Soros Continues His Progressive Role in American Politics

The George Soros self-made billionaire currency trader, will continue to be a figure in the American political landscape. Soros attended a post-election conference of the Democratic Alliance (DA), held at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington DC, on November 14. George Soros is one of the founding members of the DA. The DA’s stated aims are “a fair democracy, an inclusive economy, and an environmentally sustainable future.” The group includes wealthy and influential members, from an array of industries. Members are required to donate funds to progressive causes, such as the protection of human rights and the preservation of the environment. The organization on Biography strongly supported Hilary Clinton this past election, and met in response to Trump’s surprising victory.

Soros was a featured speaker at the DA meeting. His speech was described as invoking “… personal experience living through the Holocaust and Soviet Communism in the context of preparing for a Trump presidency.” The agenda also noted that Soros, who grew up in Hungary “… has devoted his foundations to protecting the kinds of open societies around the world that are now threatened in the United States itself.” George Soros had spoken out previously against Trump’s strident anti Muslim rhetoric, saying Trump was “doing the work of Isis.” DA president, Gara LaMarche, who moderated Soros’ talk, said, “I don’t think there is anyone who has looked at Trump, including many respected conservatives, who doesn’t think the experience of authoritarian states would not be important to learn from here. And to the extent that Soros and his foundations have experience with xenophobia in Europe, Brexit, etc., we want to learn from that as well.”

The DA, is also now focusing on strategies for the next elections. LaMarche told members at gathered at a welcome dinner, that reassessment was necessary. “You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake without making some big mistakes, in assumptions, strategy and tactics.” He also emphasized that any reassessment should not randomly assign blame and “must take place without recrimination and finger pointing, whatever frustration and anger some of us feel about our own allies in these efforts.”

Although the DA admits mistakes were made, one DA pointed out Clinton’s significant lead in the popular vote as a sign the the efforts of the Democratic party had not completely failed. The fact that Clinton won the popular vote by a resounding margin, is no doubt some solace to Soros and other DA members as they focus on the 2017 and 2018 statewide election on Issues such as increasing voter turnout, wooing blue collar voters, and protecting voting rights, will be a part of the DA’s efforts.

The Benefits of

The Cleanse


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Bruce Levenson Plans To Finish Lawsuit In Ferry Settlement Case

Bruce Levenson has taken up the task of bringing an insurance company, AIG to court for failures to pay former General Manager, Danny Ferry the amount that was due him in a claim he filed. The claim was related to a termination of employment that Ferry filed when Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) decided to sell the team. The sale which was “overpriced” according to Forbes experts,was completed in June of 2015, but AIG never honored the claim that was filed. So Levenson and AHBE are taking them to court and planning to sue for damages related to bad faith and court costs.

Bruce Levenson has always been an avid basketball fan, having played the sport at one time in his life and even on occasion for recreational purposes. He also loves journalism and publishing and he founded a large publication conglomerate, United Communications Group (UCG) in 1977 when he and his friend Ed Peskowitz founded a journal in Levenson’s own apartment. Levenson and Peskowitz began adding other publications to their portfolio and soon they had built one of the largest privately-owned business news companies in the world. UCG is also the parent company of Gas Buddy, a gas price app and TechTarget, a technology purchase consulting company.

Bruce Levenson has also been a philanthropist who has donated to many social activist and education groups, including the “I Have a Dream” Foundation that has helped sponsor scholarships for inner city children. Levenson is also the co-founder of the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland, and he’s also a donor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. Levenson even took the entire Atlanta Hawks’ team and coaching staff to the museum in 2014 where his mother-in-law, a survivor of the horrific event told her story at different stops in the museum.

Helping Others

The career of Bruce Levenson has always been about helping others. He has done a great job of taking companies to the next level while working there. With the Atlanta Hawks, he took that team from one of the worst in the entire NBA to one of the best. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had in this area. Right now as reported by ESPN, Bruce Levenson is involved in a lawsuit with his former team. It will be interesting to see whether he can crawl out and succeed or whether he is going to struggle to survive the suit.

Bruce Levenson

From the time he was in school, Bruce Levenson has always wanted to have success in business. There are a lot of people today who look up to his success. Anytime you can help others in business, other people are going to notice. This has helped him in a variety of ways choose other opportunities that fit his lifestyle. Over time, there are a lot of people who are looking to him for help in a variety of areas. If you want to take the next step in your life, following his example is a great idea. He has a lot of experience that helps him in various aspects of his life.

Final Thoughts

In the coming years, UCG founding chairman Bruce Levenson is going to continue to invest his time and money to help others. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to what he can accomplish in the next few years. With all of his time and resources, there are a lot of things that he can do to benefit the lives of other people. This is what he intends to do.


