Hussain Sajwani Helps Make Properties Better for Everyone

When Hussain Sajwani started working on property development, he knew he could help other people have positive experiences. He also knew things would continue getting better as long as he made sure the properties he was developing were among the best in the industry. It made sense for him to continue showing people what he could get out of the experiences he had. It also made it easier for him to show others what they needed to get and how the properties would be better. As long as Hussain Sajwani felt good about giving back to the community, he felt he could show people they were doing things the right way. As per Forbes Middles East, there were times when Hussain Sajwani focused on what he was doing and what he had to do to change the positive experiences. When he was able to change these things, he made sure he was doing everything the right way.

By the time Hussain Sajwani started understanding what the industry needed, according to CNBC, he felt good about the options he gave his clients. The company was thriving and that’s what was important to Hussain Sajwani. He felt he could continue improving the way the business worked and that was a way for him to make the most out of everything he did. By looking at these options, Hussain Sajwani gave himself the chance to improve his business while also making it better for all the people he worked with. There were times where he would have to use this to make things better while also giving others the positive experiences they could use.

When Hussain Sajwani works on philanthropic efforts, he knows he can show people what they need to know about things that are related to property development. Hussain Sajwani also knows that some people don’t have the inspiration they need to continue getting better in different situations. For years, Hussain Sajwani felt he had the chance to do things the right way. He also felt he was making more out of the situations he dealt with. By the time Hussain Sajwani started working with others, he knew he could make things easier for everyone in the industry.

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How Matt Badiali Helps Gives Investors an Edge

Many investors are looking for new ways to beat the markets. Now one Geologist turned investment guru is helping the everyday investors find hidden opportunities in the commodities market. That financial expert Matt Badiali, has become the go-to advisor when it comes to finding winning investments.

So who is Matt Badiali? Well, Mr. Badiali is known as one of the most popular editors at Banyan Hill Publishing. His newsletters, “The Real Wealth Strategist” and “Front Line Profits” have become required reading for investors looking for opportunities in the oil and gas space. Recently, Mr. Badiali has giving his investors one of the most eye opening investment insights of the past decade.

In a recent article, Matt Badiali revealed the incredible opportunities in something called Freedom Checks. These Freedom Checks are payments made by oil and gas producers. and distributors. Structured as Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs, these companies are required to pay at least 90% of their income back to their investors.

One of the important aspects of these MLPs is the fact that these Freedom Check payments are not subject to a capital gains tax. Unlike dividend payments, Matt Badilai points out that Freedom Checks are considered a return on capital. It is this type of insight that allows Mr. Badiali to give his investors a unique edge.

During a recent interview with Inspiry, Mr. Badiali talked about his rigorous research process. When he is not working in his home office, Mr. Badiali is traveling all around the world looking for investment opportunities. Mr. Badiali’s research trips have taken him to Egypt, Haiti, Turkey and Switzerland. And as a Geologist, Matt Badiali is able to ask oil and gas companies specific questions about their production that other analysts simply would not be able to understand.

Later in the interview, Mr. Badiali talked about a recent trend of improved energy efficiency. Mr. Badiali believes that kerosene use will soon be a thing of the past and this trend could offer special investment opportunities. As he enters his next decade of investment research, Mr. Badiali will find more ways to help his investors grow their portfolio.

Victoria Doramus’ Career Life

Victoria Doramus, a digital and print media professional, attained her degree in journalism and mass communication at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is passionate about what she does as well as acts of charity towards women rights and animals. She exploits innovative ways of combining her experience in media, advertising, branding, and communication.

Victoria had a first career experience at mindshare in 2006 where she worked as an assistant media planner. Here she learned a lot about healthcare analytics and digital marketing. Driven by her creativity and passion in the field, Victoria worked as a personal assistant for Peter Burg a film director and producer. She ensured that staff members worked as a team and she for saw the property management and household inventory. At a later time, Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) exploited her skills at Trendera brand where she designed a marketing strategy. She worked towards translating lifestyle trends into developing new products and building a brand through marketing campaigns. Also, she managed client reports as well as trend reports.

