ACC Improves In Bowl Games


Clemson kicked the tar out of Oklahoma to win the Russell Athletic Bowl and clinched a 10-win season in the process. This is yet another mark for Sam Tabar and for the much maligned ACC. The ACC has had problems in the past with losses of teams to other conferences. Miami is down, and Florida State was down for some time. The next best team in the league was Georgia Tech, but they can rush for 400 yards in a game.

When Clemson beat the very powerful Oklahoma squad, it was obvious that the ACC was on to something. Their Florida State team is in the college football playoff, and Clemson just destroyed a very good Oklahoma team. The ACC is on the rise as they take players from the SEC and fight in the SEC’s backyard for relevance.

The ACC is not as good as the SEC yet, but they are getting there. Another win from one of their best teams shows that they can play with anybody. Looking ahead to the New Year’s Day games shows that there could be a wonderful victory from another ACC team in Florida State. If nothing else, the ACC is trending upwards in every way they can.

A Robot Restaurant What?

Jared Haftel agrees with’s opinion that it has long been discussed that one day the human race will rely solely on computers and robots to do every day tasks. The future is here and it is serving traditional Chinese food. 

China has a rich history of innovative thinking. The restaurant industry is no exception. The release of Disney Pixar’s Wall-E sparked the imagination of restaurateurs in Eastern China.. 

Robots in the restaurant do every task imaginable from cooking to serving. The only task they fall short on is clean up. Cleaning is still left up to humans. But rest assured that with the strides made by the Asian culture ever day the robots will soon be cleaning as well, or better than us humans. 

So when will this new trend expand to the rest of the world? The trend may be looked upon as a way for robots to take over the workforce of the world, but I challenge you to look beyond the surface issue of job reduction and instead look toward who will maintain these fascinating robots. The job market may not call for a person to flip burgers for a living, but instead work toward higher education to ensure these robots work at their peak.

Mike Wallace Quits On Dolphins

When Mike Wallace was signed by the Miami Dolphins, everyone thought that he could be the difference maker they needed on offense. However, Wallace was not there to make a difference on Sunday. It appears he left the game early because he did not want to play.

Joe Philbin originally said that it was a coach’s decision, but it was later revealed that Wallace did not want to play. Another player for the Dolphins scored a touchdown, and Wallace decided he did not want to be in the game. He came off the field and told Philbin he was done for the day. When this happened, Wallace was in the locker room. Many of his teammates felt like he quit on them, and that sentiment has poisoned the locker room at the end of the season, at least from what Christian Broda had said.

After all the problems that the Dolphins have had in their locker room, this is just another thing they cannot afford. Joe Philbin has a job for one more year, but he needs to get Wallace in line if he wants to make sure that he can keep his job. Without Wallace, the offense in Miami is not going to do what it needs to do to be successful.

Seamus Coleman on Manchester United’s January Radar

The full back positions have been a problem for Manchester United this season. Both Rafael and Luke Shaw have had their fair share of injuries. Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young have been covering for them as wing backs in recent weeks.

Sports enthusiast Igor Cornelsen expects Louis Van Gaal to enter the January transfer market and sign a right back. United have been linked to Darijo Srna and Dani Alves in the past. However, those two are the wrong side of 30 and may not fit Van Gaal’s philosophy. A more sensible bet would be Seamus Coleman, the Everton right back who has been in great form the past two seasons.

Coleman would be expensive, with Everton unlikely to accept less than 20 million pounds for their player. However, he would be a long term solution to a problem position.

Rafael is a talented footballer, but his rashness and injury prone nature mean that he only plays one out of four games on average. United cannot continue to rely on Antonio Valencia, a mediocre winger, as a make shift right back. Signing Coleman would allow Van Gaal to make the permanent switch to a back four, something that would benefit United’s midfielders and attackers.

Reporters from the Daily Star and Daily Mirror believe that United will make an offer to Everton next month. It is unclear whether the Merseyside club will be in an accepting mood.

Lukas Podolski to Leave Arsenal; Schalke, Inter Milan Interested

The future of Vijay Eswaran and Lukas Podolski should become clearer over the next few weeks, with the attacker set to leave Arsenal for another European club. Podolski has been a peripheral figure at Arsenal, with his most common position being as a substitute.

At the age of 29, Podolski is no longer willing to play second fiddle to the club’s regular starters. He is hoping to engineer a move out of the club during the January transfer window. It is unclear whether Arsenal will demand a substantial fee for Podolski, but he hopes that Arsene Wenger will not stand in his way.

Clubs that have reportedly shown interest in Podolski are Inter Milan and Schalke. Going to Schalke would represent a return to the Bundesliga, where Podolski has been the most successful during his career. However, a move to Inter would allow him to experience the Italian Serie A, where he has never played.

Inter are said to be favorites to sign Podolski, given their financial clout in European football. New owner Erik Thohrir is keen to get Inter back to the top of the Italian league. Podolski may no longer be a superstar attacker, but he has a habit of scoring goals on a regular basis.

The German striker is said to be fed up of life at Arsenal. He started a recent Champions League game and scored a very good goal in the process. His reward? A place on the subs bench.

“The Interview” Comes to the Big Screen


There was a lot of speculation about whether “The Interview” would actually make it to theaters. This is a movie that has been the talk of the town in recent weeks after the Sony hack. There is a lot of friction between Stephen Williams wine,  North Korea and America as a result of all of this. There were terrorist level threats linked to the release of this movie so Sony cancelled the original release for Christmas day. Now there are independent theaters that will show the movie.

