Beverly Hills Auto Shows The Ropes On Getting A BMW

BMW’s have been one of America’s best selling brands that has also taken the position of a status symbol. When Americans think of a BMW, they typical associate the brand with someone who is doing fairly well in their career. The Beverly Hills Auto Group in New York seeks to educate car buyers further on this brand by explaining the trade-offs on both used and new BMW brands. Beverly Hills Auto Group comes from a background of customers that have pleasure driving with many brands. Although their customers enjoy driving cars, most of the Beverly Hills Auto Group customers come to them because they had bad experiences in the past with unfortunate sales tactics from other dealerships. They are here to explain the benefits of buying a used and new BMW for active car buyers.

BMW’s certainly have a pleasant driving experience yet many do have their issues when they reach a certain type of mileage. Many buyers are unaware of this fact and Beverly Hills Auto Group is here to point out the biggest issues you need to be aware about before buying your next used BMW. The best models on getting a BMW are the models from the early 2000s if you are looking for a daily driver. The earlier BMW’s have more reliable internal electronics and fuel pump systems. If you are looking for fuel efficiency, the newer BMW’s from 2015 and up and the models you want to get for better gas mileage and luxurious interiors.

Fabletics Teams Up With Demi Lovato For Their Most Anticipated Fashion Line Yet

Anyone who follows Demi Lovato on any of her social media accounts knows what a big fan of fitness she is. Spreading the message of body positivity and the importance of well being, she has become of the biggest hollywood fitness inspirations. She actively tries to urge people to shed the unhealthy lifestyle and work out to maintain their bodies well. In the past, Demi Lovato has been known to team with with fitness companies, endorsing their products, but recently, she decided to take a new venture and launch her own line of fitness clothing. Teaming up with activewear giant, Fabletics, Demi Lovato took to Instagram to share the news with her fans about the collaboration. According to the post, she was extremely happy that she was partnering up with a fashion giant to release her own line of limited edition activewear which customers can avail of through the Fabletics website.


Fabletics was established in 2013 and since then has created a huge splash on the fashion industry. By giving their customers clothing that not only looks good, but also feels good,they established their place in the activewear market. But the reason for Fabletics’ success doesn’t just lie in the kind of products that they offer, though that is one of the biggest factors why they were received so well in the industry. Fabletics in fact has adopted some of the best market strategies that brands have used in recent times, to promote their products and to attract more customers. By implementing a membership system where customers get a set of active wear clothing every month, Fabletics has managed to keep their customers coming back for more. Because of this system, customers of Fabletics can get the latest in activewear fashion, delivered every month, right to their doorstep, without having to do much effort.


The new collection will be one of Fabletics’ first collaborations. The collections will be available soon through the Fabletics website and in their stores across the country. The line will feature extremely flattering pieces of activewear that are designed to support you and to motivate you to get that fit body that you have always wanted. The pieces have all been designed by Demi herself, and will contain some of the latest looks from this years activewear fashion. The collection embodies everything that Demi Lovato is, and stays true to her style and her personality. In addition to being absolutely fashionable and comfortable, the clothing will also feature inspirational quotes and messages, and some lyrics from Demi Lovato’s songs as well. All in all, the collection seems to be one of the most anticipated fashion lines yet that Fabletics has put out.


In addition to being absolutely fashionable and comfortable, the line is also known for something else. Demi Lovato is someone who believes in giving back to the community and helping underprivileged people across the word. Fabletics therefore paired up with GirlUp, a non profit organization that aims at providing girls in underprivileged countries with bicycles, so that they can make safer commutes to school and work.

How Ken Goodrich Turned Goettl Air Conditioning Around

Ken Goodrich’s business strategy of turning around distressed companies saved Goettl from collapsing. The company was founded in 1939. In the recent past, it was going through hard times. Its revenues were shrinking, clients were disinterested in enlisting the company’s services, and employees were not motivated. However, these challenges were no match to Goodrich turn-around strategy that has helped 15 other companies to return to active operations. The business leader bought Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013.

