Jeunessee Global Has Something For Everybody

There are few people who can honestly say that Jeunesse Global does not have at least something that they could benefit from using in the health and beauty arena. The company has a diverse array of products that help everyday people find the kind of solutions to their troubles with any kind of health or beauty problem all the time.

This company is the brainchild of two formerly retired individuals who set out to change the world. They wanted to create a brand that made products that were different from what you could find on the store shelves. They knew that there are and were plenty of brands in existence already for those who desired to find products to make them look better. What they wanted to be able to do instead was create something for everyone.

Jeunesse Global calls their line of products the Y.E.S. This stands for Youth Enhancement System, and it is what they believe their products are useful for. These products range from something known as AM/PM Essentials to Nevo.

The AM/PM Essentials product helps a person get what they need to both get to sleep and to help them wake up and feel more alert in the mornings. It is designed to be able to help out with both of those areas that so many of us struggle with.

Nevo is the surprise product from Jeunesse Global. It is unexpected in that it is their first entry into the world of energy drinks. The company decided to take a shot at some of the big boys of energy drinks out there when they launched their own. The difference with theirs is that it does not have all of the added sugars, colors, and flavors that many of the other types of energy drinks on the market do. Instead, Jeunessee Global has stripped those out in favor of true quality.

The company is still seeking to innovate and add even more products onto its line as the years go on. For now, they are pleased with the amazing level of responses they have received from their fans. They just know that these are the people who help them grow daily

Beauty Expert Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser is back with an all new formula and super exciting new packaging. This is an awesome gel-based cleanser for all skin types. What happened earlier in the year is that the Sunday Riley team came up with a new formula for this fantastic clay cleanser.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser is composed now of three different types of clay including French Green, Bentonite and White Kaolin which will make for a gentler cleaning experience. No more heavy aroma and creamy gel cleanser but a brand new silky water gel cleanser that provides to the senses with a subtle hint of neroli. Neroli is the best product for hydrating your skin and making you look and feel fabulous.

Can you believe even the price has changed from $45 to $35, and you get more product? The great news is that Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser is making it’s debut this month in Allure’s Beauty Box. Everyone will now get to try this amazing new formula for themselves.

Sunday Riley’s new clay cleanser is super gentle for all skin types. Some clay-based cleansers seem to cause unwanted side effects on sensitive skin. Clay facial cleansers are formulated with clay to help remove impurities from the surface of your skin,and Sunday Riley’s clay cleanser is at the top of the list. It is so gentle and soothing that you just can’t wait to cleanse your face and don’t forget to use it on your neck too.

So be on the lookout for this new formula and new Slip Clay Cleanser by Sunday Riley. It will now be in a bright blue tube filled with really awesome stuff inside. You don’t want to miss this new product that everyone is talking about. Hands down, Sunday Riley’s products are the best. Just give them a try. Follow @sundayriley on Instagram.

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The History and Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Brief history

The fortress investment group is a private credit investment firm. It was founded in 1998 by three individuals that are well versed with how the financial industry and market operates. Their experience in finance has made the firm progress rapidly. In the first five years, Fortress Investment Group’s asset in management grew from 440 million dollars to 3.9 billion dollars and private equity increased by approximately 40 percent by 2006. In 2007, Fortress investment group went public as the first large-scale private equity group on New York’s stock Stock exchange. Though the firm’s primary business was private credit, it has, over the years, diversified its investments. It currently specializes in capital markets, asset-based investments, corporate acquisitions and mergers, operation investments and sector-focused knowledge of institutions and companies.

Fortress Investment Group operations

The firm has made investments, through private credit and equity, in real estate, capital, and development of cutting-edge vehicles. In matters of operations management, the firm has developed robust methodologies and tools for maximizing the value it extracts from the investments it has made. With its twenty years experience in the financial world, Fortress Investment Group has become an expert in managing mergers and acquisitions. The firm and it’s founders have, over the years in operation, developed platforms and relations with other firms, institutions, and board members. This network and experience have played a major role in securing finances, through debt and equity, and the companies success.