What you should know about Magnises Club

Magnises is an existential and gains platform that assists its members to free their cities and improve their lives. The club was founded by Billy McFarland who had begun tech companies ahead of studying computer engineering at Bucknell University. He left the school shortly after his freshman year to initiate Spling, a content involvement consultancy, which counts Hearst, Discovery and Universal amidst its customers. Billy McFarland is one of the youngest persons to establish institutional venture capital like Magnises. Intelligent individuals endorse Magnises. Its investors and consultants include Lance Weaver, the former chairman of MasterCard; Bill Gray, the ex- president and Ogilvy’s CEO, Kevin Liles, Def Jam’s former president and CEO and nightlife photographer Patrick McMullan

How to become a member?
To be a member, press the ‘Join Now’ button on Magnises website and present your application. Before long, you will be contacted through email to find out if you have been approved as a member or on a status update on the evaluation process of your application. If you have been accepted through the start-up’s complicated application procedure, new members of Magnises are given full metal credit cards coded with the logo of the company and their name. The cards are not linked to any financial institution. Alternatively, they serve to equip the previously existing debit or credit cards with a fresh look

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Membership benefits
The benefits of joining Magnises include the admission to 6,000+ member network, the club’s Member Spaces referred to as NYC penthouse with the addition of a DC rooftop pool and lounge, daily occurrences and experiences, and the concierge app. The members pay off 250 dollars per year to access the astounding member network. They gain access to percolates and benefits throughout their cities. They acquire entrance to the liveliest clubs, tickets to the most appealing sporting events, concerts, and shows, and free upgrades on traveling bookings around the world. At the beginning of 2016, Magnises club offered to give its members access to the fashionable nightclubs and hotel stays for only 79 dollars per night.

Apparently, there is a question of whether or not Magnises keeps off the members founded on issues such as the income or profession, or, in the unsoundness-case scene, race or religion. However, Magnises has invariably been about community connections. From 2014, the members have increased more than ten times. Eight thousand members live in the New York City only and many others in Washington D.C. There are certain plans to extend the club to other big cities in American shortly. At the moment, Magnises is carrying out a promotion where the members get a bottle of champagne for each new member that they successfully refer.

If you wish to socialise or contact Magnises on social media, you can do so by searching for the username “Magnises” on Facebook. On Twitter, you can look for “Magnises @Magnises”. Their account has got more than 4000 followers. On Instagram, click the search button and type Magnises @ Magnises. Their account has got more than 9900 followers and 450 posts.

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David Osio Has Been On A Long Mission To Help People Around The World

David Osio has become one of the biggest and most respected real estate investors out of South America today, becoming hugely successful and wealthy over his career, steadily building up his business and still expanding today. Thankfully, David is the kind of man that gives back and shares his knowledge with others, and over the course of his career he has often made donations and contributions to charities and other non profit organizations all around the world in an effort to make the world a place for people as a whole. He also stresses for others to do the same, to help the world improve and help more people achieve success of their own. David teaches that the most important thing for becoming successful, especially in investing to any degree, is to look towards the future. The better one can predict what’s coming, the better they will do on their investments.


As the CEO and executive director for Davos Financial, David has long been using the safe and conservative approach to real estate and investments. This minimizes risks and allows for steady and slow building over time. Many times, up and coming entrepreneurs want wealth right away, and they commit too much to their investments. This can pay off and they may hit it big, but often times it doesn’t and they end up losing big. Knowing when to takes risks requires a seasoned mind and the ability to see what’s coming in the market. David, along with his company, actively help their clients with real estate and investment strategies in order to help them achieve or maintain their success and businesses.


David has used his methods for success for a long time, which is why many people try to come to him for advice and ideas. His portfolio is considerable and he has very few mishaps on his record. What’s better is he is a huge philanthropist, and he has actively been increasing the amount that he contributes to projects likes these both through his company and his own time. He inspires, along with his business advice, others to contribute as well, no matter how big or small, to contribute to the community at large.

Follow him @david_j_osio

Markus Rothkranz: One of the biggest causes of diabetes

It has been said that sugar and carbs are the cause of diabetes, and they aren’t good, but the main causes of diabetes is animal products. Markus, explains that animal fats are one of the biggest causes of diabetes because fat is full of cholesterol and saturated fat. Fat tends to clog up the insulin receptors, which causes all of the cells to get clogged up with the fat. When this happens, the insulin travels through the blood stream, the insulin receptors are clogged up with fat, and they can’t work. Because of this, all of the insulin and sugars just float around in your system with no where to absorb. When this happens you get to much sugar in your system, which is bad for causing cancer, yeast, pathogens, fungus, mold, and all of the bad things. Nothing makes bacteria and viruses grow faster than sugar, and sugar eventually turns into fat. Markus states that the real cause isn’t the sugar, it is the question to why the sugar isn’t being absorbed into the body. Recent studies has found that type one childhood diabetes is actually mostly caused by milk. People use animal products to grow and to grow their muscles, but milk is filled with sugar, fat, and animal hormones. Animal products are high in saturated fats which clogs arteries and leads to many different health problems. Diabetes can be changed though, especially type 1 and 2. You can fix diabetes by simply fixing your diet and your lifestyle. Going vegan is a great way to get rid of diabetes and ditching animal foods.

