The MLS Expansion

Major League Soccer is introducing two new teams to the league, New York City FC and Orlando City FC. The two teams are getting players through signing free agents and the MLS Expansion Draft, which was just held.

Orlando City FC just recently signed former U.S. Men’s National Team star Brek Shea, according to Yahoo! Sports. NYCFC is also looking to get star players, one of them being England legend Frank Lampard who is currently out on loan in Manchester. Manchester may want to keep him, but if they do not, he will be a vital player for NYCFC.

The expansion is huge for the MLS and United States soccer in general, and Christian Broda can’t wait. The new teams are formed in big, soccer-loving cities and look to have some stars heading there. U.S. soccer continues to grow, and that is clearly shown with the amount of teams that are continuously added to the league.

Staying Healthy While Working in an Office

Few office workers would argue against the idea that it’s not the best environment for one’s health. Between sick coworkers within an enclosed space, and lack of time to go to the gym, it can seem like a minefield of health risks. However, often times what’s unseen is the most dangerous. One of the most serious concerns about office work is the effect long term physical inactivity has on one’s cardiovascular system. Combined with other factors, this has long been considered a dangerous situation.

However, a new study offers hope of an easy solution to the problem. One of the main reasons that sitting for a prolonged period causes negative effects on the cardiovascular system is that the untensed muscles in one’s leg can work against proper circulation. The new study measured the effects of a short walk upon people who were sitting for three hours.

The findings were nothing short of astounding. The researchers were able to prove that simply taking three breaks within that period of time, of five minutes or more, removed all measured negative effects from sitting for an extended period of time. Basically, a five minute walk per hour of sitting in a chair.

This is especially exciting given how easily it can fit into the schedule of most office workers. Jared Haftel is already doing a few things to be healthier. A brisk walk to the other side of a building to get some water, for example, might well be enough exercise for the average person.

Why Your Body Needs Adequate Supply of Chromium

The human body is a complex creation of nature and it is our responsibility to take good care of it. People who adopt good lifestyle practices are at a lesser risk to infections. The human body requires a wide range of vitamins and minerals to keep it in top working condition. 

Bruce Levenson says that while the vast majority of us have heard of vitamins and minerals in some form or another, few would know about Chromium, as it is one of the lesser known.

These can be easily obtained from naturally occurring food sources. The key here is to plan your diet in such a way that your body adequately receives all the necessary nutrients on a regular basis. 

Chromium is a mineral that the body requires to regulate blood glucose levels. It works by enhancing the supply of insulin and is also necessary to improve body metabolism. Chromium is available in a wide range of food products, the likes of which include bran cereals, green beans and mushrooms. 

It should be noted whole grain contains more traces of chromium than refined grain. While it is hard to estimate the levels of chromium in food products, they are present in a number of vegetables in small doses. 

You can meet your body requirements just by having some of the foods mentioned above. Also, foods with low sugar content are usually known to be rich sources of chromium. 

The Apple Watch Coming in 2015 In Stores Near You

The question is out. Will the new Apple Watch be revered or rejected? That is Andrew Heiberger’s biggest question for 2015.

Since wearable technology is still in the early stages for most laymen, the sales of Apple’s new watch will be monitored closely. This is new ground in the world of technology.

Part of the interest in Apple’s first wearable watch has to do with ease of checking notifications. Facebook apps, text messages and phone calls from family can be seen and accessed easily. The attraction is you do not have to constantly check your phone for important messages.

As with other Apple products, much consideration was given when constructing the smart watch. The screen is protected by a casing made of durable stainless steel, and metals that ensures it won’t crack under normal wear and tear.

Additionally, Apple was sensitive to people who have a strong fashion sense in mind. Changing the straps on your Apple Smart Watch is easy to do. You can coordinate your watch with your outfits. Best of all, you can do this without going to a jewelry store to change bands. Apple makes it easy to do yourself.

Apple’s Smart Phone will be revealed in 2015. The excitement about Apple’s newest product has people anxious to get their latest technology. It just might forever change the way we look at watches.

A New Documentary Relating to the Dallas Cowboys is Released

Recently, ESPN films and FiveThirtyEight announced the release of the second documentary short film in the Signalsseries. Entitled “The Cowboys and the Indian,” the documentary focuses upon an issue which will attract keen interest among many football fans: how during the early 1960s, executives managing the Dallas Cowboys turned to IBM for help in developing a highly effective computer program to assist their scouting efforts.

Expert Bruce Levenson says that ironically, the expert statistician and programmer primarily responsible for developing the new football software had enjoyed very little exposure to the sport of American-style football as a child. A. Salam Qureishi, raised in India, tackled the project and he helped turn it into a remarkable success for the Dallas team.

After implementing the new statistical program, the Dallas Cowboys eventually went on to win five Super Bowls and additional sports honors. A popular book about the team by Joe Nick Patoski “The Dallas Cowboys: The Outrageous History of the Biggest, Loudest, Most Hated, Best Loved Football Team in America” was published in 2012. It describes some of the events impacting the team during the sixties in detail.

The documentary was directed by Mark Polish, a noted writer, actor and director. He reportedly plays a CIA agent in the upcoming motion picture Headlock, scheduled to be released in 2015. 