Due to the vast experience in marketing, Victoria began writing at the Huffington post on the lifestyle trends. She also played a part in the Cassandra report which focuses on the macro and micro trends in various categories. Victoria used her expertise to produce multiple trend sections for national television shows. Victoria chipped in by offering materials and research to print books and assisted in marketing the modern girls guide to sticky situations. She possesses skills that identify trends that impact specific markets and reported on global market trends.

The massive experience has allowed Victoria to pursue her passions and made her a self-employed director of philanthropy. She aims to reduce the effects of alcohol and drugs on the young people as well as educate on the risks involved. She believes that helping the society and promoting their well-being is her responsibility and as a result, she supports various charities such as the room to read and Women Prison Association. Her full attention now is switched towards giving back to the society.

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Organo Gold Offers Something Brand New for Coffee Lovers

In today’s coffee culture, Americans will either satiate their cravings with a quick grab at some chain; or, they will explore new and freshly roasted blends that came from the farthest corners of the world at a trending cafe. San Fransico, CA; Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, are three of the major cities on the West Coast where coffee means business. In San Francisco, hardcore coffee connoisseurs demand fair trade products and might only buy products that came from organic farms. All in all, the method of pouring, or if the beans are actually roasted on the spot, become daily topics to endure for baristas everywhere. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold, established in 2008, is a unique beverage company that is adding something different that many coffee lovers will enjoy. The company has concocted a healthy brew that is befitting for every active lifestyle. Organo Gold infused the potent Ancient Chinese lingzhi herb into all of its premium gourmet coffees and teas. Lingzhi is also commonly referred to as Ganoderma, it has many exciting health benefits that were proven to reduce high cholesterol, provide antioxidants, regulate the immune system, prevent cancer and more. Organo Gold continues to use the herb in many of its products including coffees, black and green teas, shakes, hot cocoa,

cocktails and weight management products.


Organo Gold also provides coffee lovers with a promise to earn extra income. The company has created an independent distributor program where thousands of people worldwide can sell its products via wholesale. This savvy marketing has allowed Organo Gold to become one of the fastest direct selling companies in the world. In 2013, it was named as one of the top network marketing companies by Direct Selling News. Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo Chua and is based in Richmond, B.C., Canada. Follow Organo Gold on

Hussain Sajwani, A Study in Entrepreneurship

Hussain Sajwani worked for his father as a schoolboy after school as a schoolboy. The hours were long and he told his father that when he grew up he would never become a business owner because of the long hours. He thought it would be much better to be a professional with a degree so that he would be able to work regular hours.

Even though he did receive degrees in Engineering and Economics, Sajwani founded a catering company during the Gulf War that sold food to the US Army and various subsidiaries in the region. The venture was very successful and is still in business to this day. So much for the professional image, as Sajwani worked long and hard at this venture.

DAMAC Properties, Inc. was formed by Sajwani in 2002 when the United Arab Emirates decreed that foreign nationals would be able to purchase property in the Emirates and live there. Sajwani predicted a real estate boom and began to purchase property to accommodate his prediction. He was also a master promoter, as he relentlessly advertised and promoted his luxury apartments. In fact, his first project was completely and totally sold out before any construction had commenced.

He knew that many people with money would want to move to the Emirates because of its unique location and business emphasis. His apartments were the epitome of luxury living with all of the bells and whistles that people of means would desire. He brought in the best of designers, builders, and financing from around the world in order to meet the mounting demand.

Sajwani was a smart businessman too, as he paid cash for his land and financed very little of the rest of the project. He established separate accounting and bank accounts for each project, requiring each one to stand on its own. This held DAMAC in good stead during a later economic downturn.