White Shark Media Facilitates Business Growth by Delivering Unique Marketing Solutions

White Shark Media is a globally acclaimed digital marketing company in Miami, Florida, established in 2010 by Gary Garth. It serves clients who require marketing and advertisement services. Other specialties include AdWords Display Network Management, Google Mobile Ads Management, and development of Triton Websites. This company targets clients in medium and small-sized businesses and is one of the digital marketing agencies that have reported rapid growth since its establishment. White Shark Media prides itself to be the best in customer relations as well as running affordable marketing campaigns for their clients.


Customer relations at White Shark Media


This establishment has hired about 144 full-time employees who are always on standby to respond to their customer’s needs. It serves over 600 clients and makes revenues of up to $5 million per year. The company offers both primary and secondary services such as Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Management, and Conversion Optimization. Main White Shark Media clients include Platinum Pro Painters Canada, iMarine Inc., and A Star Movers Texas.


Unlike other marketing companies, White Shark Media is organized in terms of delegation of duties. One client is assigned to at least three marketing agents who responds to his or her calls and emails promptly. Additionally, these agents offer progress reports to both the company and client about the marketing strategy they plan to employ. White Shark Media has expertise that fits all forms of business interests be it local marketing, Hispanic marketing, or Google Shopping.


Being a digital company, White Shark Media usually tracks its clients’ marketing strategies through applications such as Google Analytics, keyword-level call tracking, and proprietary reporting software. The goal of tracking is to create accountability and ensure that their clients are contented with the company’s services and that the customer’s businesses are doing well. Affordable services rendered by this company accompanied with transparency, attract many business owners. Additionally, the company’s no-contract policy makes business transactions swift. The company also allows the clients to access their Google AdWords account anytime, and this creates trust between them and their customers.


recognitions and partnerships


Apart from excellent testimonials from clients, White Shark Media has received numerous awards. For instance, it was recently acknowledged by Google, which nominated them for the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership. Around the same time, the company also joined the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Alliance, which has made it popular in North America.

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Avi Weisfogel Bisects Sleep Medicine and Dentistry

Avi Weisfogel is a dental practitioner who helps patients with various sleep disorders. He is also a philanthropist with massive social media presence. Avi is the co-founder of the Dental Sleep Masters located outside South Orange, New Jersey. He started the company in 2014 alongside two other dentists with the primary purpose of helping patients with obstructive sleep apnea.


Avi Weisfogel’s Business Ventures


Avi graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry and has accumulated over two decades of experience in dentistry. He ventures into the intersection between dentistry and sleep medicine that led to the founding of Dental Sleep Masters.


Before beginning his company, Dr. Avi Weisfogel worked as the chief lecturer for Unlimited Sleep Patient located in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He taught dentists on how to increase their services to sleep patients by introducing sleep programs. He also acted as the co-owner and managing partner of Healthy Heart Sleep in Old Bridge.


In addition to his role at DSM, Dr. Avi is actively involved in the industry and serves as a diplomat of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. The academy has been in operation for over 25 years with the aim of improving treatment mechanisms for snoring, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders.


Weisfogel’s Philanthropy

When not at work, Dr. Avi is actively involved in philanthropic activities across the nation. He is an avid sports fan who follows the Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Rangers, and Los Angeles Lakers.


His passion for the New York Rangers hockey team saw him host a youth hockey camp for young fans. The Rangers Youth Hockey Camp forms part of the team’s Go Skate program that educates kids and triggers their passion for sports. Every year, the program covers a group of over 10,000 youths across the region.


The 2016 edition comprised of a week-long training for players between ages 7 and 15. The sessions occurred between July and August 2016 at the official training ground of New York Rangers. The learners were subjected to age-appropriate training led by several Rangers alumni, local hockey professionals, and the Rangers coaching staff.


Avi Weisfogel’s Social Media Presence

Avi Weisfogel engages his broad client base and fans through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


The Video Chat Application of the Talk Fusion Get Acknowledged

The Technology Marketing Corporation held an award this year, and one of the products that it honored for its excellent performance is the Video Chart Service, which is owned by Talk Fusion. The product was declared as the winner of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year. Talk Fusion has designed its Video Chat Service to be interactive and friendly to the users and this has enabled it to reach many people within a short period. The product won two recognitions in 2016. The Technology Marketing Corporation appreciated communications applications that were established less than 12 months ago and have managed to make a positive impact on the market.


The Video Chart Service of Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology, which is a new system that supports smartphones, computers, and tablets to offer face-to-face communication to the users. Individuals who need the software can download it online on App Store for iOS users, and Android users can access it on Google Play. Many users of the software have been impressed by its performance.


Talk Fusion was started by Bob Reina, who is the current CEO of the company. He believes that the video marketing solution will always be the best applications since his staff is constantly working to improve it. Other significant advancements that have been made by the company in 2016 include giving its clients free services, acquiring an improved WebRTC Decorder, and creating a new website, which is known as


Talk Fusion has been offering state-of-the-art products, and this has made it rise at a fast rate. The video marketing solution is the company’s primary product and its assists the users to be different from their competitors as well as be able to attract more clients hence, make more profits. The application has been created to be interactive. Talk Fusion has been using freelance agents in selling and marketing the application. The representatives use a network marketing plan and are paid according to the sales that they make. The company was created in 2007, and its products and services are currently used in about 140 countries.