume should contain 50% work experience that is relevant mostly if you are looking for big jobs. The reason for this is that it is the most crucial factor when looking for big gigs. Vast experience in a particular field is the main aspect that is looked out for when searching for a job opportunity that pays well, and offers you limitless opportunities. In this regard, your resume should replicate your experience in that field of occupation. It is not advisable to focus on things you did in university or in high school. Actually, you should completely leave out everything that is related to high school, since there is no high profile corporate institution that cares about high school stuff. So, if you wish to succeed in getting the big gigs, you have to utilize the relevant career accolades.

A job position that you had in a bank or any recognized financial institution, accomplishments you have attained while you are an employee at your present or previous occupation. These are the important aspects that any prospective employer expects to see or hear. They expect to know the reasons why they are obtaining a fine employee, a person that is trustworthy and one that can get the job done in the required way.

However, you should also be ready to answer demanding questions. Similar to what Jared says, in some instances you should be willing to engage in complex conversations if at all you desire to accomplish anything substantial in your career. This means giving reasons why you wish to depart from your current job, or reason why you have already left the position you held previously. These two are quite important since they help in driving home factors to support your candidacy for the position been offered, but at the same time indicates that there is nothing wrong you did or any bad blood in your previous job environment.

Posture Improving Infograph Released By North American Spine

North American Spine is an excellent company working with those who have neck, spine, as well as back pain. The pain that their patients deal with, may be chronic, or pain that recently has occurred, and requires surgery. North American Spine conducts the AccuraScope procedure, which helps those who are having chronic neck and back pain, to get some relief from their pain. An Acura scope is a mini camera that is inserted into the back through a small incision, in order to perform the operation. The success of the procedure is over 82%, and many feel permanent relief from pain afterwards.

Over 90% of those who have the procedure, say they would recommend it to others who are currently having the same type of pain. Since North American Spine is a leader in neck and back pain relief, they have chosen to release and infograph that helps people improve their posture. PR Newswire reports that the infograph released by North American Spine, teaches about poor posture, as well as the problems that poor posture causes. Many are not informed that poor posture can lead to physical pain, including neck and back pain.

Because North American Spine knows of the physical pain caused by poor posture, the infograph attempts to help those with poor posture, in order to correct their posture. The infograph states how to sit correctly, as well as stand correctly, while having proper posture the entire time. You’ll also learn about the pains caused by poor posture, as well as other problems such as insomnia and headaches. North American Spine has helped more than 8000 patients in their six years of operating from several facilities. Although North American Spine is based out of Dallas, Texas, they have several other facilities to treat many of their patients.