The foundation of the Fortress Investment Group

The firm was founded by Rob Kauffman, who retired in 2012, Randall Nardone, the current CEO and member of the firm’s committee, Wes Edens, still a member of the firm, and Peter Briger, who joined the firm in 2002. All the founders are experts in the financial market since they previously held positions in the following financial organizations, UBS, BlackRock Finacial Management, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers.

Currently, the firm’s investment operations are divided into three major segments, the Private Equity division, that covers cash flow generations, it’s credit divisions, which deals with the firm’s credit opportunities, Fortress Japan opportunities, Etc, and permanent capital vehicle division.

The Success Story of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani works with the high and mighty of the business world. This is because he has managed to build himself an image of prominence and success. Currently, Sajwani through his company DAMAC has teamed up with Donald Trump to make one of the most prestigious golf courses which is known as the Trump-branded golf course. Their relationship started in 2013 and continued to grow whereby on the 2017 New Year’s Eve, Hussain Sajwani celebrated with Mr. Trump where the President rained praises on him.

Hussain Sajwani who is the chair, CEO and founder of DAMAC Group started from a very humble beginning. Sajwani studies in the University of Washington where he achived a degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He then joined GASCO as contractor manager whereby a short period later he began his venture in the hospitality Industry. Though he had very little capital to start with he was able to venture into hospitality, and he made enough money to start the DAMAC Properties Company.

He is considered to be one of the pioneers of the property market expansion in the Middle East more so in Dubai. In the 90s he started various hotels that were geared toward accommodating the growing influx of people coming in for business. In 2002 that when he established the DAMAC properties Group to cater for this need.

Through his expertise and know how especially in the marketing, sales, development, and administration DAMAC Owner Hussaini Sajwani was able to grow the company to one of the most significant properties. DAMAC properties employees close to 20000 employees and it features in the Dubai Financial Market. It only produces the best most luxurious apartments for their clients.

The Group also launched another division known as DAMAC Maison which places it as the best providers for bespoke services. They have over 15000 rooms and hotel apartments that are fully serviced. The company deals with investment, acquisition, mergers, and development.

The Company which is the highlight of real estate investor Hussain Sajwani career also embraces various philanthropic works. They are dedicated to helping the youth from all over the world to lead a successful career. Through DAMAC, Sajwani continues to provide and give to the less fortunate through participating in various charities.


The Reality of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Within the press, people tend to become whatever it is the paper paints them as. Occasionally the media paints people fairly accurately. Sometimes people are just painted so differently from who they are in real life that no one that they know personally can recognize them from how they are reported or written about in the media. One such case of a poor portrayal by the media is the education secretary Betsy DeVos. Those who know DeVos or know of her in Michigan have commented surprise at how DeVos has been portrayed by most media accounts. To the people of Michigan, the DeVos family are known as wealthy, charitable, education-focused, and politically involved. The portrayal of the family in the media is that of a group of out of touch individuals who couldn’t care less about those less fortunate than themselves. This couldn’t be further than the truth since the DeVos family are involved in a number of charitable organizations, jobs in Michigan, education systems, politics, and with city planning work. The family even donated to the construction of a new hospital in Michigan so people would not have to travel out of state for a number of health care services that were not previously available for those who live in Michigan. The only thing that Betsy DeVos has proven that she does not care about is paying too much attention to her portrayal in the media. Her views on how the media portrays her are slightly similar to how the first lady views her negative portrayal by the media, as she showed with her infamous green jacket that stated the headline-inducing message: “I really don’t care, do you?”.


Instead of focusing on false opinion pieces of her character and harsh biased criticism on how ineffective she is for her position, DeVos focuses on her appointed work while tuning out the negativity. If you take a look at what she has done so far as education secretary, there is a clear direction to her work. She has exhibited concerns for student rights, staff rights, improved education, and academic competition with other nations. In the face of continued mass shootings in schools in the nation, she called for a debate on the issue to be brought before Congress in the hopes of coming upon solutions to keep students safer in schools.


