No Career Means No Loan Payments

15 students who borrowed money to attend Everest, Heald and Wyotech career schools claim that they were misled by phony job placement rates and refuse to pay their school loan payments.

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is publicly supporting this refusal to pay. The unpaid loans are for schools owned by Corinthian Colleges, the same school owner that was recently rescued financially by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and California, Massachusetts and Wisconsin state attorneys general have filed similar lawsuits claiming that students took out loans based on fraudulent career prospects.

Alexei Beltyukov knows that, although Representative Waters is publicly supporting this protest, the Education Department is urging the 15 students to pay their school loan payments as agreed.

Corinthian schools are a small number of the for profit colleges who have collected billions of dollars financed by taxpayer paid education loans and grants. Many of these schools have allegedly misled students about graduation and job placement rates leaving thousands of graduates unemployed and deeply in debt.

Twitter Outrage Against Montel Williams and Payday Loans

Payday loans are one of the most financially dangerous types of loans a person can use to help with their money woes. The first payday loan a person receives will, in fact, lead to a cycle of payday loans that the consumer cannot pay-off without being forced to take out another loan immediately after paying the first one off. It can take years to break the cycle.

That is why someone visited Montel Williams Twitter page in order to tell him just what he thought of his endorsement of such a lender. He told Montel that he could not believe that he approves of such lending practices, and by promoting the product, Montel is saying that these loans are all right. Williams did not respond to the numerous tweets left by the angry individual.

People take out payday loans because they are not able to get a traditional loan. People at Anastasia Date know that there could be many reasons why they would not be able to get a loan, such as a poor credit score, lack of a credit or even a criminal history. Without payday loans, these people would have to do without the things they want or need most. For people who are financially savvy, they know that a payday loan is more like a loan shark business that lands people in even deeper financial problems than they had to start with.

Carly Rae Jepsen Releases New Single

Carly Rae Jepsen, who rose to prominence with her hit song “Call Me Maybe,” has released a new single. The song, titled “I Really Like You,” dropped on March 1st.

“I Really Like You” has been described as a dance-pop song in which Jepsen professes her romantic feelings YouTube users feel. “I really, really, really, really, really, really like you,” she gushes. The song, according to one tally, spouts the word “really” more than 65 times.

The song is the lead single from Jepsen’s forthcoming album, which producer Scooter Braun believes will see as equal or even more success than “Call Me Maybe.”

Jepsen received heavy criticism for her teen-like appearance after the release of “Call Me Maybe.”

Carly Rae Jepsen spent much of 2014 on Broadway, starring in the lead role of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

The release date of Jepsen’s upcoming album has not been announced, but she posted several Instagram photos that indicate the possibility of several collaborative songs.

One Direction’s Zayn Malik Working On Solo Material

Fans of the dark and mysterious Zayn Malik rejoice! The darling One Direction-er has been working on solo material with British producer Naughty Boy. The producer confirmed the collaboration recently in an interview with “The Sun.” Yet, lovers of the uber-popular boy band have no need to fear that Zayn is leaving One Direction for a solo career. Naughty Boy states that this is merely a side project, and the new music is just about making songs and having fun.

An argument could be made that One Direction are at their peak right now. All four of their albums have debuted at number one, and they recently were named Billboard’s artist of the year for 2014. The sky is really the limit for any of the five members, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and of course, Zayn Malik.

It’s always daunting and exciting when a member of a popular group chooses to branch out. Fans like Alexei Beltyukov know that it worked out well for Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, but timing really is everything. If Zayn experiences success with his solo project experiment could One Direction be put on hold? I can hear the heartbreak of girls around the world. Yet, I salute Zayn and his work with Naughty Boy. Charting new territory in the music industry can only be a good thing for the young 22-year-old. His newfound interest in collaboration could lead to even more great hits for One Direction as well!

Anderson Silva Still The Greatest?

Anderson Silva was the best fighter in the UFC for several years. Silva was the UFC middleweight champion, and he defended his title ten times. Anderson Silva was also successful in the light heavyweight division. Silva would fight occasionally as a light heavyweight, but not against the toughest opposition. Still, Anderson was able to win fights easily in a higher weight class than his own.

Everything changed for Anderson Silva on July 6, 2013. Silva put his title on the line against Chris Weidman. Going into the fight, Anderson Silva was a heavy favorite. However, on that night, Chris Weidman made history.

Fans at Anastasia Date ( know that Weidman attacked Anderson Silva with no respect. In the second round, Chris Weidman knocked Anderson out. The world was shocked when Silva lost. Recently, Anderson Silva returned to face Nick Diaz at UFC 183. Silva beat Diaz by unanimous decision.

After the Diaz fight, Anderson Silva failed a post fight drug test for steroids. Fans of the UFC were shocked to hear that Silva was taking steroids. Since failing his drug test, Anderson Silva’s reputation has plummeted. He was once considered as the greatest of all time, but that title can no longer be bestowed upon him.