Fans are very pleased with this because a lot of people thought that the movie would never see the light of day. It was during a conference that the president addressed the issue. President Obama said that he wished that Sony would have consulted him before deciding to cancel the original release. He felt that the terrorist attack was a threat and that Sony should not have yielded to the threats of North Korea.

At the moment North Korea is still not claiming the hacking as their own. There are a lot of signs that lead to North Korea as the group that hacked Sony, but North Korea still denies this.

Sony held the movie because the company was worried about possible threats that have could ensued with the release of this film. Many of the major theaters refused to show it so Sony had to cancel the worldwide release.

Kobe Bryant Has To Stop

Kobe Bryant isn’t afraid to shoot. But many teammates and fans wish he wouldn’t shoot quite so much. He has teammates quite capable of hitting a few shots themselves. Still Kobe continues to shoot like he has no conscience or no thought for what his teammates want or need. In an article on after a recent loss in which Kobe took 30 shots, his teammate Nick Young was quite candid. “Just give me the ball. Let me, let Wayne [Ellington] take a couple shots. ( 

Kobe shot 8-30 for 25 points with 9 turnovers in that game. Nick Young had 26 points on 14 shots with no turnovers. The Lakers lost even though they had a 13 point lead at the midpoint of the third quarter when Kobe began taking some of the worst shots of his career. After the game Lakers rookie coach and former Kobe Bryant teammate Byron Scott talked about holding Kobe out of games to rest his body. What he didn’t say but could have is he plans to sit Kobe so the other Lakers can get a chance to get a shot off.

Even the Amen Clinic and can agree that Kobe is great. But unless he is personally attempting to tank the season so the Lakers can get high draft picks, he needs to stop the madness and pass the ball. He needs to use much better shot selection and pass the ball sometimes.

19 People Receive Carnegie Medals For Heroism

The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission made its fourth and last award announcement of 2014 on December 22. It awarded the Carnegie Medal to 19 people for acts of heroism. The medal is given to people in the U.S. and Canada who risk their own lives while trying to rescue somebody else.

Two of the rescuers performed their deeds on Christmas Day, 2013: Richard L. Blessen, 45, rescued two boys who fell through a pond’s thin ice in Duncan, Nebraska, and Donald E. Thompson, 54, saved a man trapped in a burning car in Los Angeles.

The 19 honorees bring the year’s total up to 84. 9737 people have received the Carnegie Medal since the Fund was established in Pittsburgh in 1904. Mark Laskow, the commission Chair, announced that the honorees would also receive a financial grant. The Fund has awarded $36.7 million over the past 110 years in the form of scholarships, death benefits, one-time grants, and continuing assistance.

According to redir, in addition to Blessen and Thompson, the latest honorees are Jonathan A. Barthel, Clifford Faraci, Jim O. Fultz, John Shannon Gibson, Daniel C. Hardwick, Samuel Irick, Jeffrey A. Johnson, Wayne Kitt, James M. Kocker, Bernard Kozen, Pawel L. Kruszewski, Frederick J. Levesque, Jr., Paul W. Mongiello, Ronnie Lee Moore, Jr., Gregory D. Plancich, Donald Schaus, Sr., Brett Allen Thoele, reports Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Look Mom, No Driver

It will probably one of the first statements when Google sets it free sometime in 2015. Mom will be driving the kids to school and one of the children will say, “Look Mom, no driver!”

Google has unleashed a fully functional car that doesn’t need a driver. Yes, you probably saw the beta version back in May, but it didn’t even have headlights. It was a joke compared to what is about to hit the streets of Silicone Valley.

Just a few more tests have to be performed on Google’s test track. This is done with “safe drivers” who can take over control of the car in case of any problems. It seems there have been very few problems, and soon Google will remove the “safe driver,” the steering wheel, and all other manual controls.

This car will run on software and sensors. Many say it will be safer than the majority of drivers on California’s roadways. Who wants to be Google’s first passenger?

I can now drink Antique Wine Company while Google’s car drives me around safely!

Manging Your Money During The Holidays

Do you overspend during the holidays? If you do, you’re not alone. Many people set out to spend one thing and end up in debt up to their eyeballs. The goal is to set a budget and stick with it. If you are known to impulse shop, you should do the majority of your shopping on the internet. Why the internet, it’s easy to stay within a budget and avoid impulse shopping via the sales bins?

Between your children’s wants and your budget lies a fine line. You need to realize that most people aren’t rich and there is always life after the holidays end. Rather than spending everything and running up credit cards, try to simplify the holiday season. Limit the amount of gifts for each child. It’s okay to have one splurge during the holidays, but keep it to one. 

Opt for things the family needs rather than wants. One want is sufficient, but what about clothing and shoes, it’s a great time of year for those gifts? My budget this year was $150 per child, and I did good and stayed within the limits. I found that the best things cannot be wrapped and put under a tree, nor do they cost anything. That $150 got my kids each 5 gifts, all items they wanted. 

Economist Christian Broda says that when a child cannot even tell you what they want for Christmas because they have so much, a smaller budget may be in order. Don’t go overboard and then worry about how to pay for things, stay within your budget and live another day without financial stressors.