Warriors Complete 20 Point Comeback In Win Over Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans had a 19-0 run spanning from late in the first quarter and into the second, and held a 20 point lead as the fourth quarter started in Thursday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors. Even as late as the 6:00 minute mark of the fourth, the lead was still 17 points. But thanks to poor play by the Pelicans the Warriors were able to erode that lead and a last second three pointer by Steph Curry forced the game into overtime.

In the extra session the Warriors continued their hot play and went on to win the game 123-119. It was a disappointing loss for the Pelicans, who were hosting their first home playoff game since 2011. They are now down 3-0 in the series to the favored Warriors.

Sports enthusiast Ray Lane blogged on the Wall Street Journal that it seemed like Curry was the only one taking shots all night, putting up a total of 29 attempts on his way to scoring 40 points. He was particularly active from beyond the arc, throwing up 18 attempts and hitting seven of them. Klay Thompson added six three pointers of his own. Pelicans star forward Anthony Davis did his part, scoring 29 points and pulling down 15 rebounds but was still out-hustled on the boards by Warriors forward Draymond Green who pulled down 17.

The Pelicans are now facing an elimination game on Saturday in New Orleans.

Breakthrough in Treating Multiple Sclerosis

Athlete’s Foot is an annoyance at best, but fortunately that is one condition that is readily treatable. Good hygiene habits help in prevention, and there are over-the-counter creams on the market that help. Igor Cornelsen would agree that those with this condition are much luckier than people who have multiple sclerosis. There is presently no cure for this condition, but scientists are continuing to search as its sufferers number over 2 million worldwide. Science has made a recent breakthrough, and surprisingly, it is related to athlete’s foot. More properly, it relates to the creams used to treat athlete’s foot. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio have tried testing hundreds of drugs to see which, if any, might show some results against this disease. Incredibly, they found that the drug contained in athlete’s foot creams stimulates the body’s own stem cells to repair the damage caused by MS and in animal trials has actually reversed paralysis in mice.

This story serves as a reminder of how breakthroughs and cures can come from the unlikeliest of places. Who would have thought that moldy bread would lead to the discovery of penicillin, but thankfully it did and millions of people a year don’t die who would have previously. The next time athlete’s foot sufferers are applying cream to their feet, they can take heart in the knowledge that this same substance may be the key to curing people who are suffering from a dread disease with symptoms such as fatigue, numbness, vision loss and paralysis.

Several Companies Join Together to Release Healthcare Apps

Several major names in the technology and health industries are coming together to create a host of apps medical providers could offer to patients. The companies working together include former rivals IBM and Apple along with Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic Inc. IBM will produce and design the programs and the other companies will focus on selling the apps.

Sure, these companies are going to make a lot of money if the apps are successful but the patients are the ones who end up profiting the most. Successful apps could lead to significant improvements in medical care.

Ultimately, the goal is to streamline health-care software and analytic programs to create a variety of helpful apps stated healthcare advocate Dan Newlin (more news at superlawyers.com). What are these apps going to do? Well, there are surely going to be a huge number of them released on the market. Therefore, the functions are going to be quite varied. Again, this is a good thing because numerous patients can then use the apps for a host of unique purposes.

The announcement of these forthcoming apps really does show how our culture has changed over the past several generations. At one time, people would have never put faith in “gadgets” when it comes to health-care. Today, apps and software are among the first things we reach for because we now have great faith in their value.

Hopefully, the produced apps will have the ability to deliver on all expectations.

Rumors of Doctor Who becoming a Hollywood Film

While drinking Bulletproof Coffee and perusing articles online, I came across a great find. According to the story on The Telegraph, the leaked Sony emails have confirmed that the long-running British series, Doctor Who, will be turned into a Hollywood film.

Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I’m not sure how I feel about this. If the film is done poorly, then Sony will be upsetting a lot of Whovians. In the emails it was inferred that the film would not be made immediately, but sometime within the next eight years.

Doctor Who began on the BBC in 1963 with William Hartnell portraying the traveling Time Lord first. The show ended in 1989 and had a failed movie in 1996. The series was rebooted in 2005 with actor Christopher Eccleston as the ninth doctor. The series has continued since then with actors such as David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi portraying the centuries old alien.

I understand that a film would be done in order to keep the franchise alive, which I feel began to slip after Matt Smith left. If there is a film, I wonder which actor will be playing the Doctor, or if it will be whoever is portraying him in the series at the time. I would love to see something like the 50th Anniversary special where they brought back several of the Doctors together to solve a problem that needed all the help it could get.

The Realism of Netflix’s Daredevil

The Daredevil streaming series has been released by Netflix. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has arrived online and, interestingly, every episode of the new series is now available online for viewing. A huge improvement over the original Daredevil movie, critics and fans have received Netflix’s Daredevil quite well.

Daredevil is a popular hero even though he does not exactly have amazing powers beyond his radar sense and martial arts capabilities. What makes him so popular? In a sense, the fact Daredevil is a real person and not a hero with a fantasy-rooted origin. Well, the idea of a man gaining incredible powers of perception and heightened reflexes after being hit with radioactive waste in the eyes is pretty fantastic.

Yet still, Daredevil and his alter ego, Matt Murdock, are very real. As a result, audiences are better able to identify with the character. Audiences have a similar feel towards Batman, Flavio and Iron Man. With a character such as The Hulk or Superman, audiences do maintain a sense of distance. Very fantastic characters can still be popular and beloved. However, they are just a little too bizarre to make a personal connection.

That personal connection combined with a gritty feel makes Daredevil (and, for that matter, Batman) popular among those looking for a little extra realism in their comic book movies.