Today, DAMAC is a family-run business with properties located in Paris, London, and all over the Middle East. Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is a sought-after advisor on many issues from real estate to regional political and societal issues. There are several projects on the drawing board at all times and Sajwani has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Sajwani’s YouTube Official

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End Citizens United: An Overview

In 2010 the United States Supreme Court ruled in a landmark case, Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission. They ruled, by a 5-4 margin, in favor of the group Citizens United. Because of this decision the limits and laws on financing political campaigns were effectively removed and unlimited “dark money” is being allowed to flow into politicians pockets.

With politicians being bought and paid for in front of our eyes the group End Citizens United form on March 1st, 2015. End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee dedicated to overturning the ruling in favor of Citizens United.

End Citizens United endorses and assists politicians who have campaign finance reform as part of their platform. They support Democrat politicians over Republican ones as the GOP platform includes upholding the decision, the exact opposite of what End Citizens United was formed to do.

Some of their higher profile endorsements in the 2018 election include Beto O’Rourke of Texas seeking to unseat Ted Cruz and Randy Bryce, a liberal seeking to take over Paul Ryan’s Congressional seat when Ryan retires at the end of his current term.

Operated by experienced political activists from all levels of government and supported by grassroots donations from individual citizens instead of large money donations from corporations, ECU wants to elect enough finance reform candidates to either pass a series of laws overturning it or even a constitutional amendment that would nullify it. They endorse candidates at all levels of government, from local to state to federal. By creating a broad coalition at all levels of government they hope to ease overturning the Supreme Court decision.

End Citizens United raised over $25 million in the 2016 election cycle. In the 2018 election, a midterm election that usually draws much less voter turnout and donations than a Presidential election, they expect to exceed $35 million for overturning Citizen’s United.

The group has lodged a complaint against Florida governor Rick Scott, who is running for the Senate in 2018. They accuse him of violating campaign finance laws by working directly with a PAC. Scott claims he is innocent.

Herbalife: A Nutrition Supplement Company

More than ever people are doing more to stay healthy. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to treat the body from the inside to the out. Taking supplements is one way to do this. But be wary. Not all supplements on the market were created to be equal. Herbalife Nutrition is a global company that specializes in selling only the utmost ethical and healthy supplements you can find on the market.


The company was started with one sole purpose in mind. The company was created to bring happiness and awareness back to health. The company has changed the lives of their customers due to the great nutrition programs they offer. The company is no rookie to the supplement business. Herbalife has been around since 1980. It is easy to see why they have had the longevity they have. It is because of their commitment to unbeatable customer service and how they work with their independent sales team. They meet the nutritional needs of the elderly, those dealing with obesity, those who have a poor diet and merely those wanting to become healthier. Their independent distributors work to make sure customers get the exact products to aid them in their journey to being healthy. The company has a set of programs that assist their customers with weight management, fitness, personal care and pursuing active lifestyles.

Technology has taken over every inch of our lives. It definitely has taken over the supplement industry. Artificial intelligence has made its way into the supplement business. Artificial intelligence actually is a plus for customers. This advanced AI technology will enable Herbalife to better serve its customer’s nutritional needs. The new AI technology Herbalife is implementing into its operations will do the following: listen to the customer’s voice, be an assistant and equip independent distributors to better facilitate their sales job.


Herbalife has a long future ahead of them. They want to continue to expand their operations to meet the needs of their customers. They will succeed at this by creating and introducing new lineup or products that appeal to their global database of customers. Their nutritional programs will stand as ways people can improve their health and lifestyle.

The New Investment: Freedom Checks

Investors are always seeking the latest ways to develop wealth creation for themselves. Who isn’t looking for ways to create more income for themselves? There has been some buzz about a new form of investment. Freedom Checks serve as a good way for investors to invest their money and earn a decent return.

To understand Freedom Checks you must first understand master limited partnerships. Master limited partnerships, shortened to MLPs, were created in 1981 by President Nixon. These partnerships do not pay corporate taxes. By not having to pay this tax, they have more money to distribute to investors. These partnerships have high yields. Meaning that MLPs can offer high cash payments to stakeholders. These yields typically fall between four and six percent. Occasionally, these MLP yields get as high as ten percent.