In the last eight decades, Goettl has changed hands several times. Initially, two brothers, Gust and Adam Goettl owned the family-run business. In the run-up to the purchase of the company by Goodrich, the business had been owned by a large out-of-state company for five years.

The company’s problems, during the previous owner’s regime, started when the ownership was accused of questionable business practices by the attorney general. The law suit that followed the accusation turned the public against the company. Despite the ownership winning the case, the public-perception scar remained. This situation reduced the company’s operational efficiency and profitability margins.

For Goodrich, he opted for the old school way of tackling the problem. The entrepreneur embarked on morale building. His turn-around strategy incorporated both the clients and employees. During this period, Goodrich spoke with the members of staff on a daily basis motivating them to identify with its new vision. Moreover, he involved the company in various charity events such as donating 50,000 cases of water to the homeless during summer every year. In addition, the entrepreneur ensured that the company continued to supply high-quality HVAC units and offer excellent customer service.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a HVAC company, which was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl. The company provides premium products, quality services, and technical expertise. Its services include air conditioning, ventilation, heating, and air-purification. The corporation serves both residential and commercial clients based in Arizona and California.

Life Line Screening for Preventative Healthcare

There are a number of screening services that are provided by Life Line Screening. They are organizing ultrasound as well as EKG screenings. All of these are easy and painless. Besides, these are highly affordable services and hence can be managed by all. In addition, it is highly convenient too for all. There are well-trained technologists with them. Hence Life Line Screening makes use of state-of-the-art screening equipment for the ultrasound. This ensures highly accurate lab results. These screenings are convenient as they do not require much preparation.

Life Line Screening does a number of preventive health screenings. These include ultrasound screenings. Ultrasound or sonography refers to a technique in which sound waves are used for imaging the body structures. While the ultrasound procedure is going on, there would be sound waves of high frequency being transmitted to any specific area in the body. The returning echoes get recorded leading to ultrasound screening.

Ultrasound is used for detecting as well as monitoring of medical conditions. These would be in fields like obstetrics, ophthalmology, as well as cardiology. Typically people are quite familiar with it nowadays as it is used a lot during pregnancy. It is absolutely painless as well as a non-invasive form of screening. Click here to know more.

Another screening offered by Life Line Screening is the Doppler color flow technology for doing an ultrasound. This is equipment that provides accurate and reliable images. This is used for screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm as well as for carotid artery disease. It is used for screening of ankle brachial index and helps to detect peripheral arterial disease. It is also used for screening of bone mineral density in order to detect the risk of osteoporosis. It can be used for the blood screenings that are done through a finger-stick. These are used for detecting heart disease as well as diabetes.


Banking solutions in Dallas

Bankers association of Texas holds an annual conference yearly. These meetings are important in assessing challenges faced by communities, opportunities, and local markets. The banking association then comes up with a strategy of handling their problems.

On 18th November 2016, Nexbank held their meeting that was led by John Bolt. This conference was held in New Orleans, in Louisiana and it was no different from the others held before. Several issues were discussed on this particular day. Some of the issues that were discussed are:

The role of many quick changes in technology and their effects

Key player changes

Mr. John Holt, who is also the president of Nexbank narrated that market leaders in his sector should take necessary steps for community banking development. He also stepped in and explained to the congregation about his organization.

Nexbank is an organization in Texas, Dallas that offers many financial solutions. This bank helps many communities in Dallas. People in Dallas have Nexbank to be a better place for saving their money which is normally for the college education. Less privileged people are benefitting from mortgages offered by Nexbank. This bank has helped in empowering school children and keeping them in a better position in the community

Organic growth of many organizations in Dallas depends on Nexbank services. Some of these services are:

Mortgage banking

Institutional banking

Commercial banking

Nexbank is now leading in Dallas. It offers quality services.