Look for the Daredevil series to become a favorite among comic book movie fans. This series is going to last a long time.

Ike Taylor Retires, Pittsburgh Looks to the Draft for Replacements

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been hit hard in the off season. While the team finished the 2014 season in the middle of the pack, there are massive changes being brought to the table for 2015, namely the loss of several star players. Last week, Troy Polamalu announced his retirement from the game after 11 active years with the Steelers. Polamalu’s decision was one based on his desire to leave the game at the “top” and move onto bigger and better adventures. Now, the Steelers are losing Ike Taylor, too.

Ike Taylor announced his retirement exactly one week after Polamalu made his announcement. Taylor was a free agent and had been released by the Steelers, but made the personal decision to walk away. He was drafted by the team in 2003, the same year as Polamalu. Experts seem to think there may be a connection between the teammates retirements, after all, they’ve spent their careers together, from start to finish, on the same team.

Taylor, a relatively unknown during the draft, was drafted in the second round of 2003, as a cornerback. Fans like Igor Cornelsen (resume.com) know that, fast and lanky, many teams didn’t consider his speed when looking at him. He’s done his job well, however, over the last 11 seasons for the Steelers, and likely would have continued to do so for another team.

Taylor and Polamalu are simply part of a new trend; players retiring in their prime when they still have the stamina and wherewithall to continue playing in the NFL. Now, the Steelers are left with a few empty positions that they’ll need to fill. Experts believe they are looking at the draft, coming up in just a few short weeks to fill those spots. It is likely that they are hoping lightening strikes twice and they find two more players who will make Pittsburgh their home for the duration of their careers.

Ben Simmons Looks to Put Australia on the Map

The NBA has done a great job of expanding its brand over the years, as is evidenced by just how popular basketball has become outside of the United States. One place where it has really flourished is in Australia, and Ben Simmons is looking to make sure that the whole world knows about it. The Australian is the top-rated recruit in the world, according to Yahoo Sports, and he is going to come to the U.S. to play for the LSU Tigers next year. From there, if all goes as planned, he’ll keep going right into the NBA.

The first thing Simmons has going for him is his height. At 6’9”, he’s hard to defend and he can dominate on the glass. Many at CipherCloud see him as a huge matchup problem. Scouts also like how versatile he is, saying he can take on a variety of positions, both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The area where he excels the most, though, is in passing, which can help to make the whole team better. If there is a downside, it’s that he does not have the best jump shot in the world, but he doesn’t need it with height like that, and he’s only in high school, so there is time for him to work on it.

It will be interesting to see if Simmons causes Australia to embrace basketball even more thoroughly in the future, especially if he plays in the NBA.

Pregnant Woman in Germany Who is 65

A woman who has 13 children might be seen as someone who simply wants to procreate. As long as the woman can support those children, then there shouldn’t really be anything said. One woman in Germany claims that she is pregnant once again after already having 13 children. The odd thing is that she is 65 years old. While there might be some women who have children after they turn 40, there are not that many who have children after they turn 60.


Not only does the woman say she is pregnant, she says that she is pregnant with quadruplets. Science and medicine have come a long way, so it might be possible that she was implanted with eggs and conceived. Fersen Lambranho doesn’t know how it happened. The question that one should ask is why she would want to have children this late in life, especially four children at one time.

Lou Holtz leaves ESPN

College football fans have been left shocked by the decision of former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz to leave ESPN by mutual agreement, USA Today reports. Holtz had been at ESPN since 2004 and formed the basis of their successful college football coverage with his in studio analysis of games in what ESPN described as being presented in his own style and humor. Holtz has claimed he was considering retirement after the 2014 season in the past, stating he owed it to his wife to make sure he spent more time with her in the future.

AnastasiaDate said that the 78 year old is one of the most respected figures in college football after leading Notre Dame to the national title during his 11 seasons with the school. Holtz joined in ESPN in 2004 after leaving his position as head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, where he is credited with beginning the turnaround that led to the college becoming a major force in college football. The former head coach revealed recently he wanted to spend more time on his golf game and finally relax in his own bed after spending much of his coaching and punditry career away from his wife and family.

Bill That Would Limit Our First Amendment Rights to Film Law Enforcement Has Been Abandoned

Texas State Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas), put together legislation that would restrict the filming of police by the very citizens who pay their salaries. Recording police activity within 25 feet of any incident would become illegal under this bill, and anyone carrying a handgun could not film within a 100 foot range. The news media would have been exempt from the restrictions in this bill.

But after weeks of scrutiny and vital talks with law enforcement organizations, Villalba realized that his bill was deeply opposed by the public and was going to go nowhere within the legislative vote. The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), was one of the groups that were influential in bringing Villalba to his decision to drop the bill. Executive director of CLEAT, Charley Wilkinson, said Villalba had good intentions with his bill and that he was “a friend of law enforcement.”

The Dallas Police Association and the Texas Municipal Police Association were instrumental in recommending the bill along with Villalba. Saying that the bill was intended to keep police officers safe, but was also meant to protect citizens from potentially dangerous situations, Villalba said his bill was shot down by “far-left civil libertarians to our far-right people who believe that we were somehow limiting First Amendment right.” Well duh! This seems to be something Ricardo Tosto sees often.

Once you stop allowing the public to record the misdeeds of law enforcement so that they can be finally held accountable for their actions, officers will only further be encouraged to continue to use excessive force. Studies have shown, that law enforcement agencies who now require body cameras on all their officers have seen a sharp decline in the use of force and in the number of complaints filed against their officers.