People are flocking to investing in MLPs because they are typically natural resource companies like oil and gas. These companies manufacture pipelines and do refining and mining. These industries are considered to be slow growth meaning they are low risk investments. These investments bring very steady income. Because of the steady revenue, MLPs are able to pay investors on a regular basis with a regularly increasing amount of money.

MLPs pay these freedom checks either every month or every three months. They resemble the way stock dividends are paid out. One of the attractive factors about investing in one of these MLPs is that the money investors make is not taxed as income tax. If an investor sells stock in an MLP then a small capital gains tax is paid. A capital gains tax is much lower than income tax. The tax benefits of investing in a master limited partnership company is ideal and is something to keep in mind.

Freedom Checks just may be another form of income for you. This income is legal, steady and offers many tax benefits most other investments and income do not. With the right research learning about what MLP company is a legit and legal company to invest in, your investment portfolio will begin to expand rather quickly.

Read On To Learn OSI Insustries Most Closely Guarded Secret.

The staggering success of OSI Industries is due to one of the most closely guarded secrets in history: Hard work. That’s right, hard work day to day and a dedication to the work and product or service provided. No matter what kind of fluff is put out by any company, the rock solid truth is, the secret to success is simple hard work.

OSI Industries is proof positive of this axiom. When a company stays in business for well over a century, and continues to grow world wide with over 20,000 excellent employees, success speaks for itself. All of the great achievements and awards are the result of the hard work of people who naturally care about what they produce, and how they produce it. When it comes to food, nothing is more important. Providing top quality food world wide is a monstrous endeavor.

It all started with a hard working immigrant from Germany named Otto Kolschowsky. He moved to Chicago, opened a nice meat market and started working hard. It’s safe to say that his work ethic has remained in the company, and continues to guide those who choose to dedicate their lives to OSI Industries, and feed the world.

OSI Industries list of achievements is too extensive to list here, however, that the list is extensive speaks more of the quality of the company than the individual honors do, says me. As you learn more about OSI Industries, you will come to learn that Mr. Otto Kolschowsky has been feeding you too. We’ve all been to McDonald’s countless times, and it is safe to say that there might not have even been a McDonald’s without Otto. After all, what good is a Big Mac with out the Big? (“Big” being beef).

Architectural Accomplishments Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy who is a chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) was awarded the Noel Polk lifetime accomplishment award by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). He was the first architecture to receive the Polk Award. The award appreciates artists living in Mississippi of their unending contribution and support of the art industry. Those who have received the ward prior are the likes of writer Eudora Welty and an actor Morgan Freeman among others. The president of the American Institute of Architecture Carl Elefante crowned Ivy and stressed that he was an ambassador of the architecture profession in practice and through his vast experience. He expressed his delightfulness upon the great Robert Ivy for his lifetime achievement.

Before joining the American Institute of Architectures, Robert Ivy served as the chief editor of the Architectural Record. While working as the editor, he received other numerous awards such as the National Magazine Award. According to the American Institute of Architectures, Robert’s leadership was instrumental in stirring their prosperity, and they attained the highest member amounting to one hundred and sixty, ever has not been achieved in history.

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In 2010, Mr. Ivy was named as the Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi the National Architecture fraternity. During this time along with other great achievers such as Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Buckminster Fuller, he won the Dean’s Medal awarded by the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones School Of Architecture. The president of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) recognized his leadership style of making architecture manageable as both a writer and a commentator in the world scope of architecture. The president of Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL insisted that Robert Ivy reserved an award and it was by merit for him to be rightfully in the list of awardees of the Noel Polk Award. As such, CEO Robert Ivy through his superb leadership style and extensive contribution in the architecture joined the legends such as stained glass maker Andrew Cary Young of Pearl River Studio at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

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