Clay Siegall: The Zealous Cancer Therapies Researcher

Cancer as globally known as the world’s leading chronic killer disease. To date, curative treatments are yet to be formulated. However, medical researchers and scientists have not relented. They are still determined to fight off this enormous medical giant from the lives of people. Fortunately, these very skilled experts have been able to formulate various therapies and treatments that can curtail the spread, development, and also the effects of this killer disease. In the front line of this battle are Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics.


Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder and current CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm that majors in the development of targeted therapy drugs for cancer. The company is located in Seattle. The respected scientist holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland. More so, he has a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of George Washington.


Dr. Clay Siegall explains that his career choice was prompted by the fact that medicine always fascinated him. With the new technologies, the idea interested him the more, and he wanted to personally experience the power and might of the advanced technology and reason to suppress the dominance of diseases in the world.


He continues to say that his interest became more real while pursuing his higher education. At that moment, his father fell sick and was diagnosed with cancer. The available treatment at the time was brutal such that he almost succumbed to death, not because of the ailment but the adverse effects of the chemotherapy treatment. In an effort to discover other treatment options, Clay’s desire was hatched, and he went ahead to base his career on it.


Dr. Clay Siegall explains how his company makes money. For starters, the firm sells its proprietary drugs, mostly the ADC. Besides, it reaps substantial revenues from production partnerships and licensing of technologies and processes. He explains that the entity has had its handful of struggles especially with capital issues but has since been resolved, and its operations have never ceased.


Dr. Clay Siegall has spanned a successful career with Seattle Genetics but has also served in other respectable institutions. He has worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute, and also the National Institute of Health. Besides, he serves on the Board of Directors of Alder Bio-pharmaceuticals, and he has also authored over 70 scientific journals and is a holder of 15 patents. Dr. Siegall attributes his success to hard work, great focus, and passion.


Lefkofsky Family Foundation – Enhancing the Human Life Quality

The Chief Executive Officer Of Tempus is Mr. Eric Lefkofsky. It is a great technology firm that fights cancer. He is also a partner of a venture fund that invests in innovative technologies. He is the founder of Groupon which is a trusted e-commerce marketplace.

Mr. Lefkofsy has been instrumental in forming a private charitable foundation. He is a Trustee in Chicago in the Lurie Children’s Hospital. Mr. Lefkofsky is also a professor at the Chicago University. He has successfully finished his graduation from Michigan University.

Mr. Lefkofsky was self-motivated to Start Tempus. It happened when his wife was found to have cancer of the breast. The primary purpose behind Tempus to create a technology layer in a current electronic medical record. His main goal is to make the people get familiar with oncology. They can utilize the platform to gather data for the purpose of analysis for disorders associated to neurology.

Mr. Lefkofsky’s foundation’s main aim is to have great programs and research that improve the human life’s quality in the different communities. The option of grants is there in many critical areas like human rights, medical research, culture, and arts. Click here to know more.

MrLefkofsky used to sell carpets as a freshman in Michigan University. He and his business partner Keywell initiated a web firm, Starbelly that had immense specialization in promoting various products. He created Groupon that is considered the finest in the technology industry.

Mr. Lefkofsky has exhibited a broad range of philanthropy. The Lefkofsky family foundation has become active partners with Google and Motorola Mobility Foundation. It has played a pivotal role in handling issues that are beyond Chicago.

Mr. Lefkofsky’s family foundation is a charitable organization that came into existence in the year 2006. It provides extensive research and also great programs to improve the human being’s quality of life.

His foundation makes a great effort to ensure there is access to high-quality education and also expanding of various cultural initiatives. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky’s family foundation strives to improve the human life quality to a great extent. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is the greatest American entrepreneur of all times.

Duda Melzer, Brazil Entrepreneur

Duda Melzer has built a successful career after graduating in Business Administration from the Pontificial Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Melzer also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School as well. Adding to his accolades, he also is the director of the Mercosul Biennial, an international contemporary art show taking place in Porto Alegre.