The message that DeVos puts out there every day that she does her job as education secretary with harsh criticism about her every action is that: actions speak louder than the words of opinion pieces. She also proves that it is imperative that more Americans focus on media driven by facts and not opinion piece drivel that attempts to sway opinion for a certain political ideology. Facts, actions, and what we do every day are more important than false opinions to create a false image of someone.


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Shervin Pishevar Is Pessimistic About America

Investing can be a great way to increase your personal net worth. However, according to Shervin Pishevar, that may not be an easy thing to do in the short-term. This is because market volatility could result in losses or limit any potential gains that you might expect in a normal market.

Bitcoin Is Going to Plunge

If you are invested in Bitcoin, you may not like the prediction that Shervin Pishevar made during his 2018 tweet storm. He thinks that the currency is going to drop to about $2,000 a coin before it regains any upside momentum. At best, it will drop to about $5,000 a coin over the course of 2018. If you are invested in Bitcoin, it may be best to sell and put the money in gold instead.

The Stock Market Isn’t Going to Fare Much Better

According to Shervin Pishevar, the stock market could lose about 6,000 points in 2018. This is what is expected to also cause volatility in the bond and commodities markets. While stock market corrections happen from time to time, it may be a good idea to get out of stocks and put money into other safe havens such as cash. The cash can then be reinvested in stocks or index funds once the market finally bottoms out and equities are less expensive.

Domestic Startups May Be Doomed

Unless your Uber, it may not be the best time to be a startup company. This is because you are likely to be swallowed up by Facebook or Google. Amazon is another company that is a dominant force in the United States, and Shervin Pishevar thinks that this is not good for new companies. In the future, new businesses are likely to start overseas where there is greater competition and a greater likelihood of becoming a mature and profitable organization.

Matt Badiali Uses His Financial Expertise to Guide Budding Investors

There are always scams out there that people need to be wary of and Matt Badiali is doing his best to guide people right and steer them towards profitable investments. Despite the lure of getting rich quick schemes, they are nearly always a scam. Matt Badiali was recently offering investors out there a way to make sustained income on a monthly basis through investment in freedom checks. Through Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt managed to help hundreds of investors make use of freedom checks, which are backed by the natural resources market.

Matt Badiali has been working for Banyan Hill Publishing as a writer and editor for several years now acting as a financial advisor. Matt has an interesting background for a man in the financial industry, especially considering he went to school for a geology degree. Matt spent years traveling around the globe building up his knowledge of the natural resources market. During his time, Matt observed the markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Iraq, Papua, and many more countries.

A close mentor to Matt had a career in the financial industry and he was able to somewhat convince Matt to use his talents and knowledge for the investment industry. Not too long after, Matt Badiali was making profitable investments and building his success in the financial industry. With his vast amount of knowledge of natural resources and what their markets looked like around the world, Matt was able to easily profit through commodity investments.

The majority of Matt Badiali’s day is spent doing research on various markets as well as finding new paths for other investors to take to increase their revenue streams. By the end of the day, Matt is writing his newsletter tips and advising thousands of investors on Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt is also the primary supporter and advisor when it comes to all things freedom checks, which are due to expand in the next several months as the natural resources market continues to grow.

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A Look at Jeunesse Global

Founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global is a health and wellness company offering a wide range of beauty and longevity products. These include health, skincare and fitness products that are designed to work at a cellular level. Recently, Jeunesse Global expanded their product line to include cosmetics. Based in Lake Mary, Florida, the company operates in the direct selling marketplace and has independent distributors all over the world. These distributors purchase the products wholesale and sell them on the retail market.

Jeunesse Global’s product line includes a variety of anti-aging products. The luminesce™ line is a top seller and offers eight individual products designed to revive and renew. These include a cellular rejuvenation serum as well as a flawless skin brightener. Rounding out the line are masks and cleansers that combine to offer a complete skin care system. The luminesce™ brand is based on Jeunesse Global’s proprietary APT-200 formula that is dermatologist developed.

The company also offers a weight management system called ZEN Project 8™. There are three separate phases to the system that include a detox phase, an ignite phase designed to burn fat, as well as a thrive phase formulated to energize and reprogram. ZEN Project 8™ is designed for eight weeks and offers meal planning as well as coaching and support. The program was developed by celebrity nutritionist and renowned fitness guru Mark Macdonald.