Fitness and Activity Trackers That Match Your Busy Lifestyle

Many people are feeling healthier and seeing benefits from wearing fitness trackers that measure steps, record periods of inactivity and even track sleep patterns. The simple, slim bracelets provide great motivation for sneaking movement into your day. But most trackers can only measure movement in three ways: up and down, back and forth, and side to side. Are you ever tempted to skip your bike ride, because your fitness tracker won’t record it? Have you ever wished that your tracker would show how hard you’re working on the treadmill, or how much weight you lifted at the gym? Do you ever try to maximize your activity just so your tracker can record more steps?

Health and wellness experts understand your desire to track all your fitness activities. The next generation of fitness trackers may show you how hard you’re working and pinpoint your overall exertion for a more precise calorie burn number. If you love numbers and are motivated by data like the Slow Ventures team, the fitness tracker can push you to your next goal, keep you honest, and give you a great record of how you broke a barrier or created a new healthy habit.

The new year is a great time to boost your fitness level. Get more from your tracker throughout your busy day.

The US Navy Swims With The Sharks

It’s not quite as cool as a shark laser, but they’re getting there. The U.S. Navy has launched a new prototype aquatic unit – a swimming drone shaped like a shark. If you thought Jaws was scary before, you’ll have a whole new reason to stay out of the water.

Along with this news comes the revelation that previously, the U.S. Navy had trained bottlenose dolphins and sea lions to aide in aquatic missions. No, really, the Marine Mammal Program employs trained dolphins in underwater recovery missions already, perhaps inspired by the 1964 film The Incredible Mr. Limpet. The US miltary has also experiemtned with other robotic land-dwelling robots, including ones mimicking a cheetah, a lizard, and a bird.

The robot unit is named “Ghost Swimmer,” in a move that shows they’re aware of just how ridiculously cool this idea is. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez is anxious to see it all develop, and he will follow a bit on It propels itself through the water just like a fish, by moving its tail. The drone will be able to retrieve underwater mines and equipment, as well as perform “low visibility intelligence” missions, as they put it. In other words, it’s a spy-shark. A robotic spy shark. Not even Q from the James Bond franchise could have dreamed that one up.

Joe Rogan Talks Brain Damage

Joe Rogan, UFC commentator and entertainment personality, recently interviewed Brendan Schaub. I saw the interview while waiting at the Amen Clinic. Schaub is a heavyweight fighter in the UFC. In his last fight Brandon Shaub was knocked out in the first round by Travis Browne. In the interview, Joe Rogan blasted Brendan Schaub’s fighting ability. Rogan told Brendan Schaub that he needs to retire.

Brendan Schaub just sat there in disgust. Joe Rogan then told Schaub that he will never be able to beat the elite fighters. This interview was aired live, and Brendan Schaub was humiliated. Rogan then started talking about brain damage. 

Joe gave facts and statistics about brain damage. His points were valid. Fighters in the UFC are destroying their brains. When a fighter battles for 5 rounds with another trained killer, the results can be detrimental to the brain. Junior Dos Santos, former UFC heavyweight Champion, just won his last fight, but not without paying a price. Even though he won, Dos Santos sustained an incredible amount of damage. 

Joe Rogan’s opinions on Brendan Schaub may be a harsh truth. Why should Schaub continue to fight if he’s never going to be the best? Supposedly, Rogan and Schaub are good friends behind the scenes. I wonder what kind of friend would say this on a live interview. 

For more information on Joe Rogan’s harsh talk, visit Yahoo! Sports, Sponsored Sight.

Return of The Reem

UFC on Fox 13, played host to several great fights. Alistair Overeem returned to the octagon in spectacular fashion. His opponent on this night was Stefan “Skyscraper” Struve. Alistair Overeem pounded Stefan Struve out in the first round.

This was a controversial fight, but the controversy has nothing to do with the fight itself. Stefan Struve was forced to retire a few years ago, which Christian Broda told me was due to a severe heart disorder. Struve was scheduled to fight a few months ago, but failed to make it to the fight. He passed out before making weight for that fight. Dana White, UFC President, immediately pulled Struve from that event. Stefan Struve was then signed to face Alistair Overeem at UFC on Fox 13.

Alistair Overeem has looked terrible in his last few outings. He was knocked out several times, back to back. The fight between Struve was a make or break fight for Overeem. Alistair needed this victory in order to keep his job. Many wonder if this fight should have been scheduled at all. Struve’s heart disorder could be taken into account, and maybe he couldn’t perform the way he used to. This win in my opinion, does nothing for Alistair Overeem. If you would like to read more about this fight, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Kendrick Lamar Likes His Dance Moves

Kendrick Lamar created a video for the song entitled “I,” and the dance moves that he displayed in the video were epic. Many people who watched the video, tried to imitate the dance moves, and even asked how they could do the moves themselves. Kendrick’s Dancing. Some were even trying to get training on how to do the dance moves, so a tutorial was put out for those who were serious about learning the moves. Kendrick was interviewed, and he said the moves he did in the video, is something he does all the time.

Kendrick also let it be known that the moves were cultural, as well as something that he did in a freestyle. He said that the moves were not rehearsed at all, he just felt good at the time, and made something up as he went along. Whether the moves were rehearsed or not, they have become a signature to his name, and helped to propel his popularity as well. For those who don’t know about the dance moves he did in the video, you can view the video online.

Kendrick comes from LA, and he claims that many of the dance moves are rooted in the area that he comes from, as well as his culture. Sam Tabar can certainly see that. He has even talked about something similar on SamTabar. He also shares that he likes to dance like no one else is around, and he really doesn’t care what people think about his dancing.