In an article on Estadao, before Duda Melzer began his career in North America he joined Sirotsky in 2004 as Director General for the RBS Group’s National Market. Duda was Senior Financial Analyst at Delphi Corporation in 2002 and Director General of nontraditional media company, Box Top Media, the same year he joined the Family Communications Network. In 2012 he became Chairman of the RBS Group and in 2015 served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the same company. Last year the entrepreneur was chosen to create the list of leaders for the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Every year the group selects 25 members from the new generation of entrepreneurial families from across the globe and who are considered examples for society.

Duda Melzer credits American John Davis for his inspiration in creating such a memorable business legacy. John Davis is a professor at Harvard and a family business specialist. He is also a highly sought out consultant in his field. Their relationship started in 1999 when the Sirotsky Company was its first customer in Brazil. Melzer also credits Jim Collins and Ram Charan in becoming an influential business man. He claims to consult with these two to this day. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Named One of the Best Plastic Surgeons in Texas

Noninvasive beauty procedures have grown phenomenally in the recent past. However, for the best results, going under the knife guarantees you success. The list prepared comprised of doctors whose names have become household names.




Aaron Rollins is responsible for helping celebs stay in shape. Other great surgeons in the state are Raj Kanodia, Lisa B. Cassilteh, Steven Teitelbaum, Carolyn C. Chang, and John Q. Owsley.




Constantino G. Mendieta is the go-to surgeon for butt augmentation. Julio F. Gallo also has an awesome reputation. Another famous surgeon is Roger K. Khouri who does breast reconstructions without using breast implants.




Adam R. Kolker is most famous for his natural looking boob jobs. Other great surgeons in the city are David A. Hidalgo, Alan Matarasso, Darrick E. Antell, Haideh Hirmand, James C. Marotta, and Andrew Jacono.




Gregory A. Wiener is renowned for giving butt lifts and boob jobs via fat transfer or implants.




Leonard B. Miller is famous for natural looking facelifts that do not leave scarring.




Anthony Youn and John D. Renucci are renowned for their exceptional methods of body augmentation.




Barry Dibernardo is famous for the use of new technology in plastic surgery.




David A. Bottger has built a good reputation for himself in the state.




Jennifer L. Walden is well known in Texas for her quality. She has long waiting list for various procedures that include labiaplasty. Rod J. Rohrich is also famous in Texas for refining body feature without extensive changes.


About Dr. Jennifer L. Walden


Dr. Walden grew up in Austin. Her mom worked as a surgical nurse, and her dad was a dentist. She grew up in a family where there was a huge need of hard work and achieving your best. She looks up to her mom for being able to raise five kids.

She studied for her medical degree at the University of Texas. Determined to prove how hard she had worked, she graduated Salutatorian of her class. After school, she decided to venture into plastic surgery. She also has two wonderful boys.

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Keep up with White Shark Media


White Shark Media has been recognized as one of the quickest developing computerized offices in North America. Their development is derived from engineering cost-effective search advertising efforts reputation while giving a world-class client encounter. The one-time boutique business has now helped a great number of independent companies across North America to grow by using their web based advertising strategies close by a suite of proprietary marketing instruments.

White Shark Media is an idea driving organization, known to set elevated requirements while educating people in the business sectors by means of their promoting blog. Since 2014 White Shark Media has been a partner of Google AdWords, Premier SMB, Bing Ads and Elite SMB. The company simply joined the Inc. 5000 rundown of America’s quickest developing organizations and is planning to build its own 6,000 square meter cutting edge office to better the ever growing audience. White Shark Media’s primary objective is to help small and medium sized organizations prevail through the firm’s technological search-engine advertising procedures.

White Shark Media offer flat free advertising solutions that are cost-effective and that come with whole transparency, no agreements, and authoritative access to your Google AdWords account. Being a key marketing agency, the tailored solutions delivered particularly target small and medium businesses. The media was established in 2011 and by 2014; the firm’s expertise was recognized by Google by it enrolling with the Google AdWords among other partnerships.

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