Another product line that has done well at Jeunesse Global is their RVL luxury hair care system. Designed with their proprietary HPT-6 polypeptide technology, RVL offers a shampoo, conditioner and scalp infusion treatment. Incorporated into the formula are natural ingredients such as Indian gooseberry, flaxseed and jojoba oils. The conditioner is made with fenugreek, a white-flowered herbaceous plant that helps to smooth and restore shine.

Jenesee Global offers competitive compensation opportunities to its distributors as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. The company hosts a wide range of events, including an expo and convention. They also offer instructional events through their Jeunesse University program.

Paul Mampilly Demonstrates his Servant Leadership at the Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing is the current workstation for Paul Mampilly, where he does his operations of publishing investment and financial management advice that he then dispenses to the ordinary Americans. His decision to start his new career at the Banyan Publishing was guided by his passion for the assistance of the ordinary citizens in making rational investment decisions so that they could turn their small earnings into fortunes. Mampilly works with a team of young investment and portfolio analysts who assist him in the mining of market data that is necessary for the construction of solid investment advice that he later distributes to his clients. The journey of Paul Mampilly has been long and tough before he landed into the Banyan Hill. Before then, he was working in various organizations in the Wall Street America, which hired him to manage investment portfolios on behalf of their highly esteemed clients. The services of Mampilly had been renowned in the whole of the investment management industry due to the competence in which he demonstrated while doing his daily operations.

The companies would pay dearly to access the services of Paul Mampilly since they believed that they were worth the investment. Some of the organizations that employed Mampilly before getting to Banyan Hill were the Bankers Trust and the Deutsche Bank, in both of which he was a junior portfolio and investment research officer.

He later moved to ING where he was promoted to the position of the senior research manager in the organization. The Kinetics Asset Management Organization would then require his assistance in rejuvenating a distressed hedge fund that had remained in a state of loss-making for more than a decade. Mampilly was poised to have all these companies as Paul Mampilly’s employers, but he felt that his services were not beneficial to as many individuals who required them as he would have wished. That was the reason that he left his job at the Kinetics Asset Management and joined Banyan. Apart from his routine work at the Banyan Hill and the investment management industry in general, Paul Mampilly is also a passionate philanthropist who dedicates a lot of his time and resources to help the less privileged in the community.

Steve Ritchie Is The New, Much-Needed CEO Of Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie started working at Papa John’s when he was 23 years old. He worked for $6.00 per hour, and was in various entry level roles. Now, at 43 years old, he is CEO of the company. During the years, he made his way up in positions, and eventually became the owner of a Papa John’s franchise. From there, he took up various leadership positions until he made his way up to CEO. The company needed a newer, more polite, more intelligent CEO, so they chose Steve Ritchie. It was decided that he was the one to move the pizza-making company forward.

Steve Ritchie definitely believes in moving forward, which is why, within his first year of being the CEO of Papa John’s, he went across the country to communicate with people in positions below him. This is because whatever is happening in real life, on the level of each franchise is extremely important. The thoughts, feelings and experiences of employees must be taken into consideration when it comes to thinking about how to go forward with the entire company. To get a real, in-depth look at things, Steve Ritchie made sure to get the perspective of Papa John’s employees from different regions of the United States. Steve Ritchie heard tons of stories from the mouths of these workers as mentioned on the company’s official website.

One of the most inspirational things that Steve Ritchie found out was the fact that most Papa John’s employees understand the aim of the company and are into fulfilling it. The employees are zealous about doing what they have to do and making Papa John’s into the best, most awesome company that it can be. Ritchie also ordered that employees should undergo diversity training.

The enthusiasm of workers is important because of the fact that the workers are the ones who provides the services to customers. They make up the face of the company. Whenever a person goes to Papa John’s and orders a pizza, they are not looking at Steve Ritchie; they are looking at a lower-level employee. When a person gets a pizza delivered to a house, he/she is interacting with the delivery person; not with Steve Ritchie Papa John’s.