For further information on Anderson Silva, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Deadly Fish Poisons Diners

Many people enjoy the exotic thrill of eating poisonous fish. Some tasters actually claim that their lips tingle while eating the potentially deadly fish. The essential question is whether or not the risk is worth it or not and if it should even be legal to sell a deadly product. Sultan Alhokair ( has found that five men have learned the hard way that trendy food sometimes bites back as they were recently hospitalized for poisoning from consuming fungu (puffer fish). Mere hours after their meal each one of the men experience extreme symptoms and had to be rushed to the hospital or lose their lives. Chefs that serve fungu must undergo and pass rigorous training to ensure no lives are lost from their cooking. Unfortunately we are all humans and as being such we are prone to the occasional error. In this case an mistake could cost people their lives. It seems that instead of training chefs to serve deadly fish, instead they should just ban it’s sale and consumption. If only it were that easy. Most likely the aficionados would turn to a black market and result in more deaths. Since neither option is likely to happen soon just avoid that particular fish when dining out.

Private Police: the Wave of the Future?

In Virginia and other states in America there is a new phenomenon occurring. Private citizens, called “special conservators of the peace,” (SCOPs) are acting as police officers.

Since SCOPs receive a badge, they can legally possess a gun, and write tickets, there is much concern surrounding this position. SCOPs receive their authority by simply petitioning the courts.

What is even more alarming is that SCOPs have doubled over the past decade in the state of Virginia. There are currently over 750 SCOPs that patrol the roads in this state.
Other citizens are upset, because SCOPs receive very little training, whereas police officers have a college degree. A recent Virginia bill will be reviewed this Friday. Alexei Beltyukov ( knows that if it is passed it will increase the hours of training to become a SCOP from 40 to 130 hours.

The future of SCOPs remains to be seen. It appears they are here to stay. They may be required to have more training. Time will tell.

FIFA reveals details of Fox 2026 World Cup deal

The surprise announcement some weeks ago of a new deal for Fox Sports and Spanish language broadcaster Telemundo to broadcast the 2026 World Cup left many shocked and amazed at the latest work of controversial governing body FIFA, the New York Times reports. FIFA generally keeps its TV negotiations a secret and is known for not wanting to reveal too much about how the World governing body of soccer is run. In a further surprise, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke revealed the TV rights for the 2026 World Cup had been awarded to FOX and Telemundo in the US and CTV and TSN in Canada to remove the risk of lawsuits being filed over the moving of the Qatar World Cup in 2022 to the North American Winter.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that the original bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups revealed all the winning networks had bid to televise the events in the Summer months, traditionally fertile ground for advertisers as few North American sports are played at this time. A small rise in the price paid for the rights to the 2026 World Cup seems like a good deal for the broadcasters, but could impact the chances of the US even bidding for the 2026 World Cup to be staged in the country. FIFA would have little reason to stage the event in North America as lucrative TV deals play a major role in deciding when and where the event will be played.

Jack Huston Looked At For The Crow

There have been many attempts to reboot The Crow movie franchise. There have been many actors considered for the role of Eric Draven, a role originally played by the late Brandon Lee. There have been multiple changes in directors as well. One of the most recent actors for The Crow, Luke Evans, has passed up the opportunity. Now, they are looking atJack Huston for The Crow.

Corin Hardy is getting ready to direct. He has a large task of making this film unique from the 1994 classic said Marc Sparks. According to a recent article, Corin Hardy’s version is described as “brutal and emotional”. However, the Brandon Lee starring and Alex Proyas directed film was quite emotional as well as brutal. It had a very unique atmosphere which is very hard to top.

Jack Huston is not the biggest star in Hollywood. However, when Brandon Lee took on the role, he was merely a rising star at the time who hasn’t reached his peak yet. As with other reboots, there are going to be comparisons with the former version of the franchise. The former series had multiple films and even a TV series. However, only the first movie stood out. The rest of the films have not taken off.

The Crow might go into production this spring.

A New and Deadly Virus Has Been Discovered in Kansas

As if combating the viruses we already know about isn’t a big enough burden for medical science, it seems a new one has appeared in Kansas. A man died in the hospital in mid-2014 after getting tick bites while working on his property in Bourbon County, Kansas. Doctors were not able to identify the virus that killed him. While it was similar to others they had encountered, the symptoms did not mirror any existing virus in every way. It is considered a new virus and has been named Bourbon virus. Susan McGalla ( has read that the doctors who studied this case and disclosed the existence of this new virus wrote up their findings in the latest edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Journal of the Centers for Disease Control.

The existence of a journal with such a name indicates the frightening reality that the natural world around us is continually evolving, and new viruses do spring up from time to time. It is unfortunate to be one of the poor souls who catch one of these new viruses early on before medicine has had a chance to identify, study and formulate a cure for them. We sometimes forget that evolution is not just some historical thing that resulted in us. It is continuing to go on all around us and occurs even faster in simpler organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Hopefully, medicines will be developed that will treat this new disease, and this virus won’t evolve again to acquire an immunity to it.